ZTE Set to Bring Breath-taking Audio to IFA 2016

ZTE will present its latest array of smart devices at this year’s ShowStoppers at IFA in Berlin. Featured among them, will be a brand new device launched during the company’s press conference on September 1.

“We’re delighted to be debuting our latest products to the world in Berlin,” says Adam Zeng, CEO ZTE Mobile Devices. “Our fan community played a huge role in the development of our new smartphones, delivering valuable input that helped inspire and motivate our team. The result is a suite of devices that pack cutting-edge, innovative features and the latest technology.”

ZTE primarily targets its products at consumers who call for devices that combine user-friendly functionality with stylish design and premium features. The company also continues to address customers’ ever-increasing expectations of superior smartphone audio quality – with enhancing the audio experience a particular focus for the most recent AXON device series.

Infinite “audiojoyment”
Today’s smartphones double as our daily audio-visual entertainment hubs, on which we capture our most memorable moments. From listening to our favourite songs while relaxing or replaying a spine-tingling performance from a recent concert – they provide the soundtrack to our lives. Until recently however, audio recording and playback has been something of a shortcoming for smartphones.

In order to deliver the high-quality audio experience being demanded by consumers ZTE consulted with a team of music conservatory professors for the creation of its newest AXON flagship series. The result – most recently seen with the launch of the ZTE AXON 7 – is a series of top tier devices with an audio quality which opens up entirely new worlds of sound in the smartphone sector.

Backpack with Lock, Solar, Music, Powerbank – improving work & life on the go

lifepackLifepack – the solar powered & anti-theft backpack that launched on Kickstarter 4 months ago and has raised $920,000+ USD via crowdfunding, is having the official product launch at ShowStoppers IFA! Perhaps slightly out of character for an almost  million dollar crowdfunding campaign – it’s on schedule! This is Solgaard Design’s second successful crowdfunding campaign. “After years of constant travel and being on the go, we’ve re invented the mobile office.” Says founder, Adrian Solgaard.

Lifepack is a backpack with 12 standout features, including Solarbank, Integrated lock, built in rain cover, hidden secure passport pockets, offers unparalleled organization, and more. Rewind a few words…What is a Solarbank? It’s their own invention: it’s an interchangeable ‘lego block’ to swap in and out of bags: it’s a 3-in-1: USB Powerbank, 4G Solar technology (4th Generation), and high quality Bluetooth speakers. With Bluetooth speakers battery life often outlasting phones, the unit’s Powerbank boasts 6 full charges for a smartphone or an astonishing 96 hours of Bluetooth playback. “And that’s before the solar kicks in” chimes in Adrian “with 2 hours of sunlight per day, and topping up your phone 50% per day, you never need to charge your Solarbank via the Micro USB port.”

Check out the bag for yourselves at ShowStoppers – be among the first to test a product which already has 6000 customers worldwide despite none of them having seen it in the flesh.

For more information, check out www.solgaard.co (press kit available)

Jabra unveils true wireless sports earbuds with promise of superior sound, benchmark battery life and advanced personalized fitness analysis

Drawing on the expertise of the GN Group’s long-standing headset and hearing aid expertise, Jabra continues to pioneer unparalleled sound capabilities with the launch of their first truly wireless earbuds – Jabra Elite Sport.

Jabra Elite Sport earbuds are a true training aid which are waterproof and delivers freedom of movement, ground-breaking in-ear fitness analysis, top battery life and great music for anyone who wants to work out. The earbuds support all major smartphone operating systems (both Android & iOS) and also has a focus on the in-call experience. This is thanks to earbuds that analyze external sounds and automatically switch to the earbud with least background noise. These state-of-the-art earbuds deliver superior audio quality for calls and music without wires.

Designed with true freedom in mind, Jabra Elite Sport delivers a cord-free wearing style whether you choose to use one or both earbuds. They offer outstanding stereo sound for calls and music, as well as full sports functionality.
Visit Jabra at ShowStoppers@IFA or in hall 7.2b at booth 201 to discover more.

Neato asks, who still pushes a vacuum and why? #ConnectedRevolution 

neatoNeato Robotics, leaders in robots for the home, is making it easier than ever to stop pushing a vacuum with the introduction of two new powerful, smart, navigating and Wi-Fi connected robot vacuums – Neato Botvac D3™ Connected and Neato Botvac D5™ Connected. These latest models offer simplicity and advantage never seen at this price level.

The Neato Botvac D3™ Connected is the most affordable robot vacuum to join the company’s award winning lineup, offering Neato’s unique SLAM-based laser navigation, super powerful suction, iconic D-shape design with CornerClever™ technology and Lithium ion battery. The Neato Botvac D5™ Connected is a more fully-featured robot, offering a high capacity Lithium ion battery and additional benefits on the Neato App including a dashboard with cleaning stats and a new “Find Me” function.

Consumers can evaluate Neato Botvac™ Connected models – ranging from (399 USD / 499 Euros / 399GBP) to (599 USD / 649 Euros / 549 GBP), to select the robot vacuum that best meets their needs.

“Neato Robotics started with the vision that smart navigating robots in the home would free up people’s time to do what they love,” said Giacomo Marini, Chairman and CEO at Neato Robotics. “This expansion of our product line is yet another extension of this vision being realized by offering smart connected home robot vacuums accessible to everyone.”

Ockel reinvents the PC in partnership with Indiegogo and Microsoft

Ockel_lllOckel will be showcasing its new Windows 10 device during Showstoppers at IFA. The Ockel lll is a unique little machine that combines the portability you want and expect from today’s technology with the connectivity and functionality you need when you are using a personal computer. By taking a different approach to design and technology Ockel developed a groundbreaking, smartphone sized device that forms the missing link between a real Windows 10 desktop experience and a mobile device.

Ockel integrated an extensive range of connection options, including 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, DisplayPort and a LAN port. A 6-inch full HD touchscreen and built-in battery enable unplugged and on-the-go use. The Ockel lll runs all x86 compatible Windows programs. The majority of Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices run on ARM compatible architectures, but this architecture cannot run the same software as laptops or desktop PC’s. And in case you have a mobile device that does run on the x86 compatible architecture, you often have to hand in on performance or the options to connect peripherals. The Ockel lll however doesn’t compromise on the architecure used to make your software run and it doesn’t sacrifice connectivity.

The Dutch hardware brand signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Indiegogo to crowdfund the new concept, that is also officially supported by Microsoft. At least 250.000 dollars are required to bring the project to life. It is the second time Ockel and Indiegogo work together, after the successful launch of the Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC last year. More than 450.000 dollars were raised during that campaign. Ockel is hoping for a multitude of the success of the Sirius B.

Elevate your designs with the PRO

Pro Pen_2_400pxCome see the live demonstration of the 3Doodler PRO as it is officially unveiled for the first time at ShowStoppers and try for yourself the most advanced 3D pen yet, from the makers of the original 3D printing pen.

3Doodler is taking things to the next level. Introducing the 3Doodler PRO, a 3D printing pen designed with creative professionals in mind. A powerful prototyping tool unlike any other, the 3Doodler PRO is perfect for architects, engineers, designers, artists or any creative professional.

Pro Pen_400pxWhether creating structures in wood, nylon, bronze, copper, polycarbonate or standard PLA or ABS plastics, the 3Doodler PRO gives users more control and options than any other 3D pen on the market. With dial-controlled variable temperature and speed settings, a built-in fan system for direct control over the rate at which materials harden, a more powerful motor to enable more ambitious projects, and the widest range of materials available, the 3Doodler PRO can make any design or concept a 3D reality.

Take your ideas and concepts further than ever before with the 3Doodler PRO. Design, elevated.

Ring the smarthome video doorbell set to tackle European crime scene

ringNever miss a visitor again and keep your home secure thanks to the RingVideo Doorbell. Ring is the smart home solution that acts as a normal home doorbell with a unique difference. The simple to install device streams live audio and HD quality video from your home’s front door directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC via a free app, allowing you to see and have a live 2-way conversation with whoever’s near or at your door.

Always see what’s happening outside your home even when you’re not there. Built-in powerful and customisable motion sensors cover a 180-degree field of view and up to 30ft in range, ensuring you receive only meaningful notifications. All activity is recovered and accessible through your smartphone or computer via the cloud at anytime. Ring blends convenience, monitoring and security into one sleek, simple and powerful video doorbell.

Ring has now set its sights on Europe and is looking to reduce crime following successful campaigns in the US. Ring previously worked in conjunction with the LAPD and donated a number of Ring Video Doorbells to a crime stricken district of LA which saw day time burglaries reduced by 55% in areas that had Ring installed.

Ring is available to buy at Ring.com for £159.00/$199.00/€199.00 also catch us at IFA Showstoppers on Thursday 1st September, stand C02.

At work, abroad or just busy, with Ring, you’re always home.

Tivoli Audio Blurs the Line Between Audio and ART

SStoppesr-BlogImagePresenting ART by Tivoli Audio, a new way of looking at wireless speakers for the home. The first offerings of the collection consist of two Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers, named the CUBE and ORB. These speakers effortlessly offer a unique mix of style and sound, enhancing your home décor with cable free high-quality music streaming. With their easy- to-use controls and full feature app, the CUBE and ORB allow you to stream music from your favorite services, such as Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal via any iOS or Android device. The ART speakers can perform in mono, stereo, or be used as a multi-room system, and with their optional rechargeable battery, moving speakers throughout the home has never been easier.

Cased in a furniture grade wood cabinet, the CUBE and ORB are offered in walnut, black, and white, and are finished with a high-quality fabric speaker grill, which developed from a collaborative partnership between Danish fabric brand, Gabriel®, and Tivoli Audio. The fabric offers acoustically transparent qualities and is EU-Ecolabel environmentally friendly. The two companies are working together to inject seasonal colors and new materials to this collection.

The ART by Tivoli Audio collection was designed and created by the company’s Vice President of Product Development, Paul De Pasquale. Although conceived by De Pasquale, the choice to call the collection ART, which stands for Audio Reimagined Together, is a reflection of the company’s creative and collaborative culture. Said De Pasquale “Tivoli Audio has always been known for its attention to beautiful designs, details, and audiophile-worthy products at affordable prices. We wanted to take this philosophy one step further and really blur the lines between home audio and design, creating Audio ART, which compliments one’s home décor and lifestyle through music.”

In addition to the CUBE and ORB wireless speakers, Tivoli Audio has added the ConX, a Wi-Fi transmitting and receiving dongle, to the ART collection. The ConX enables you to broadcast audio from any receiver, turntable or even tape deck to the ART speakers. The ConX can also make your existing speakers Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to stream music sources wirelessly to them. CUBE, ORB, and ConX are just the beginning of the collection, as Tivoli Audio plans to release additional products by summer of 2017.

Canary: All-in-one security with HD camera, siren, and air monitor

press-device-2-shelf-webCanary is a home security system that keeps you protected and connected with HD video and audio, a built-in siren, and sensors for temperature, humidity and air quality. The device auto-arms when you leave the house and sends alerts to your phone when activity is detected. If you receive an alert, you can view a live video stream on your smartphone and sound a 90 decibel siren or call local authorities right from the app.

Launched on Indiegogo in 2013, Canary captured international attention and became the most successful connected home crowdfunded product ever. Within its first month of pre-sale, Canary sold $2 million in 78 countries. The company shipped to Indiegogo backers in January 2015 and launched in retail in the United States in March 2015 and the UK later that year.

press-device-4-shelf-webIn May 2016 the company announced roll out in seven new markets — the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Just one month later, Canary continued European expansion and entered Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. In addition to increasing availability across Europe, Canary has also released both German and French language versions of its website and app. The Company is now available in 15 countries and more than 10,000 retail locations.

Some Canary stats include:
— Canary devices have been set up in 115 countries and customers have accessed the app from 185 countries
— Users check in to the app 3-4 times per day
— Over the last year Canary has captured hundreds of serious incidents including burglaries, caretaker abuse, and even arson.

CARRERA bathroom and kitchen appliances inspired by racing

carrera-Keyvisual.v2End of 2015, CARRERA unveiled a completely new product series of hand-held electrical appliances for the Personal Care sector. With its technical look and feel, high quality materials and design elements, this consistent design concept has its roots in motor sport. All CARRERA tools are gender-neutral in appearance and functionality, and appeal equally to men and women. So does the consistent, high quality packaging they come in.

Today, CARRERA is adding three new styling tools to its Personal Care range: Hot Air Brush No. 535, Curling Tong No. 537 and Hair Dryer No. 631. All three new volume models feature technical specifications that qualify them for the premium segment.

Simultaneously, CARRERA is also launching a completely new series of handheld electrical appliances for the Kitchen sector. Concept-wise, the brand has stayed firmly on track by retaining the consistent design language. This makes CARRERA the first manufacturer to offer a totally consistent product concept in a unified design for kitchens and bathrooms alike. In the process, practical household appliances become lifestyle products you’ll never have to hide in the cupboard again.

To distinguish itself from the Convenience trend, CARRERA supports cooking that is nutritionally aware and creative. CARRERA appliances stick to what they do best, and are unusually powerful – something users benefit from every time they use them. This unique concept wowed the jury at the Plus X Awards too. Newcomer brand CARRERA won 34 Awards and the title ’Most Innovative Brand 2016’ in the category Handheld Electrical Appliances, and four tools were also named ’Product of the Year’.