Travel to the Prehistoric Era, Get an Ant’s Eye View of Underground Ant Tunnels, and Travel through the Milky Way Galaxy!

Today’s generation of kids don’t know a world without technology, but many parents still like to see their kids play with hands-on, classic toys. Parents want to see balance between introducing technology and related concepts with classic elements of play. This is where Uncle Milton’s Virtual Explorer line comes to play.  

Uncle Milton Industries, a leader in the science and educational toy category, with a portfolio that includes many top entertainment and educational licenses as well as proprietary brands understands that there’s a certain magical element for kids when they actually play with a “real” toy, but also know that kids love and embrace technology based games. The company found a way to marry the two worlds with the Virtual Explorer line– an innovative product line that connects classic toys with amazing virtual and augmented reality experiences.

The entire line features space, dinosaur and ant themes, with undersea coming Fall 2017, and is part of a STEM-based educational program with an interactive 4-in-1 experience that combines exciting virtual reality and augmented reality technology with hands-on activities. Each item includes the appropriate themed toy and an activity guide that integrates play with the use of VR goggles to reveal incredible augmented reality images and secret codes that unlock different virtual reality experiences. Kids are treated to amazing 360° virtual reality experiences that bring the worlds of space, dinosaurs, ants and the undersea to life like never before.