This Tape Measure Helps You Capture the World Around You

#SizeMatters. This was the hashtag on Bagel Labs’ crowdfunding project of its Bagel Smart Tape Measure in 2016. When the campaign ended with a huge success, raising over $1.9M on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Bagel Labs learned that tens of thousands of people agreed on the need for a smarter way to measure size. Now, just one year later, they return with Bagel Square, a smart tape measure that helps you capture and harmonize the world around you.

Bagel Square is a versatile dimensioning tool that combines a digital tape measure and a laser distance meter. Its five-meter-long metal tape pulls out just like any tape measure does, but with a widescreen digital display that reads the measurement for you. When that’s not enough, you can simply flick into laser mode and measure space up to thirty meters. But to truly capture space, size is not enough. Bagel Square utilizes its 9-axis motion sensor to analyze the direction of each measurement and record it as a vector. And of course, it connects seamlessly to its mobile app where you can view and share your dimensions as well as directions.

Bagel Square is set to be showcased at MWCA 2017 and start manufacturing in November 2017. You can also watch the tape measure in action at this link: