Yubico hopes to USB-C you at ShowStoppers!

Consumers and enterprises alike want their identities, accounts, and data to be safe online. Unfortunately, traditional usernames and passwords aren’t secure enough to provide protection. Two-factor authentication with the YubiKey is the easiest and most secure way to protect your online identity, requiring nothing more than a simple tap or touch to authenticate into accounts.

Yubico will preview the YubiKey 4C USB-C compatible form factor at ShowStoppers @ CES (booth A-1), and make it available in the Yubico store for $50 beginning February 13, 2017. Built on the proven foundation of the YubiKey 4, the YubiKey 4C supports multiple authentication protocols, including Yubico OTP, smart card (PIV), FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) and RSA 4096 keys for OpenPGP. This lineup of functionality is contained in a new keychain design for laptops, such as the new MacBook Pro, which rely solely on USB-C ports.

The YubiKey 4C secures access to a wide range of consumer and enterprise applications, including U2F strong authentication (Google, Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, etc.), password managers (LastPass, Dashlane, etc.), Windows login including Windows Hello, remote access, VPN, and much more. The YubiKey works on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and on major browsers without the need for extra software or drivers.

Touch Me – Secure Login with YubiKey

ShowStoppers.YubiKey supports USB and NFCAt CES ShowStoppers, Yubico will be demonstrating YubiKey two-factor authentication at booth B-12 – security that is so easy, your Grandma can use it.  Yubico will show how to protect your Google, Dropbox and GitHub accounts with a single YubiKey on both laptops and mobile devices.  All it takes to authenticate is a simple touch of a button or tap to a phone!

The FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) protocol enables every user to be able to cryptographically bind their identity to a U2F device.  This does not signal the death of the password but the obsolescence of complex, hard to remember passwords.

CES highlights tomorrow’s consumer and business technologies, such as wearable computing, and Connected Homes. Secure user authentication will play a critical role as these products continue to become part of our daily lives. Yubico believes that U2F is the beginning of an entirely new generation of strong authentication — simple enough to scale to consumers, yet strong enough to protect against advanced hackers.

YubiKey and the Future of Authentication – Our Hardware Beats Your Malware

FIDO-Yubico-YubiKeys-2-1030x687Today, trillions of dollars are lost, and billions of internet users risk getting their online accounts hacked because of compromised static credentials. It’s encouraging that some great large-scale service providers are adopting technologies that represent the future of authentication — simple, open and secure, yet safeguarding your privacy.

Yubico’s YubiKey is a small, light USB and NFC device you put on your keychain that keeps your accounts from getting hacked. You register your YubiKey with a service like your computer’s login, your Google account, or your Dropbox account. When you log in, you are asked for both your password and your YubiKey. The YubiKey requires nothing more than a simple tap or touch.  Phishing, malware, and other attack methods don’t work because they would need both your physical key and your passwords to breach your accounts.

That one extra step, also called two factor authentication, proves you are who you say you are. You are the only person who knows your password and has your YubiKey. YubiKeys use advanced cryptography and other techniques so that they can’t be spoofed or hacked. No one can get your personal information from a YubiKey, and one key can support thousands of services.  YubiKeys are nearly indestructible — just add it to your keychain along with your house and car keys.

8 of the 10 largest Internet companies use YubiKey — every Google employee, every Facebook employee — along with thousands of other businesses. YubiKey deployment is easy, fast, and inexpensive, and best of all people love using YubiKey. Find out at our booth A07 or