Teufel Real Z: Real Power

real-z-black-main-1300x1300x72The new Real Z from Teufel continues in the same hi-fi tradition as our award-winning Aureol® Real headphones with one big difference: The half-open design makes the Real Z capable of deeper, more powerful bass. Thanks to a solid build made from real alumimium and soft, abrasion-resistant faux leather ear cushions in either dark or rust, the Real Z is both visually and acoustically stunning.

  •  High-end over-ear HD headphones
  • Sturdy yet ultra-light for a barely-there feel
  • Premium construction with aluminium elements and robust synthetics
  • Ear cushions made from soft, abrasion-resistant hypoallergenic imitation leather
  • Large linear HD drivers & neodymium magnets for very detailed sound with extra bass
  • Powerful levels from any source device & good sound isolating qualities

Teufel Rockstar: You can't stop the rock

rockster-teaser-on-white-02-1300x1300x72In the park, at your next grill party, on a rooftop over your city: For when you want more than just a little background music, the Rockster is your go-to portable sound blaster.


  • Dangerously high sound pressure levels of 115 dB
  • 34 kg sonic heavy weight
  • Integrated DJ mixer
  • Teufel sound quality
  • Up to 8 hour battery