A Smarter retrofit for your fridge

Smarter, maker of the FridgeCamTM, a retrofit device that can turn any fridge ‘smarter’ for a fraction of the price of a brand new fridge, with the principal aim of reducing food waste, is delighted to announce its showcasing the latest innovation during IFA Berlin 2017.

The FridgeCamTM enables:

  • Expiry notifications for fridge contents.
  • Replenishment notices to prevent running out of items.
  • Recipe suggestions to use the contents of your fridge.
  • Interoperability with other third-party devices.

FridgeCamTM has already been recognised as a game-changer in the innovation industry being awarded the CES 2017 Smart Home Honouree and winner of the UK’s National Technology Awards 2017 earlier this year.

FridgeCam took out the UK’s National Technology Awards 2017 and was made a Smart Home Honouree during CES 2017 earlier this year.

Smarter CEO and founder Christian Lane said: ‘We are excited to announce the world’s first wireless fridge camera is here,’ he said. ‘The amount of ground-breaking innovative gains we’ve packed into this small device makes it one of the smartest products in your home. By using the very best in technology we hope to help households eliminate food waste by seeing exactly what they have in their fridge from wherever they are via their smartphone. Our platform gets smarter as it goes along too by learning from the network of FridgeCams. We can’t wait to show you our revolutionary Smarter FridgeCamTM.’

As well as showcasing Smarter FridgeCamTM which is available for pre-order now, Smarter will also be demonstrating it’s latest generation of iKettle – 3rd Generation (OUT NOW) and Smarter Coffee – 2nd Generation (September). 

Both latest editions can now link with the rest of your smart home using IFTTT, or connecting directly to Amazon Alexa.

The Smarter way to drink Tea & Coffee

IFA blogpost1We are passionate about three things. Tea, coffee and technology! These things drive not only us as a company but also as individuals and have been instilled into our new Smarter product line. Every day we consume one of these three things so we have designed a way that they can be used together, making your life easier. You can now brew your tea or coffee to perfection at anytime with the tap of any iOS or Android device.

IFA blogpost2After the success of iKettle 1.0 launched last year, we are excited to be launching iKettle 2.0 and Smarter Coffee this year at IFA! The products are focused around great product design and a simple and elegant user experience. By creating even Smarter software that works with beautiful hardware, we make Smarter products.

Control how many cups of coffee you want, the strength and even check how much water is in your device. With wake up mode and home mode available in both products, iKettle 2.0 also boasts the new formula mode feature, boil the kettle for your baby’s formula and get an alert when it has cooled down to the required temperature! The products will learn how you use them and will be able to anticipate your needs! With all new features, our new products will offer a truly unique experience for the customer.