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Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance goes Mainstream with New Enhancements, Entry-Level Pricing

3…2…1…Blast off! The storage experts at Promise Technology have launched the newest version of the Apollo personal cloud appliance, making private cloud storage even more personal – and affordable.

An entry level price point of $199 makes the new 2TB Apollo Cloud available to a broader range of users, and premium new features rev up speed and make it even easier to use. Building on the popularity of the original version, the 2TB Apollo Cloud comes complete with an app and is designed for on-the-go consumers who need simple, fast, secure access to their content.

Apollo Cloud offers an affordable, simple way for families, small businesses and work groups to safely store and share data from anywhere – from any device (OS X and Windows on computers and iOS or Android on smartphones and tablets). Easy enough for anyone to use – setup is a simple process that takes mere minutes – Apollo Cloud can be accessed by up to 10 users, each with full sharing and privacy control over their own digital files.

Hackers beware. Apollo Cloud is safe – military-grade encryption keeps photos, important documents, and more private data off the web, secure on a personal cloud appliance that is owned outright by the user.

Enterprise Storage Leader PROMISE Technology Marks B2C Liftoff with Launch of Apollo Personal Cloud

Storing and sharing digital media in the cloud is easy as smart devices with audio and video features abound, but the ability to store and share large or private files securely and inexpensively is becoming a critical need. That’s why enterprise storage leader PROMISE Technology today debuts Apollo, a cloud appliance for use within personal “circles.”

Designed with families, small businesses and small office / home office in mind, Apollo makes it easy and convenient for group members to store, access and share up to 4 terabytes of personal data from wherever they happen to be, with complete privacy and security. The device is easy to set up and use from a phone or tablet and provides every member with a private space of their own, and full control over sharing.

Apollo’s mobile app lets users quickly access personal content from anywhere, and provides speedy playback of stored videos and other media content. What’s more, all transactions are encrypted and data is not on the Web, so Apollo users can rest assured that their private files are safe, secure and under their own control.

To learn more about Apollo, visit PROMISE Technology at ShowStoppers.