Nuelle innovates Fiera personal care device with remote, launches women’s health campaign

fiera-remote-beauty-shotToday, sexual health & wellness company Nuelle, which recently launched its women’s health campaign #LegalizeV, is revealing scientific research about women’s sexual activity and desires from a partnered study with K-Y. Enter Fiera® Personal Care Device + Remote, the innovative solution that gets women in the mood for sex when she might not be, but wants to be.

Sexual health is a vital component to one’s wellbeing and happiness. Technology has focused predominantly on the needs of men in the past, but now women and couples are also seeking more innovative options to address their physical and emotional needs, including sexual concerns. If you can track your fitness and speak to a therapist online, shouldn’t we be able to find solutions for the women’s health and wellness category as well?

As one of the leaders in sexual health technology, Nuelle has delivered innovation for women and couples to address concerning changes in sexual arousal and interest, and continues that trend with its latest launch of Fiera + Remote. Fiera is available at and select product is also available at Amazon, Amazon Canada, Dermstore, and more. Fiera + Remote and Fiera retail for $249 and $199, respectively.

Fiera™–‐Cool New Technology Heats Up Relationships

Showstoppers Blog Nuelle docNuelle™, a women’s sexual health and wellness start up, is proud to showcase their new flagship product, Fiera, Arouser for Her™. Fiera is the first ever, hands–‐free, wearable product designed for “Before-Play”™ — the moment you may not be in the mood, but want to be.

Fiera uses a combination of suction and gentle stimulation to accelerate arousal before sex. Fiera is recommended by sexual health and wellness experts and is proven in both consumer and scientific testing to help women “get in the mood” for sexual intimacy. Fiera utilizes micro technology to bring about big quality of life benefits: •

  • Proprietary miniature smart micro pump technology •
  • Automatic activation and sensing upon body contact •
  • 3 stimulation sources flexibly suspended inside of a vacuum chamber •
  • Anatomically driven design of Sofsense™ ring •
  • 18 US and international utility patents pending or issued.

“As a woman leading a women’s sexual wellness company, I am proud to be joining others in the dialogue about women’s sexual health needs and also to provide an innovative new technology designed specifically for those needs,” said Karen Long, CEO of Nuelle. “We are receiving strong support from women who have longed for a safe product that works to enhance their libido and level of arousal, naturally.”

The Inventor, Founder and the CEO of Nuelle will be showcasing Fiera at CES Showstoppers on Wednesday, January 6 from 6:00–‐10:00PM at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.