Mio Global Announces First Prescription for Exercise (PAI)

sliceWhat does achieving 10,000 steps per day mean for your overall health? Furthermore, is there scientific evidence that links any health outcome to achieving 10,000 steps per day? The answer is no.

At ShowStoppers, Mio Global is showcasing Mio SLICETM, the first heart rate activity tracker to feature PAITM (Personal Activity IntelligenceTM), and the PAI app. PAI is the answer to the question: How much physical activity does one need to stay healthy? Until now, “one-size-fits-all” metrics such as step-counting have been ineffective goals because not all steps are created equal and not all activities involve steps. PAI translates heart rate and personal data into one easy-to-understand number (PAI score) that gives users a personalized prescription for exercise through one universal goal: keep your weekly PAI score at or above 100. PAI’s scoring algorithm has not only been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of premature cardiovascular disease and death, but also proves that keeping your PAI score at 100 or above is more effective than following today’s exercise guidelines.

How each person earns PAI points depends on his or her body’s response to activity, and users earn points faster with higher intensity activities. In addition to tracking all-day heart rate and total and daily PAI scores, SLICE delivers smartphone notifications, tracks sleep, calories burned, distance and more with a simple one-button operation.

Mio Cracks the Code with a Revolutionary New Activity Metric

Mio_SLICE_product_stackFor all the personal data you can collect nowadays, there’s never been a standard for how active you personally need to be to stay healthy – until now. Mio Global introduces PAI, Personal Activity Intelligence, available in Mio’s new PAI app.

Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness monitoring via step count or distance tracking, PAI is a revolutionary new metric and app that provides you with a meaningful goal tailored to you. With PAI, everyone’s goal is to maintain a score of at least 100, but the quantity and intensity of activity required to achieve that goal is personalized based on age, gender and heart rate. This patent-pending algorithm is founded upon data collected over a 20-year study involving over 60,000 participants. It is scientifically proven that keeping your PAI score above 100 will increase your lifespan by up to 10 years and provide maximum protection from lifestyle-related diseases.

Mio PAI works will all current Mio wearable devices. Mio is also previewing the sleek new Mio SLICE activity tracker wristband, the first wearable device that will display a user’s PAI score based on all-day heart rate monitoring.