Maxim Empowering Design Innovation for Automotive and Wearable Health Applications

Designing the car of the future and enabling a healthier tomorrow

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Engineers are busy people, managing big workloads and tight deadlines. They’re always looking for tools that can help simplify and speed up the design process. At ShowStoppers 2017, Maxim will showcase two ways in which it empowers design innovation and makes life a little easier for designers who create automotive and wearable health/fitness products.

For automotive designers, Maxim is demonstrating its remote tuner solution. Using this solution, designers can significantly simplify the head unit design of a vehicle and reduce cables. The MAX2175 RF to Bits™ tuner within the solution eliminates the need to rework the vehicle’s hardware to support worldwide radio standards, allowing updates by simply changing the vehicle’s software. “By providing OEMs with a solution to reduce the number of cables, we also provide them with space savings, ease of design, and improved performance,” said William Chu, Managing Director, Automotive RF and Sensing Solutions at Maxim Integrated. “Maxim is the only company providing all three components of RF, SerDes, and power in its solution.”

Maxim’s hSensor Platform helps engineers shave off up to six months from the product development cycle for wearable devices that monitor temperature, heart rate, peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), and much more. As a complete reference design (MAXREFDES100#), the solution comes with everything engineers need to be productive right out of the box:  complete firmware with drivers, a debugger board, a GUI, a USB cable, and a battery holder. Users can load algorithms on the board and adapt them for specific applications. The hSensor Platform is also supported on the ARM® mbed™ IoT Device Platform with firmware that engineers can optimize for their own specific use cases.

Rev Up for Tomorrow with Maxim Integrated’s Automotive Solutions

PR Image for NVIDIA and Freescale PartnershipToday’s vehicles are increasingly energy efficient. However, they also have more complex electronic demands placed on them as customers seek increased efficiency, safety, and convenience. With expertise in integration benefiting customers and drivers alike, Maxim Integrated has shipped its one billionth integrated circuit (IC) to the automotive market. These ICs enhance infotainment, safety, keyless access, and powertrain applications. Customers rely on these highly integrated products for automotive subsystems that are smaller and more reliable.

MAX9286-PR-graphic-image-400pxAt ShowStoppers, Maxim will display automotive products for infotainment and safety solutions. For example, imagine trying to navigate in a world drawn by Picasso. Maxim’s quad deserializer enables the design of surround-view systems for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) platforms with fewer components and faster time to market. A USB charging IC and a hybrid radio solution will also be on display.

Maxim’s broad line of automotive solutions provides designers with greater flexibility and more integrated solutions. For an overview of Maxim’s automotive solutions, visit