Mad Catz Introduces Game Changing Peripherals

mad_catz_tritton_ces_showstoppersEarlier this year we debuted the RAT 1, RAT 4, RAT 6, and RAT 8. These new mice upgraded the style and performance to an already amazing RAT line and perfected it, as well as introduced Kameleon™ RGB lighting enhancements. Now, for the first time, we’ll be showing off the brand-new RAT Pro S+ and RAT Pro X+, only at CES ShowStoppers®! The RAT Pro S+ and X+ offer high-performance features such as crazy-high DPI, customizable physical parts, on-board memory, and in the case of the Pro X+, swappable sensors.

Besides new, professional-grade gaming mice, we’ll also have some impressive PC and console offerings from Tritton Audio; Mad Catz’ own brand of high end gaming headsets. For PC we will feature the first live appearance of the Tritton ARK 100 headset for PC. This USB gaming headset is set to stun with virtual 7.1 surround sound and features the Mad Catz Kameleon™ adjustable RGB lighting.

Last but not least, if console gaming is your thing, be sure to stop by our booth, and check out a live demo of the highly-anticipated Tritton ARK 300. This wireless gaming headset features DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound, and is 4K compatible via an HDMI pass-through. There are two versions: a universal which works great on PlayStation® 4, Pro, and other devices, as well as an officially-licensed Xbox One version. This next exciting iteration of the ARK range builds on the ARK 100 for consoles that launched earlier this year, and proves that innovation is still alive in gaming audio.

Mad Catz brings HD Surround Sound to gaming audio

katana_White_angled_base_unitThe new generation of consoles is in full swing but the real gaming revolution is happening right in the palm of your hand.

Mad Catz, global leaders in video game, PC and mobile hardware begin 2016 with a bang and invite CES visitors to hear the difference uncompressed audio makes to gaming! 2015 was a record year for video game consoles, with the latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox Hardware selling in record numbers. Games look better, and sound greater than ever before. Now, in a true world first, Mad Catz under their renowned ‘TRITTON’ audio brand, proudly introduce the first wireless gaming headset to deliver up to eight channels of uncompressed HD audio!

The TRITTON Katana 7.1 HD Wireless Headset is the first gaming headset to draw audio from HDMI, taking advantage of LPCM to provide the best possible, uncompressed sound. In addition, Katana uses DTS Headphone X to add state-of-the-art surround delivering gaming audio like no other. Drawing audio directly from HDMI rather than the traditional Digital Optical allows for up to eight channels of uncompressed sound to be transmitted wirelessly for pure high definition audio quality. With near-universal compatibility across today’s gaming consoles, PCs and smart devices, the Katana HD features state-of-the-art DTS Headphone:X™ audio technology that faithfully recreates the spatially accurate immersive sound experience from your favorite game. Whether your enemies are flanking or surrounding, you will hear them before you see them. Headphone:X technology allows gamers to immerse themselves in games, movies and music, as if they were actually there. Already a winner of a prestigious CES Innovations Honoree award, the Katana HD is designed as the new flagship in the TRITTON high performance gaming audio range, and provides gamers with unparalleled audio immersion via oversized 50 mm drivers and crystal clear interference-free chat through an omnidirectional boom mic. Featuring Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM), the removable and adjustable mic is designed to pick up only the designated audio sources and either delete or enhance the gamer’s voice. Fully wireless chat is a reality on Katana HD if playing on PS4™, PS3™, or PC, and when playing on Xbox One, a pass-through port is ready to accept the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm chat cable.