Your Rules, Your WiFi… Luma Delivers Speed and Security to Every Corner of Your Home and Puts You In Control of Your WiFi Network

2016 was the year of the router; its redesign, evolution and, of course, its increased necessity
for better, faster and more secure in-home WiFi. Luma, the world’s first Surround WiFi system,
which covers your entire home with fast, reliable and secure internet will be on display at CES

Since the first orders were shipped in June 2016, Luma has released new and updated features
every three weeks, as they continue to focus on giving their users faster, controlled and more
secure WiFi. A few of the newest updates have included:

  • New Product – Every home is different. What flows with one home’s style, might
    completely clash with another. Luma, which was originally only offered in white, released
    Luma Colors, including Luma Black, Luma Gray, and Luma Orange. Additionally, Luma
    launched 2-packs, which joined the original 1 and 3-packs, providing the right coverage
    for any size home.
  • Amazon Alexa integration – “Alexa, tell Luma to pause Timmy’s iPad.” Finally, your
    voice can do all the work. Luma, the first WiFi system to announce its integration with
    Amazon Alexa, allows the user to control their WiFi through voice control.
  • Security Alert Details – Cyber-security is serious. While most people have anti-virus on
    their computers, the rise of smart homes makes connected devices vulnerable. Luma
    continuously checks all of your connected devices for potential hackers and malware to
    make sure your network is always safe, and lets you manage your network through an
    easy-to-use app. With security alert details, users are equipped with in-depth visibility
    into alerts by device, enhanced insight and information. As alerts occur, Luma admins
    will see details, timestamps, alert types and additional relevant data that can help assess
    network vulnerabilities.
  • Bedtime Rules – Have kids who are staying up to play video games or chat with friends?
    Finally, bedtime can mean just that. Bedtime Rules gives Luma admins the ability to set
    bedtime rules for individuals on their network per user for any day of the week.
  • Bouncer – At nightclubs, the bouncer is infamous for deciding who is allowed access or
    who should be blocked. With Luma, user’s WiFi network has its own bouncer, giving
    them full control of who is allowed to join their WiFi network. For every new device that’s
    added to the network, users receive an alert in their Luma app. From this alert, they can
    just swipe right or left to decide to allow or block access for that device.

In addition to new product features, Luma welcomed Jonathan Goldsmith – famous for
portraying The Most Interesting Man in the World – to the team! After Jonathan returned from Mars he realized his WiFi wasn’t living up to his standards and he had to do something about it. That’s when he decided to join Luma as an investor and to help spread the word to ensure no one else falls victim to bad WiFi again. Check out his video here.


Say Goodbye to Spotty Wi-Fi & Say Hello to Speed, Safety and Security with Luma

Luma Blog PhotoGartner estimates that in just the next few years, the average household might contain as many as 500 Internet connected devices! But today’s routers aren’t equipped to handle traffic from a mere 10 devices. Luckily, the days of spotty Wi-Fi connection are over. How? Meet Luma, the world’s most intuitive, easy-to-use Wi-Fi system. No matter how many devices your home has or how many people are on the network, Luma has your home covered. Additionally, Luma is the first Wi-Fi system personalized for your home and family. Manage users and devices like never before and lock down your home Internet with enterprise grade cybersecurity.

  • SPEED: Luma offers users a surround Wi-Fi experience – allowing them to set up and fine-tune their home networks in seconds. The wireless technology adapts connection to the unique layout of users’ homes, creating multiple access points to speed up Internet and finally put an end to those dead zones. This gives users the freedom to roam anywhere in and around their homes, while still enjoying strong connectivity and fast Wi-Fi.
  • SAFETY: Keeping kids safe while online continues to be a growing concern for parents. Luma now allows parents to see what their children are doing online in real time through a wide range of parental controls and monitoring alerts. This includes setting rules and policies on a per child basis, limiting access to websites based on the familiar PG rating scale and online curfews. Yes, that’s right. Parents can now experience phone free dinners and no Internet after bedtime by pausing Wi-Fi during meals and turning usage off at night.
  • SECURITY: With Luma, users can finally lock down their home Internet with enterprise-grade cybersecurity. The system offers both virus and intrusion detection that automatically identifies security issues, like unknown devices trying to join your network, and helps users instantly fix them.

Want to experience surround Wi-Fi for yourself? Check out Luma during ShowStoppers and visit for more information.