We all take tons of pictures and videos on our smartphones and go through the pain of deleting too many of them to make room for new ones! We offload to any cloud storage that is not full yet like iCloud or Google Photos and we stop when we have to subscribe and pay annoying wallet killing fees. We cringe at privacy issues as we spread our personal memories all over the internet through anonymous big corporate clouds.

Well, no longer! Enters Kwilt® Shoebox, the first personal cloud gateway that stores your precious mobile photos and videos in the privacy of your home. Connect any external USB drive or memory key and create your very own cloud storage.

Enjoy unlimited storage to support your ever growing memories collections by adding USB drives and keys as you go to your Kwilt Shoebox*. Say hello to total privacy as your memories stay safe at home while you can offload more from your mobile phone and access them from anywhere. Say goodbye to cloud storage monthly subscription fees! That’s Kwilt Shoebox, that’s your very private, very own, totally scalable personal cloud!

Visit us at Showstoppers at CES 2018 this January.

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Kwilt® Shoebox. Offload memories. Preserve memory. Access anywhere.

Kwilt Shoebox is the perfect smartphone companion. As camera resolutions keep growing and 4K video becomes the norm, smartphone memory capacity can’t keep up. Worst, while only 50% of smartphone users rely on cloud storage to backup a fraction of their mobile memories, a sizeable portion of user generated photos and videos remain stuck in smartphones, are forgotten, get deleted and lost forever. 

Despite more affordable cloud storage, monthly recurring fees and fear of lack of privacy keep many away from cloud backup while home backup remains a painful experience resulting in memories trapped on computers or disconnected hard drives.

Now, with Kwilt Shoebox, a home IoT device that represents the digital version of the traditional photo shoebox, consumers can seamlessly offload their phone’s photos and videos at full resolution to the privacy of their home and access them from anywhere while avoiding cloud storage fees.

Kwilt will offer an exclusive, press only, preview of its upcoming Kwilt Shoebox at Showstoppers MWCA on September 11. More information will be made public on September 18 when the product will be made available for pre-orders at Reviewers will be able to obtain exclusive press review copies of the product upon inquiry starting September 18.

Kwilt previews KwiltKeys photo keyboard, the first universal personal photos keyboard for iOS

With over 2B highly active mobile users telling their stories with photos through social networks, messaging, photo editing, dating and many other apps, and with the unprecedented rate at which we take photos and store them on many scattered platforms, there is a need for a hub that funnels consumers’ personal photos and make them available in real time to any app right from their mobile. Yet, today, sharing personal photos is a real struggle for mobile users.

Enters KwiltKeysTM personal photo keyboard, the easiest and fastest way to share your photos from anywhere to any app. Photos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, CloudDrive and many more sources can now be inserted into any mobile app right from a slick visual custom keyboard. It’s that simple.

KwiltKeys will be available for free as a Private Beta to the public on June 24, 2015.

Kwilt, the maker of the KwiltPhotos app, removes the pain from searching and gathering photos from mobile, cloud storage, home and social networks in the most elegant way. Photos are now at consumers’ fingertips, ready to group into albums, edit, show and share, right from their mobile. For more information visit