The new generation of tracker that uses Low-power Wide Area Network

Invoxia designs and develops connected devices, speakers and telecommunication products to improve and simplify day-to-day life. 

Invoxia introduces Roadie, a new generation of tracker that uses Low-power Wide Area Network.

It allows consumers to set security areas and to receive notifications when Roadie enters or leaves these areas. It tracks their valuable belongings (luggage, purse, bike, car), or kids to provide them peace of mind.

Thanks to the low power networks, Roadie offers an incredible battery life: it can least up to 8 months of area tracking. As it doesn’t have a SIM card, there is no additional fees and a 3-year subscription is included.

Triby – Connected speaker for the kitchen

Made for the kitchen, where family life happens

Triby-At-home-soon-bigTriby from Invoxia is a new generation of connected speaker, dedicated to the family. Triby has all the features of a best-in-class wireless music system and lets you be in touch with your loved ones: it is both a hands-free WiFi phone and a connected message board. The autonomous and magnetic speaker makes family communication easy and fun. Because the kitchen is a central place in your home, Triby has been designed to perfectly fit there. You are busy in the kitchen and want to get that mobile call? No problem! Use the Bluetooth hands-free option for your mobile calls. Answer with a single key press on Triby and enjoy its outstanding True Hands Free capabilities. You love to have long phone conversations while cooking? Triby is for you.

An awesome wireless music system

Thanks to its advanced audio performance, Triby is the ultimate wireless audio companion for your kitchen. Triby is connected to WiFi, which makes it a great standalone music system. It has a built-in Spotify Connect feature so you can stream your playlists, as well as thousands of internet radios across the world. You can also use Triby as a Bluetooth speaker. Embedding the In Vivo Acoustic® high quality sound technology, Triby generates a powerful sound for a sublime listening experience at home.

Stay in touch with your loved ones

TribyYour kids happen to be at home while you are away? With Triby, they can call you with the touch of a button and reach you on your smartphone. No subscription is needed. Just connect Triby to your home WiFi, and save your loved one’s contacts in Triby through the dedicated application. That’s it. The whole family can now enjoy free calls with HD voice quality.

Hard to put a sticky note on the fridge when you’re away from home, right? Not anymore with Triby! From your smartphone, open the Triby application and send home texts and handmade drawings to the whole family. Triby will display them on its e-paper display and will pop-up its yellow flag to show that new messages have arrived.

Triby is aimed at people aged from 3 to 103.