LINK, the future of storage and communications, powered by Samsung

LINK from Fasetto is the living storage and communications device, underpinned by its own scalable, flexible platform, that lets users take their digital world with them anywhere, untethered from a computer or Internet connection.

Measuring just 2” across, 1” tall and weighing as little as 3 ounces, LINK packs a punch with powerful Samsung technologies: up to 2TB of superfast on-device storage and an impressive 64-bit octa-core processor reside within its miniature, sleek frame. These technologies allow LINK to make user data accessible universally from any device through its own dedicated broadcast Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth and USB-C connections, freeing users from ecosystem lock-in and ending reliance on a single platform to access or move content freely between devices.

LINK keeps content safe from both virtual and physical threats. Custom-developed reform security software, user permissions and multiple layers of hardware and software encryption give users security and control. And LINK’s small, weatherproof design, along with its robust technical specifications, give users the confidence that their content is protected from the most extreme elements at home and in the outdoors.

Link by Fasetto eliminates the need for SD cards and Wi-Fi to stream digital content

Until now, simple and instantaneous access to digital content just hasn’t been available. There have been a range of obstacles between users and their high definition movies, large presentations, family photos and videos when they’re on the go. Barriers have included dependence on wireless networks, supplementary SD cards, storage limits and platform restrictions.

That changes today. Fasetto has unveiled a fresh new version of its Link device, a durable, portable solution that challenges these obstacles head-on to revolutionize the way digital content is accessed, streamed and stored. Link is a wireless Solid State Drive (SSD) with its own operating system and offline streaming capabilities. It eliminates the need for an SD card or wireless network when accessing content, thanks to Fasetto’s proprietary transport layer, ARCH. Now, users can stream videos, photos and other large files to up to seven devices simultaneously, regardless of platform. Files are transferred at blazing speeds of up to 1900 Mbps or the equivalent of a full high-definition video, in under a minute.

Along with providing users’ digital content at their fingertips, Link also safeguards it and puts users in complete control. The new iteration of Link features a refreshed design that is both sleek and durable, with a weatherproof and impact-resistant case made of military grade ABS plastic and framed by metal. At just 48 millimeters long, 48 millimeters wide and 23 millimeters thick, Link is also UV resistant, allergen-free and waterproof to up to 45 feet. Using custom developed security software, in addition to user permissions and multiple layers of hardware and software encryption, Link provides users with one central storage location, so content isn’t spread over several devices, and users can maintain complete control.

Link is due to be commercially available in Q4 of 2016. To see Link in action, visit us at Showstoppers.