Domotz Debuts Affordable Home Monitoring and Tech Support System for the Connected Home at CES 2016

Professional-Level Monitoring Features Now Available to Consumers for only $2.99 a Month; Works with Any Connected Device Regardless of Brand or Manufacturer

Domotz will unveil its brand new Home Monitoring and Tech Support System at CES in Las Vegas on January 6, 2016. From personal computers to sensors, Domotz lets users monitor and troubleshoot all connected devices in a home via a mobile app. The system is currently in public beta and will be available for only $2.99 a month at the end of January 2016.

“The average consumer is accumulating a slew of connected devices at home: phones, laptops, gaming consoles, smart light bulbs and thermostats. It’s too much technology to keep track of,” said Domenico Crapanzano, CEO and Co-Founder of Domotz. “Professional monitoring systems exist, but are overly complex and far too expensive for the average homeowner. This is where Domotz comes in. We’re bringing consumers a monitoring and support system that is user-friendly, affordable and accessible, from the convenience of a smartphone.”

From tablets and smart TV’s to home automation gateways, Domotz complements all smart home technology by providing extensive device and home information and empowering its users to take action as soon as something goes wrong. Through a host of functions, Domotz users enjoy a home that they can connect to and interact with anytime, from anywhere. From today, Domotz can be installed for free on existing Raspberry Pi or NAS hardware at The Domotz Android and iPhone apps are available for download on the App store and Google play.

Domotz brings you Home Monitoring and Tech Support by mobile app for any connected device you own – no matter the protocol or brand.

Domotz_ShowstoppersDomotz announces its home monitoring and tech support system that that lets you connect to and interact with any device in a home or business via mobile or web app. With Domotz you can oversee and access all of your home technology no matter where you are – for more security and peace of mind.

Domotz automatically detects anything on your network from personal computers to smart light bulbs and allows you to:

  • Remotely log on to your personal computers or a security camera from anywhere
  • Set alerts to monitor your children’s television time or video game usage
  • See who is at home and what technology is being used
  • Remotely power down devices that have been left on or double-check that you did turn off the heating
  • Monitor a sensor remotely to detect a water leak
  • Get alerted when an AIRBNB guest checks in or if a valuable goes missing
  • Run network diagnostics to find out why streaming a movie is taking so long

Domotz’ affordable software works in harmony with any Home Hub (Smart Things, Wink, Control4). It’s also complementary to all connected devices and sensors within a home (Nest, Smart TVs, Smart Locks). Try Domotz for free today on your Raspberry Pi, QNAP, Synology and ReadyNAS and any standard Debian/Linux OS. In addition, the Domotz Box running our software will be available for purchase via crowdfunding in early 2016. Sign up today at: