Catalyst transforms iPhone, Apple Watch into rugged accessories

catalystCatalyst cases transform the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 into rugged, adventure-ready, everyday accessories – as comfortable in the ocean, desert or jungle as they are in the bath or shower.

That perfect photo opportunity can happen at any time, from the middle of a thunderstorm to peering through bars of a shark cage. Catalyst cases let you take your perfect picture wherever you are. The iPhone 7 case is thin, stylish and fully functional so you can use it everyday as well as on all of your adventures. Catalyst cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are 100% waterproof to 33 feet and are designed with style in mind – once again raising the bar for slim, stylish, waterproof cases.

As the winter holiday season begins, people everywhere are turning to Catalyst for a waterproof, snow proof, fully protective solution. The newest cases from Catalyst are designed to meet or exceed Military Standard 810G for drops and shocks up to 6.6 feet. This level of protection lets users to take and use their devices around dust, dirt and sand particles that would otherwise scratch and ruin it. The unique and innovative design and slim construction of the cases insulates your device from the elements while Catalyst’s True Sound acoustics technology provides excellent sound transmission from 50Hz to 20,000Hz – allowing you to hear calls, music and videos with perfect clarity. Catalyst achieves a unique combination of protection, style and functionality that no other everyday case has even come close to.

Have you ever wanted to monitor your heartrate while you ride a ripcurl? Sadly, even a device as cutting edge as the Apple Watch Series 2 has its limits. That’s why Catalyst have applied our unique waterproof technology to turn your Apple Watch Series 2 into a stylish, everyday accessory that won’t let you down when life gets more adventurous. Wearables are meant to follow you everywhere and at last, with our case, this one can. You no longer have to remove this beautiful device when in or around deep water and can go on using all of its lifestyle and fitness functions no matter where you are. The Catalyst case provides 360° protection.

Every Catalyst case for the 42mm and 38 mm Apple Watch Series 2 is factory tested to 330 feet waterproof – doubling the depth rating of the naked device. Catalyst’s proprietary True Sound acoustic technology delivers perfect audio clarity and the watch’s heart rate sensor and inductive charging remain fully functional through the housing. The Catalyst case adds even more possibilities to the already long list of Apple Watch activities. Now you can go for a swim and monitor your lap workout, stay connected while out surfing or control your music in the bath or shower. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with your Apple Watch when it’s safely nestled in a Catalyst case.

The Catalyst cases for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 are now available at Best Buy stores nationwide. Our newest cases for iPhone 7 will be available from January 9th online and press samples will be sent out after this year’s show.

iPad Pro goes underwater with the latest Catalyst case

Catalyst CE week brand imageWith its minimal design, gorgeous giant screen and quad speakers, the iPad Pro is a must-have. Powerful and packed with features it’s ideal for multitasking and watching movies, but may be fragile and cumbersome when on the go. Now you no longer need to leave your device tucked away safe at home with Catalyst’s latest products. Catalyst has applied its expertise in waterproof and drop proof technology to create the world’s first fully functional, everyday waterproof case for the 12.9” iPad Pro.

Catalyst will showcase the waterproof, shock proof, dirt proof, and snow proof case for the 12.9” iPad Pro at CE Week in advance of its launch at end June. Transform your precious into a sleek-but-rugged machine that you can take anywhere – whether it’s to the coffee shop, workshop or to base camp! Its minimal, ergonomic design and impact-ready grippy rubber bumper make it easy to handle. Its integrated touch-screen film provides seamless access to all features, including the Apple Pencil, so you can use your iPad to its fullest potential. Featuring Catalyst True Sound Acoustics technology using air and water-tight acoustic membranes for great audio experience when you rock out to your tunes in the shower or during Facetime calls . Your Catalyst case will give you an unprecedented level of confidence in using your iPad Pro in any environment.

Catalyst will also be launching Catalyst Exclusives — a premium line of limited edition Catalyst products. This includes a fresh take on their stylish, ultra slim, waterproof sleeve that perfectly fits your 12.9” iPad Pro, even with its case on! The double coated outer shell seals tight so it withstands rain, snow, dirt, and may handle quick submersion. The foam padded lining protects your device from minor bumps around town and it comes with adjustable straps that transforms the sleeve into a minimal shoulder bag or backpack for anybody on the go. You’ll also get a sneak peek of the Limited Edition Waterproof Apple Watch case. The award-winning case will be available in 3 colors of machined aluminum that add a classically rugged yet functional style to your Apple Watch.

Say goodbye to coddling your devices. Catalyst cases fundamentally transform you device so you can confidently capture and share your world from any environment. Get wet, get dirty and join the adventure.

Apple Watch meets pool, ocean and shower with Catalyst

Catalyst Apple Watch - Front 3 Color$59.99 | Pre-Order August, 2015 | Available November, 2015

The Apple Watch may be the first Apple device to tout water-resistance, but it’s certainly no match for open bodies of water, not even your shower! With all of its fitness capabilities and lifestyle applications, you will not have to remove this beautiful piece when in or around water. After all, wearables are meant to follow you everywhere. So, that’s why Catalyst applied their highly-rated and tested waterproof technology in order to create the world’s very first fully waterproof Apple Watch case.

Providing access to all Apple Watch functions, the Catalyst case is built with style and industry-leading protection in mind. The screen-less housing gives you unhindered access to the touchscreen, and the ultra slim profile compliments and maintains Apple’s sleek design. The waterproof housing also accommodates all sensors on the underside of Apple Watch so you can have full access to the charging connector as well as all activity and health tracker functions, such as heart rate monitoring, without removing the case. Catalyst’s signature rotating crown dial adds a pop of stylized color, and each case comes with 24mm quick-release NATO nylon wrist straps.

Catalyst allows you to add even more activities to the list of Apple Watch possibilities. Now you can go for a swim and monitor your lap workout, stay connected while out surfing, or have your own personal DJ in the shower. Catalyst ensures that there truly is no limit to what your Apple Watch can do, and that’s the way it should be.