Blueair monitors, reacts to and purifies all the nasty stuff in your indoor air for comfort and health

Blueair launches the world’s first smart, fully connected indoor air monitoring, control and purification system that puts consumers in control of the air they breathe. The news means that American homeowners and businesses can enjoy and benefit from cleaner indoor air free of allergens, chemicals, and dust mites, or outdoor pollution that has seeped inside, without even thinking about it.

The visionary new air purifying system from Blueair pairs its designer-contemporary Sense+ air purifier with the sleek-looking Aware air monitor to intelligently monitor and clean homes and offices. Available in different shells, the Sense+ harnesses advanced HEPASilent filtration processes to remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles, whisper silently. Linked with the Sense+, the Blueair Aware monitors air quality and adjusts air cleaning flow until the nasty stuff it has detected in the air being breathed has been removed.

Both the Sense+ and Aware  can be connected to the Blueair Friend app to provide a detailed view of indoor pollution such as fine dust and VOC’s as well as temperature and humidity. The Friend app also gathers data on an hourly basis from thousands of gauging stations in over 100 countries to deliver trustworthy information on local outdoor air quality.

With its new smart technologies Blueair is making the invisible ‘visible’ to empower consumers to better understand their surrounding air quality, detect dangers and do something about removing the allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants that can negatively impact wellbeing and health.

Blueair new ‘Internet Of Things’ indoor air purifying technology allows people to avoid flu or allergy-like symptoms 

With humans breathing over 23,000 breaths an hour on average, we are what we breathe. And as outdoor and indoor air pollution levels as well as associated diseases such as asthma and CODP soar globally, Blueair has launched new IoT technology that for the first time in human history enables women and men to  easily ‘see’ all the nasty stuff such as PM2.5 dust particles, viruses, chemicals and vapors lurking in their indoor air at home or work – and remove it.

Blueair’s unique contribution of IOT technology to enhance human health and wellbeing seemlessly integrates a Blueair air quality sensor, mobile App and smart, wifi-enabled Sense+ air purifier to enable users to respond to real-time indoor air quality updates. The Blueair Aware™, also a Wi-Fi enabled device, monitors indoor air quality 24/7 and sends data to the Blueair mobile app. The Aware™ sensor can detect levels of particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compound (VOCs) as well as temperature, air pressure, and humidity, which empowers consumers to understand more about their surrounding air quality, detect dangers, and use the Sense+ when it is most needed.

Blueair’s clean air intelligence technology was spurred by the insight that few people living in urban environments – where they on average spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors – get a chance to breathe good, clean air every day. But thanks to the Blueair Aware™ sensor and the Blueair mobile app they can now actually ‘see’ what’s causing them to sleep badly or feel unwell, giving them the chance to something about it by turning up their air purifiers to trap the pollution, just as they  vacuum dust from the floor.