beyerdynamic gets to take a great journey across the stages of the world, through studios in large cities, and directly into the ears of music lovers

When music history is written, beyerdynamic is there. We feel at home wherever acoustics, sound and music are created, produced and celebrated. As beyerdynamic we are proud that our products are much more than just the sum of their parts. They are reliable tools for professionals, a source of inspiration for creators and loyal companions for music lovers. The beyerdynamic manufacturing process and the dynamic sound personalization make them as unique as their users. Therefore, it goes without saying that a beyerdynamic product always becomes “your beyerdynamic.”

Create a new universe of design

Who would even want the same thing? For headphones, it’s not the sound alone that makes the difference – they’ve long become an expression of your lifestyle. Your wishes, expectations and preferences should be reflected in their design, functions and sound. We make that possible with our gaming headphones. You can design the MMX 300 from beyerdynamic entirely according to your tastes through our online Manufaktur, and adapt the Custom Game to your mood at any point.

MMX 300 2. Generation: Professional gaming headset
Your gaming partner. Designed by you.

Custom Game: Interactive gaming headset
Your game. Your sound. Your style. Individualized by you.

Discover new worlds of technology

There’s nothing that can’t be improved. Two new beyerdynamic developments make that distinctly clear. The Xelento wireless in-ear headset for audiophiles is a true piece of jewelry and remains to be paralleled by other wireless high-end headphones. Impacto, a mobile DAC and amplifier, which is integrated directly into the headphones cable, gets the most out of your digital music. Let your smartphone give you an optimal hi-fi experience.

Xelento wireless: Audiophile Bluetooth in ear
An audible piece of jewelry.

Impacto: Mobile cable DAC & amplifier
Small size, big sound.

Explore new galaxies of sound

Aventho wireless are the first ever headphones that have integrated Mimi’s sound personalization technology, which measures your individual hearing, and adjusts music to your unique sound profile. In conjunction with the integrated Tesla drivers and optimal Bluetooth transmission, Aventho wireless allows you to enjoy new musical dimensions – regardless of the playback device.

Aventho wireless: First wireless headphones with integrated sound personalization by Mimi hearing technologies.

MIY app: First beyerdynamic app to create a personal SoundID with sound profile, audio tracking, touch control.

beyerdynamic will show the world’s first high-end Tesla headphones with Bluetooth in high-resolution audio quality

Other new products: mobile headsets and professional studio headphones

Uncompromising sound without wires: beyerdynamic will display the world’s first high-end Tesla headphones with Bluetooth transmission featuring the aptXTM HD standard at ShowStoppers and in Berlin (hall 1.2, booth 204) from the 2nd to 7th September.

This functional design study is the result of co-operation with Astell&Kern. It pushes the Korean manufacturer’s players to their limits and also makes Bluetooth interesting for more discerning listeners.

The new Qualcomm® aptX™ HD audio codec is the first to be able to transmit high-resolution signals without any losses. More dynamic scope and minimal background noise ensure an audio quality that was previously inconceivable with Bluetooth headphones. Ideal conditions for the exclusive Tesla transducers from beyerdynamic: Their responsiveness, paired with high efficiency, raise the whole potential of high-resolution recordings. The circumaural design, however, has even more to offer: There are no more buttons. Instead, a touchpad on the headphone housing controls playback – completely intuitively with a simple flick of the finger.

Also new and already available after the trade fair are the mobile headsets in the Byron series. The launch of the product range includes three models, from the wired “Byron” in-ear model for 49 euros to the wireless “Byron BTA” deluxe version with aptX and AAC codec (199 euros). They all feature high-quality workmanship and solid aluminium housings.

Professional users, who have always been a core target group of the audio specialist from Heilbronn, Germany, will enjoy discovering the new DT 1990 PRO studio headphone at the beyerdynamic booth. As a top model in the PRO line, it is designed for mixing and mastering in recording studios. Its open-back design with the latest generation of Tesla transducers delivers absolute precision and reproducible results every time, whether on the user’s own mixing console or on site with the customer.

Tesla Offensive at the IFA: beyerdynamic presents three new Headphones with this Exclusive Transducer Technology, Inclusive the World’s First Tesla In-Ear Headphone

PIC_AKT8iE-DT1770PRO-T1-2ND-Generation_15-07_front-collage_v1 (1)beyerdynamic’s Tesla technology goes to the next generation: From the 4th to 9th September 2015 the audio specialist presents in Berlin at ShowStoppers and in hall 1.2, booth 204, three new headphone models with this  in-house developed transducer technology – each of them a masterpiece “made in Germany”.

The world’s first Tesla in-ear may be regarded as a breakthrough: In several years of development work, beyerdynamic succeeded in miniaturising Tesla transducers so that they can still play to their full audiophile potential. The AK T8iE is perfect for the reproduction of high-resolution files. Beyerdynamic presents the new in-ear headphone at the IFA in cooperation with the Korean high-end manufacturer Astell & Kern.

For the circumaural T 1 reference headphone, the benchmark is set higher. The beyerdynamic audio engineers gave their flagship a gentle fine tuning: With a slightly smoother overall tuning and less bass emphasis, detachable cables in studio quality and ear pads made of a special hollow fibre velour the T 1 creates the ultimate music experience at home.

Last but not least, the high-end transducer now captures the professional area: As a further development of the legendary DT 770 PRO reference headphone, the new DT 1770 PRO features the Tesla technology as well. The high magnetic power of its drivers combined with an absolutely distortion-free sound make these headphones ideal for all studio and monitoring applications with the highest demands as well as for live performances.