Ring Reinvents Home Security (Again) With Launch of Floodlight Cam

ring-floodlightcam2Ring has strengthened its position in outdoor home security with the debut of its newest innovation, Ring Floodlight Cam, at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Ring reinvented outdoor home security with the launch of the Ring Video Doorbell in 2014, resulting in safer neighborhoods around the world; now, Ring has transformed the ordinary floodlight into a one-of-a-kind home security device. By adding Ring’s proactive vision technology and smart home ecosystem to the standard floodlight, Ring is yet again putting actionable, affordable security where you need it most: around your home.

Ring Floodlight Cam is the most powerful security camera available and is easily installed in critical safety areas around the home. Available for preorder at ring.com for $249, the self-install, Wi-Fi, outdoor Floodlight features an HD (1080p) video camera, cloud recording, the loudest speaker on any outdoor camera, a 100dB siren, 270-degree motion detection, smart LED lights and IR (night vision).

A study conducted by Ring found that a majority of homes have a floodlight; however, traditional motion-activated floodlights are only marginally effective and are essentially useless when no one is home to see the light turn on and make sure the house is secure. Now, with Floodlight Cam, users can take a proactive approach to home security and always know what’s going on around their home, giving the impression that they’re there, even when they’re not. Not only do homeowners get a push notification on their mobile devices when Floodlight Cam detects movement and turns on, but the HD video camera also begins recording and users can see and speak to whoever is on their property. If a suspicious person is detected, homeowners can scare them off by turning on the device’s siren, yelling over the loudspeaker and pulsing the light rapidly. Not only will this likely scare off a potential intruder, but it will also get neighbors’ attention so they can assist in calling the authorities. Video recordings can be accessed during and after an event and shared with neighbors and local law enforcement.