Regain control of your online privacy with eBlocker

eBlocker is a smart device that provides total Internet privacy for a smart home device and automatically blocks all dangerous online services that secretly collect your information. It stops trackers, blocks ads and hides the IP. Best of all: it works with all connected devices and no software installation or configuration is needed.

Protects Your Privacy Everywhere: eBlocker protects all internet devices in your home: PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, console, TV – literally any network device. It optionally anonymizes your visible IP with just a click. You can surf via your home based eBlocker and regain control of your mobile privacy.

Saves You Money: When online shopping or booking travel, online shops can adjust prices to your predicted buying power – based on the devices you use. eBlocker can cloak your device so you can pretend to surf from a different device to fool dynamic pricing engines.

Protects Your Family: The eBlocker Family expands eBlocker Pro with individual multi-user support and parental control. Thus, eBlocker protects all family members individually – and your kids from inappropriate and unwanted content. Stop by to see a sneak preview of the eBlocker Family, which will debut in Q1 2017.