Halē Orb Debuts New Connected Photo Experience at CE Week 2016

By: Ken Miura, CEO, DouZen

Halē means “home” in Hawaiian

In the Internet of Things movement, no one has done a masterful job making photos habitually accessible and viewable via a connected smart device – even more so for videos.

Viewing photos on a phone is nice – but making memories a part of your home is a whole other experience. In the absence of physical togetherness, my parents love to see photos and videos of their kids and grandkids. They are not afraid of technology but they want it to be simple.

hale1 hale2

This was our inspiration at Douzen behind Halē Orb – a new photo experience that makes it fun and easy for everyone in the family to upload, share and view a curated collection of personal photos and videos on a large screen.

Think of Halē Orb as a remote control for your personal content. With its sleek spherical design, elegant user interface and simple controls, Halē Orb features a single push button and scrolling wheel that rotates to browse through unlimited photos and videos.  Family members simply share images using the popular apps they already use – like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Email – and everyone in the group can enjoy them.

The connection is made via the Halē Stick, the brains of the product, which plugs into the HDMI port on a TV. It serves as a computer and constant Internet connection for Halē Orb to display the images.