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AmpMe Turns Multiple Phones into a Giant Sound System

The only limit is the number of friends and phones around to party.  AmpMe uses mobile phones to turn your friends into a powerful sound system. Play your music in perfect sync across multiple devices to create a powerful speaker.

AmpMe now allows Spotify premium users to sync their phones, tablets and Bluetooth speakers together, cranking the party up without limitations. Party participants simply log into their Spotify premium accounts in order to stream music from Spotify. The free app is available in 144 countries around the world in the App Store and on Google Play.

IHS Markit to provide analysis, comment on MWC rollouts

IHS Markit, the global business information provider, will have several tech analysts on hand at MWC 2017. These subject-matter experts will  be available for media comment on a wide range of tech topics such as from smartphones and handsets, to mobile infrastructures and networks, IoT and M2M, automotive technology and mobility, and many more.

Some analysts will be pre-briefed on major announcements and will be able to comment under embargo. IHS Markit also will circulate snap analysis on all the big names at MWC, including Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and more, during the event. Follow our analysts on Twitter for live commentary.

For interviews ahead of and during MWC, please contact the analysts directly and via the IHS Markit press team | @IHS_News

Kontron reveals ‘out-of-the-box’ OpenStack Platform for faster NFVi and carrier cloud deployments

If we could lift the Forrest Gump mantra: ‘Open is as open does.’

With its partnership with Canonical, Kontron makes a bold move to offer a fully-validated, pre-configured OpenStack Infrastructure Platform that is, among many things – deployable in hours not days, priced at a reasonable entry point, take up less rack space, and upgradeable with each new OpenStack release. The solution includes an option for DPDK line rate performance with Juju charm, Virtual Accelerator by 6WIND.

This means communication service providers (CSPs), cloud and hosting providers, and enterprises who build private clouds, can take full advantage of all the heavy lifting done by Kontron and still reap the continual advancements made by the global community of OpenStack code contributors.

The entire process of evaluating, buying and deploying OpenStack environments is radically simplified and will foster a new willingness to transition services from legacy physical networks to virtual-built ones, and rolled-out at a time-capex schedule that makes the most sense to service providers.

Smart sunglasses to be the wearable of choice!

Last month Vuzix Corporation unveiled its Blade 3000 smart glasses – the smart glasses of the future. With a sunglass style design these smart glasses are the first wearable to have advanced waveguide optics for hands free mobile computing and connectivity. With the Blade 3000 you can have access to all your smart functions without removing your phone from your pocket. 

The Blade 3000 enables the wearer to access their smartphone features and functionalities such as social media, business and email applications, photography and video recorders and augmented reality applications all with ease.  In addition the Blade 3000 smart glasses can be used to track your health levels or measure your regular exercise activities.

Supporting both wireless Wi-FI and Bluetooth connectivity, the Blade 3000 offers you a ‘hands free’ digital world. The wearer gains unprecedented access to location based information, data communication and more. The Vuzix Blade 3000 is your very own wearable, mobile personal computer and thanks to the advanced waveguide optics – they offer a clear, see thru, full colour high resolution big screen that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pioneer Rayz brings out the first smart Lightning earphones with Talk and Charge capability for iPhone.

Rayz earphones maximize all of the benefits offered by the Lightning Connector. They are powered by iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, meaning no additional batteries are required. The Rayz Plus model is also the first and only Lightning headset with a sleek in-line charging node to simultaneously charge iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while the earphones are connected and in use. Rayz is the first to use Apple’s next generation Lightning audio technology and aims to simply and smartly solve the top challenges that today’s mobile consumers experience on a daily basis.  

Rayz and Rayz Plus are based on Avnera Corporation’s breakthrough LightX platform that enables the earphones to operate in modes with the lowest power use possible from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  The LightX platform also plays host to multiple smart features making the Rayz earphone line the ultimate iPhone companion.

Completing the Rayz experience is the companion app, available on the App Store. The Rayz by Pioneer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch enables you to personalize the earphone’s settings like adjusting audio EQ and programming the smart button.  Most importantly, the app creates the ability for Rayz earphones to continually improve with the delivery of new features via the software update interface. 

Yl introduces the world’s first 4K/60fps action camera

The YI 4K+ Action Camera is the first action camera to capture 4K videos at 60 frames per second, double that of competitors’ products. The camera will be demonstrated for the very first time in Europe at MWC 2017 and Showstoppers in Barcelona.

YI Technology is the leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, and the full line of connected imaging technology solutions.

The newest camera is more than a next generation action camera. YI Technology constantly look for ways to push boundaries and set new standards for the global industry.

The camera has many improvements to its predecessor, the YI 4K Action Camera, including 120mbps bitrate for high-quality video, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) support, live streaming, vastly improved outdoor audio, as well as virtual reality grade hardware and software implementations. The YI 4K+ Action Camera is also the first camera to include an Ambarella H2 SOC processor. 

VESA DisplayPort adoption surges in mobile display applications including smartphones, tablets and VR headsets


The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) announces that, thanks to escalating adoption by OEMs and chipmakers, the DisplayPort™ video/audio standard is continuing to gain momentum in the mobile consumer electronics space. Much of this recent growth stems from adoption of the DisplayPort Alt Mode that is supported by dozens of commercially available products to date using the new USB Type-C™ connector. This adoption is being fueled by the industry-leading display performance, robustness, versatility, system integration and interoperability that DisplayPort enables.

At Mobile World Congress, VESA will showcase new consumer product demos highlighting the advanced capabilities and industry-leading performance of the DisplayPort standard, which enables High Dynamic Range (HDR), virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) and up to 8K video. Among these is the Avegant Glyph personal theater headset connected to the USB Type-C connector of a smart phone using a DisplayPort Alt Mode-to-HDMI protocol adaptor. The emerging headset market is embracing DisplayPort Alt Mode because of its high-performance, multi-screen video capability and compatibility with the mobile ecosystem.

Click here for more information on VESA and DisplayPort at ShowStoppers @ Mobile World Congress 2017.

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Oral Health?

Ara by Kolibree anticipates March 2017 market availability 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way to your dental hygiene through Ara by Kolibree. Taking giant steps to surpass the typical functions of a connected toothbrush, Ara has AI embedded directly in the brush handle to more accurately help improve your oral health and get rid of the bacteria that cause cavities, gum disease and other yucky decay.

To get started, download the free Kolibree app from the App Store or Google Play. Follow the set-up prompts. First you’ll be asked to brush your teeth as if nobody’s watching. This will serve as your baseline brushing or a benchmark to check your ongoing habits. You’ll see your instant check-up for feedback, recommendations and tips. And here’s where Ara gets exciting … Complex machine learning algorithms embedded in the brush adapt recommendations based on your individual brushing patterns over time. At this point you don’t need to use the app to record your brushing data, but you can easily check on yourself, or use the coaching step-by-step guidelines on your terms. Just open the app every week or two and the data in the brush automatically syncs to your app.

Ara is available for only $89 now through March 15 at when you use Promo Code MWC2017. So far, more than 12,000 Ara toothbrushes have been pre-ordered by health-conscious individuals, dental practices and even a health insurance company anxious to measure the extent to which artificial intelligence can improve healthy behaviors when it comes to preventing cavities and gum disease. Watch the Ara video.