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Your Rules, Your WiFi… Luma Delivers Speed and Security to Every Corner of Your Home and Puts You In Control of Your WiFi Network

2016 was the year of the router; its redesign, evolution and, of course, its increased necessity
for better, faster and more secure in-home WiFi. Luma, the world’s first Surround WiFi system,
which covers your entire home with fast, reliable and secure internet will be on display at CES

Since the first orders were shipped in June 2016, Luma has released new and updated features
every three weeks, as they continue to focus on giving their users faster, controlled and more
secure WiFi. A few of the newest updates have included:

  • New Product – Every home is different. What flows with one home’s style, might
    completely clash with another. Luma, which was originally only offered in white, released
    Luma Colors, including Luma Black, Luma Gray, and Luma Orange. Additionally, Luma
    launched 2-packs, which joined the original 1 and 3-packs, providing the right coverage
    for any size home.
  • Amazon Alexa integration – “Alexa, tell Luma to pause Timmy’s iPad.” Finally, your
    voice can do all the work. Luma, the first WiFi system to announce its integration with
    Amazon Alexa, allows the user to control their WiFi through voice control.
  • Security Alert Details – Cyber-security is serious. While most people have anti-virus on
    their computers, the rise of smart homes makes connected devices vulnerable. Luma
    continuously checks all of your connected devices for potential hackers and malware to
    make sure your network is always safe, and lets you manage your network through an
    easy-to-use app. With security alert details, users are equipped with in-depth visibility
    into alerts by device, enhanced insight and information. As alerts occur, Luma admins
    will see details, timestamps, alert types and additional relevant data that can help assess
    network vulnerabilities.
  • Bedtime Rules – Have kids who are staying up to play video games or chat with friends?
    Finally, bedtime can mean just that. Bedtime Rules gives Luma admins the ability to set
    bedtime rules for individuals on their network per user for any day of the week.
  • Bouncer – At nightclubs, the bouncer is infamous for deciding who is allowed access or
    who should be blocked. With Luma, user’s WiFi network has its own bouncer, giving
    them full control of who is allowed to join their WiFi network. For every new device that’s
    added to the network, users receive an alert in their Luma app. From this alert, they can
    just swipe right or left to decide to allow or block access for that device.

In addition to new product features, Luma welcomed Jonathan Goldsmith – famous for
portraying The Most Interesting Man in the World – to the team! After Jonathan returned from Mars he realized his WiFi wasn’t living up to his standards and he had to do something about it. That’s when he decided to join Luma as an investor and to help spread the word to ensure no one else falls victim to bad WiFi again. Check out his video here.


AmpMe Turns your Phones into a Giant Sound System

The only limit is the number of friends and phones around to party.  AmpMe uses mobile phones to turn your friends into a powerful sound system. Play your music in perfect sync across multiple devices to create a powerful speaker.

Now with over 3 million downloads, music-syncing app AmpMe just launched the ability to sync multiple Bluetooth speakers of different brands together via any iOS or Android device. Partygoers wishing to make Bluetooth syncing a reality can simply connect each Bluetooth speaker to any mobile phone before joining an AmpMe party. The smartphone will automatically sync to the Bluetooth speaker based on a custom-built database that calculates audio latency amongst all speakers engaged. The only limit is the number of devices in the party with AmpMe installed.

Check us out and looking forward to partying with you at Showstoppers 2017.

For more information visit:

UBTECH Robot Invasion

UBTECH is at the forefront of robotic technology. The company is committed to helping the next generation of innovators grasp the amazing possibilities of robotics in industry and their everyday lives. At ShowStoppers, UBTECH is proud to showcase its line of STEM-friendly, intelligent, interactive robots with exclusive new unveilings, including:

  • TankBot– the first STEM-friendly Jimu Robot for kids and teens that runs on tank treads and includes an IR sensor allowing it to detect objects it can either pick up and move or maneuver around.
  • LionBot– Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Jimu Robot LionBot with a bobbling character head. It has four servos motors and an infrared sensor that can track and move along lines, as well as detect objects to maneuver around.
  • KarBot– KarBot is the first Jimu Robot on wheels. It has three servos motors and an infrared sensor that can track and move along lines, as well as detect obstacles to drive itself around.
  • In addition, UBTECH’s popular characters, BuzzBot andMuttBot, featured recently on ABC’s Good Morning America, will also be in attendance.

UBTECH is on a mission to create the intelligent robot that can help, serve and interact with people. The company aims to bring robots to every home, and truly integrate intelligent robots into the daily lives of common people, creating a more intelligent and human-friendly way of leisure life.

We invite you to stop by and visit UBTECH to see what the future of robots holds. More information can be found at

Arcades to Man Caves: How Sure Shot HD Brings Big Buck Hunter Pro to Life at Home

Rediscover the joy of America’s No. 1 arcade hunting game, Big Buck Hunter Pro™ debuting on the Sure Shot HD digital console with Bluetooth wireless controller.

As a standalone connected digital console, Sure Shot HD gives players online access to live leaderboards as well as the ability to participate in tournaments with players around the world and download the latest software updates. Players can also access the Sure Shot Shop where account holders can download new games, expansion packs, and much more.

Three new titles also are available for the Sure Shot HD digital console, through the Sure Shot Shop, with many more to come:

  • Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season™ – features three additional adventures containing three treks each, and nine action-packed bonus games accessible at any time for fans of the arcade classic that comes with the console, now available for $9.99;
  • Major Mayhem – in a quest to fend off ninjas, mummies, secret agents and more, fans of the popular mobile and PC/Mac game can rise to the occasion as Major Mayhem to save the world, now available for $4.99;
  • Thug in Time – the top down shooter takes players on a journey through time to save humanity from future destruction, now available for $2.99.

Big Buck Hunter Pro™ is available now for $79.99 from Sure Shot’s website and several respected retailers, including select club stores. To enhance competitive gameplay, including head-to-head play featured in Big Buck Hunter Pro, an additional Sure Shot HD wireless controller is available for $39.99.

ANTOP Antenna to Feature Smart Antenna Series at CES

CES, where all the latest in consumer technologies and innovations are on display, is once again gaining the attention of all tech and gadget enthusiasts. ANTOP Antenna will be on-hand at CES ’17 to exhibit the latest in digital antenna technology and design.

ANTOP Antenna has been an antenna manufacturer for more than 35 years and continues to manufacture for some of the most popular antenna companies today. A leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of TV antennas, ANTOP Antenna, displays their most popular indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, as well as introducing new products.

On Display at CES

  • Flat Panel Outdoor Antenna series — nine different models, multi-direction coverage pattern, High Gain digital qualities ensure less blind spots and maximum reception, reception range beginning at 60 miles and continuing up to 80 miles from the broadcast origination point, includes built in 4G LTE Filter. Popular Paper Thin Antennas — product line of 26 different models featuring sleek, lightweight and ultra-thin, .02 of an inch, compact designs made for easy installation, but still delivering on the ANTOP promise of a quality HDTV viewing experience by utilizing the latest in antenna technology.
  • Smart Antenna Series — Currently in the final stages of development, the Smart Antenna is Wi-Fi capable and allows for a wireless approach to streaming and receiving local over-the-air TV signals. The idea for this product line came about when ANTOP re-engineered a Yagi antenna to fit in a box and become a flat panel antenna.

What’s Driving Excitement and Fears in a Connected World?

“Connected Living” products have consumers excited about the benefits they offer to our lives – making it easier, simpler and more manageable – but that future isn’t all sunshine. Consumers have real fears about the risks associated with connected products that could impact buying habits. Assurant’s new whitepaper, “The Connected Future: Navigating Promise and Risk,” offers insights on consumer attitude over connected technologies. This can serve as a guide to industry stakeholders, manufacturers, buyers, retailers and media as they continue to shape our connected lives.

The good news is that 68 percent of the 2,500 respondents said the benefits of connected technologies make their lives better. The study also found a correlation between happiness and a more connected lifestyle.

But what about the risks and their role in the connected future? While consumers are still learning about these risks, identity theft, cyber-attacks and domestic and foreign government eavesdropping are driving them to be more informed and better protected when considering connected technologies.

Curious to find out more? Meet Assurant at Showstoppers to play games, win prizes and learn about our new study. You can also download the whitepaper here, and reach out to set up interviews with Assurant CEO Alan Colberg and President of Global Lifestyle Keith Demmings at CES.

Apollo Personal Cloud Appliance goes Mainstream with New Enhancements, Entry-Level Pricing

3…2…1…Blast off! The storage experts at Promise Technology have launched the newest version of the Apollo personal cloud appliance, making private cloud storage even more personal – and affordable.

An entry level price point of $199 makes the new 2TB Apollo Cloud available to a broader range of users, and premium new features rev up speed and make it even easier to use. Building on the popularity of the original version, the 2TB Apollo Cloud comes complete with an app and is designed for on-the-go consumers who need simple, fast, secure access to their content.

Apollo Cloud offers an affordable, simple way for families, small businesses and work groups to safely store and share data from anywhere – from any device (OS X and Windows on computers and iOS or Android on smartphones and tablets). Easy enough for anyone to use – setup is a simple process that takes mere minutes – Apollo Cloud can be accessed by up to 10 users, each with full sharing and privacy control over their own digital files.

Hackers beware. Apollo Cloud is safe – military-grade encryption keeps photos, important documents, and more private data off the web, secure on a personal cloud appliance that is owned outright by the user.

FITNESCITY builds the lifestyle management program of future for wearables users

FITNESCITY will unveil its Wellness Management Program of the Future at CES 2017, kicking off a new era in wellness coaching: a data-driven, 360-view approach that uses a wide combination of health and fitness devices to improve outcomes. 

FITNESCITY’s service combines the power of data and human coaching. Looking beyond gadgets, FITNESCITY uses insights from the individual’s unique physiology, history and lifestyle to implement lifestyle changes.

Founded by a team from Stanford and MIT, Fitnescity is leveraging years of research in data visualization to help clients and their coaches make more informed decisions. Studies show that 50% of users abandon their wearable devices after a few months. “By building a service around the gadget, FITNESCITY aims at bridging the gap between data collection and behavior change,” says Co-founder & CEO Laila Zemrani.

The company integrates physiological measurements with lifestyle data, medical history and health risks, forming its signature FITNESCITY “Wellness Profile” for each individual. The company then matches the client with a personal coach who helps them implement lifestyle changes in a customized 16-week program.

Groundbreaking “Smart Life Band” Automatically Measures Calorie Intake, Body Water Level and Emotional Stress Through Your Skin

healbe-gobe-2-imageIf you want to get in shape, there is no shortage of devices in the very crowded fitness tracker market. There are trackers to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, speed how many steps you’ve taken in a day; but what if your main goal is to lose weight?

The groundbreaking GoBe 2 “Smart Life Band” fitness tracker by Healbe ( is specially designed for people trying to lose weight. It enables you to easily monitor and manage the relationship between your lifestyle, eating habits, behavior and physical condition to track the key smart-living factors that will reinforce your weight loss and general wellness goals.

GoBe 2 is the first and only device that automatically counts calories ingested and hydration levels— through non-invasive sensors on your wrist—via the company’s patented Healbe FLOWtechnology. In addition, it monitors a total of nine health factors—more than any other wearable device—including calorie intake, calories burned, energy balance, body water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate, sleep quality, distance traveled/number of steps per day. All data is securely sent to your portable devices via Bluetooth LE for viewing via the Healbe GoBe app, for iOS and Android, or personal Healbe GoBe website account.