Meet the Latest From Libratone: the ONE Click and TOO Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Libratone ONE Click greeen skateboardScandinavian design, exceptional acoustic fidelity and, most importantly, versatility are what set apart the Libratone ONE Click, the just-launched answer to the adaptable needs of the ever-moving music lover. This portable and stylish Bluetooth speaker delivers great sound anywhere as it’s uniquely designed for life on the go.

The most adaptable speaker around works with most any location or situation, as its adjustable short handle and U-shaped lock allows it to be hung from a bedpost, a tree branch or chain-link fence. With a click or two, users can change the way it is hung, carried or worn, never having to worry about finding a flat, level surface for setting it up, and making it the perfect accessory for a hike, a trip to the beach – it is splash proof – or an impromptu indoor soiree.

Just as adaptable is the Libratone TOO, the playful, portable speaker that packs surprising sound into a compact, convenient, grab-and-go package. Shaped like an overstuffed hot dog, the handy dimensions of the TOO (8.3 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches) means it easily fits into a bag or back pocket.

Libratone will be offering demos of the ONE Click, which just launched on June 15, and the TOO, which will launch on July 1, at booth #230 in the Altman Building at ShowStoppers CE Week on Wednesday June 22nd and Thursday June 23rd.

Transform Your Music Listening Experience With Boom

CE-Week-Blog-ImageBoom for iOS, from Global Delight, is designed to transform the way users listen to music stored in their iPhone or iPad. This new app comes with an acclaimed acoustic pedigree, taking after the award-winning Boom for Mac. With features like 3D Surround Sound, Equalizer Presets and an Intensity Slider, it delivers an extremely high quality audio experience.

The magical 3D Sound feature offers a virtual surround experience that is immersive and works on any headphone! The app also comes with handcrafted equalizers such as Bass Booster, Electronic, Pop etc. to bring every song alive! To elevate the audio output to the next level, Boom has an intensity slider that helps users customize the Bass/Treble.

Boom is built specifically to cater to those who appreciate excellent acoustics. Users can access any song stored in the device and it will sound excellent to the point where it doesn’t matter what kind of headphone is in use.

OtterBox Showcases First Modular Case System

160421_PRA_uniVERSE_PartnersA new innovation in the mobile case industry is here. Finally, one case provides endless possibilities. From Otterbox, the No. 1-most trusted brand in smartphone protection, the uniVERSE Case System features a slim case with swappable mobile accessories from today’s leading brands – creating a customizable mobile ecosystem.

The system allows consumers to charge up with Polar Pro, take better photos with olloclip, make business transactions with Square, expand device memory with SanDisk, go hands-free with Nite Ize and so much more, all while the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus stays protected.

Halē Orb Debuts New Connected Photo Experience at CE Week 2016

By: Ken Miura, CEO, DouZen

Halē means “home” in Hawaiian

In the Internet of Things movement, no one has done a masterful job making photos habitually accessible and viewable via a connected smart device – even more so for videos.

Viewing photos on a phone is nice – but making memories a part of your home is a whole other experience. In the absence of physical togetherness, my parents love to see photos and videos of their kids and grandkids. They are not afraid of technology but they want it to be simple.

hale1 hale2

This was our inspiration at Douzen behind Halē Orb – a new photo experience that makes it fun and easy for everyone in the family to upload, share and view a curated collection of personal photos and videos on a large screen.

Think of Halē Orb as a remote control for your personal content. With its sleek spherical design, elegant user interface and simple controls, Halē Orb features a single push button and scrolling wheel that rotates to browse through unlimited photos and videos.  Family members simply share images using the popular apps they already use – like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Email – and everyone in the group can enjoy them.

The connection is made via the Halē Stick, the brains of the product, which plugs into the HDMI port on a TV. It serves as a computer and constant Internet connection for Halē Orb to display the images.

iPad Pro goes underwater with the latest Catalyst case

Catalyst CE week brand imageWith its minimal design, gorgeous giant screen and quad speakers, the iPad Pro is a must-have. Powerful and packed with features it’s ideal for multitasking and watching movies, but may be fragile and cumbersome when on the go. Now you no longer need to leave your device tucked away safe at home with Catalyst’s latest products. Catalyst has applied its expertise in waterproof and drop proof technology to create the world’s first fully functional, everyday waterproof case for the 12.9” iPad Pro.

Catalyst will showcase the waterproof, shock proof, dirt proof, and snow proof case for the 12.9” iPad Pro at CE Week in advance of its launch at end June. Transform your precious into a sleek-but-rugged machine that you can take anywhere – whether it’s to the coffee shop, workshop or to base camp! Its minimal, ergonomic design and impact-ready grippy rubber bumper make it easy to handle. Its integrated touch-screen film provides seamless access to all features, including the Apple Pencil, so you can use your iPad to its fullest potential. Featuring Catalyst True Sound Acoustics technology using air and water-tight acoustic membranes for great audio experience when you rock out to your tunes in the shower or during Facetime calls . Your Catalyst case will give you an unprecedented level of confidence in using your iPad Pro in any environment.

Catalyst will also be launching Catalyst Exclusives — a premium line of limited edition Catalyst products. This includes a fresh take on their stylish, ultra slim, waterproof sleeve that perfectly fits your 12.9” iPad Pro, even with its case on! The double coated outer shell seals tight so it withstands rain, snow, dirt, and may handle quick submersion. The foam padded lining protects your device from minor bumps around town and it comes with adjustable straps that transforms the sleeve into a minimal shoulder bag or backpack for anybody on the go. You’ll also get a sneak peek of the Limited Edition Waterproof Apple Watch case. The award-winning case will be available in 3 colors of machined aluminum that add a classically rugged yet functional style to your Apple Watch.

Say goodbye to coddling your devices. Catalyst cases fundamentally transform you device so you can confidently capture and share your world from any environment. Get wet, get dirty and join the adventure.

Limitless Audio: Music Makes Everything Better With Custom DIY Earphones from Decibullz

Are your earbuds constantly falling out? If so, you’re not alone. An Internet search for “earphones falling out” yields millions of results, and you only need to walk into a gym to see people struggling to find a comfortable, stable position for their earbuds. Even the tiny movements in your face and jaw caused by simply breathing or shifting position is enough to displace standard earphones. Is it any wonder they’re so quick to fall out once you start bouncing around and exercising?

Fortunately, there’s now an easy, affordable, and comfortable solution! After their successful Kickstarter launch, Decibullz is introducing their newest do-it-yourself custom-molded wireless earphones with AptX® technology for high-quality streaming, ensuring quality sound and a secure fit to free you up to reap all the benefits music can provide for your body and brain.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones and Custom Molded Earbuds are designed specifically to keep up with you no matter what you’re doing. Decibullz’s CEO and founder, Olympic-level gymnastics coach Kyle Kirkpatrick, was inspired to create the line of custom-fit products so he could bounce on a trampoline and still listen to his favorite music. With that firsthand experience of how traditional earphones are so inadequate, Kirkpatrick made sure to design a product that could solve the problem not just for him, but for users around the world. “Allowing people to do what they love while listening to what they love is why Decibullz exists,” he explains.