Meet the exhibitors, ShowStoppers @ MWC 2014

At ShowStoppers MWC 2014, product introductions range from biometrics that use your eye, face or voice to access and protect mobile devices, to new ways to build beautiful, usable mobile apps without writing a single line of code … smart glasses that connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Android smartphones and other devices … a wristwatch-like device for sufferers of Alzheimer’s and Dementia … a smartphone brand from the Americas entering the European and African markets … heart-rate trainers, connected toys and home automation products … waterproof earbuds and phone antimicrobial cases … in-car navigation technologies – and nav systems to wear on your wrist … mobile gaming hardware … tools to stop mobile malware … a white-label operating system for smartphones, tablets and notebooks … wireless hotspots for in-car connectivity and telematics … shields that reduce eyestrain from backlit screens … digital toys and apps for children … gateways that stream satellite, cable and broadcast TV to mobile devices … the world’s only mobile phone powered by AA batteries … and more.


AGNITiO “Voice iD” protects a user from device to call center by identifying their unique, natural spoken voice. AGNITiO demonstrates Voice iD as a simple, universal way to replace passwords and PINs when authenticating smartphones, laptops and applications, and securing digital transactions.


AirWatch releases a new product at ShowStoppers and demonstrates how companies use its EMM platform, including our featured product for enterprise file sync and share, Secure Content Locker. With its recent acquisition by VMware for $1.54 billion, AirWatch also announced significant news last year by securing one of the largest series A funding rounds in history at $200 million.


There’s a new way to build powerful, completely custom native mobile apps. Without writing a single line of code. In hours. AppMachine is turning the industry upside down with its new browser-based, comprehensive, app-building platform. For complete novices to experienced design professionals and large enterprises. Visit us at ShowStoppers to see why the industry is buzzing about our revolutionary cloud-based solution. We’re having a Block Party and everyone’s invited!

Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions launches the Network of Knowledge, a patented technology that brings users closer to a personal assistant that can deliver in-depth knowledge for every aspect of their life, and the easy to use tools for developers to build it.

Avantgarde Acoustics

Wireless-Digital-Highend — the world’s first digital wireless horn speaker system. Convert your smartphone into a concert hall.

Beewi (Avenir Telecom)

With audio products, toys and home automation solution, Beewi is one of the European leaders in connected objects. Its patented products use Bluetooth low-energy technology, are delivered with dedicated apps, and support any of the 3 main smartphone platforms — Android, iOS, Windows. Beewi will present all its new products during ShowStoppers.


See the latest features available on Blackberry and BBM and meet some of the Blackberry team.

BlueAnt Wireless

Fully waterproof. Completely wireless. And utterly durable, PUMP Bluetooth HD Sportbuds redefine how we experience music. From the gym to the open trail and from the streets to the shore, nothing will limit where the music takes you.


Cellebrite shows how to help wireless retailers resolve customer phone problems related to mobile malware and increase phone trade-in take rates.

CoPilot (ALK Technologies)

Don’t miss CoPilot at ShowStoppers, where we will preview our next generation mobile nav technology, including in-car integration and intelligent routing innovation in our GPS navigation apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8).


Do you live at the network’s edge? Is your head (or network) in the clouds? Stop by to learn how CradlePoint’s advanced edge networking with 4G-LTE WAN Diversity can increase bandwidth, improve availability to 99.999% and enhance network intelligence. CradlePoint is the first to pioneer and fully enable high-speed LTE in its solutions to maximize the potential of the cloud for businesses worldwide. Don’t wait – join us for interactive demonstrations and customer showcases.


Learn more about Super Mobility Week, the first global convergence of partners in the new wireless ecosystem representing next-generation services, connected life & the IoT, CE & devices, mobile IT & enterprise and much more. Anchored by CTIA’s two shows — CTIA 2014, the flagship event for the mobile marketplace and MobileCON, targeting the mobile IT and enterprise segment — Super Mobility Week will feature the speakers, experts and exhibitors who will set the stage for the topics that drive the mobile industry over the next few years.

Emporia Telecom

“Variety that connects generations” – emporia shows its entire new product portfolio, ranging from simple feature phones to smartphones.




With more than 1 billion antennas shipped to OEMs worldwide, Ethertronics showcases its portfolio of active antennas, RF systems and chip solutions, designed to provide superior connectivity to a wide range of devices – from mobile smartphones and tablets to M2M products and an array of other devices. Ethertronics also provides a sneak peek at the newest additions to its EtherChip family of antenna tuning chips.


Movies and TV shows have been freaking us out for years about biometrics – but, happily, we are here to tell you, everything is going to be okay with EyeVerify. EyeVerify is the exclusive provider of Eyeprint Verification, a highly accurate biometric for mobile devices. Eyeprint Verification delivers a password-free mobile experience and secure authentication at a glance. This patented solution uses existing cameras on smartphones and tablets to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye. EyeVerify’s Eyeprint technology is on the cutting edge. Won’t you stop by to “eye” us over?


Navigation on your wrist: Garmin shows the world’s first premium onboard pedestrian navigation for Sony SmartWatch 2. The global leader in satellite navigation also presents the new Head-Up Display Plus – a device projecting directions directly onto the windshield – including the dedicated Garmin premium navigation app, as well as the latest fully-fledged StreetPilot and NAVIGON App versions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Discover how anybody can create unique, beautiful and engaging apps for iPhone and Android. GoodBarber is the only DIY app builder for those who believe that design and user experience must drive, in the first place, any app project. GoodBarber Salvador, our latest release, raises the standards for mobile app design.


ImageWare Systems features GoMobile Interactive®, a patented, multi-modal biometric user authentication solution for mobile devices utilizing facial and voice recognition; Biometric Engine®, a patented, real-time, high performance, Cloud enabled multi-modal biometric database that delivers unmatched performance and scalability — with support for massive populations and petabytes of identity data; PillPhone®, the only FDA-cleared biometric-enabled enterprise mobile application that ensures medication compliance with mobile technology and patient engagement; and GoCloudID®.com, a Cloud-based SaaS ID Management Platform offering Web portal access for customer/partner provisioning with no startup cost.


LifeProof® showcases its award-winning waterproof nüüd case for the iPhone® 5/5s.


Introduces a wearable, digital device that helps people suffering dementia! guard2me© is developed by the Swiss company, LOSTnFOUND to improve the lives and conditions for sufferers of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The solution is composed of 3 main components: guard2me©-watch, embedded SIM-card and guard2me© Web portal/app for smart phones.


Want to see what happens when the line between the living room and the mobile space blurs into one? Mobile gaming’s all grown up and Mad Catz, leaders in videogame hardware, stands at the forefront of a new frontier of disruptive entertainment. GameSmart is a range of mobile-themed hardware designed for the passionate gamer. Want to see how far mobile gaming’s come? Check out Mad Catz at ShowStoppers and prepare to be surprised!

Magellan GPS

Magellan helps you navigate, anywhere in the world. Whether running with your favorite sports app or in your car – Magellan has the new wearable and connected car technologies your readers want to know about…NOW!

McAfee / Intel Security Group

Hear from McAfee on Mobile Security at ShowStoppers @ MWC 2014. Hot off the back of McAfee’s global State of Mobile Threat Security Report, McAfee is at ShowStoppers to discuss the latest trends in mobile malware, data tracking apps and privacy. Learn more about McAfee Mobile Security via a mobile demo and download and try it out for yourself! Also benefit from a sneak preview of McAfee’s global mobile security survey – which will show just how secure today’s consumers really are. McAfee experts will be on hand to provide demos and share the latest on McAfee partnerships and product development.

MIO / Physical Enterprises

Heart rate training is now easier than ever for athletes of all levels thanks to Mio’s innovative wearable technology products – the Mio ALPHA heart rate watch and the new Mio LINK heart rate band. Both feature breakthrough patented technology that reads continuous heart rate at performance speeds without the need for a chest strap and transmits the data to popular mobile fitness apps. 

Net Mobile

net mobile AG shows Nanooq, the world’s first mobile white-label operating system for smartphones, tablets and netbooks. It’s based on Mozilla’s open-source operating system and, through the consistent use of current Web technologies, Nanooq can be tailored to the individual needs of network operators and enterprise customers. This enables them to provide optimal solutions for niche markets where off-the-shelf systems are not flexible enough. net-m also shows Direct Carrier Billing for leading content providers and app stores, including Google Play and Windows Phone Store. With more than 10 Google Play integrations live, net-m has become the global market leader and preferred partner for mobile operators throughout Europe and Asia!

Novatel Wireless

A leader in the development of intelligent wireless M2M and mobile computing solutions, Novatel Wireless showcases the MiFi Powered SA 2100 (providing in-car Internet connectivity and telematics) and MT 3060 (for commercial/consumer telematics with smartphone application support). Novatel Wireless also displays the next generation Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice, a MiFi Home product, and its lineup of Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, including the MiFi Liberate, MiFi 500LTE and MiFi 5510L.


The NueVue® brand is synonymous with innovation: The only products on the market to combine fashion, functionality and antimicrobial protection in cases for smartphones and tablets. NueVue’s unique combination of BioCote® technology and microfibers cleans the screen and eliminates bacteria with one easy motion, every time the device is removed from the case. With smart devices becoming an increasingly essential part of everyday life, NueVue provides users with clear advantages: Phone and tablet screens that are cleaner, easier to read, and safer to use — and devices that last longer.


OAXIS releases the second generation of InkCase, winner of the Computex d&i award.


The original Kickstarter success story, Olloclip showcases its latest range of award winning mobile photography solution products. Simple and fun to use, olloclip provides a wealth of creative options that fit within your pocket. Steve Muttram, COO at olloclip, and Stuart Ferguson, Sales Director EMEA at olloclip, will be manning the decks, demoing the latest products from olloclip, including the highly anticipated olloclip lens for iPad.


Opera has been up to a lot of things in the past year and is planning to make some big announcements at MWC, including an exclusive look into Opera’s newest offerings and plans for compression.


OtterBox® debuts the all new Symmetry Series®, the perfect fusion of style and protection.


The headset is becoming an indispensable device for our always-connected lives. Visit us at ShowStoppers to learn about Plantronics’ highly anticipated new headsets that give seamless connectivity with unique design.

Reticare (Tecnologia Sostenible y Responsible)

Do you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)? That’s the term used by the American Optometric Association for the temporary eyestrain caused by staring at a backlit screen for too long. Apparently, 80 percent of us get it from time to time. Reticare is the first ocular shield for screens of electronic devices that protects the retina while preventing CVS. Studies show that Reticare improved retinal cell survival by up to 83%. Additionally, Reticare improves visual comfort and reduces eyestrain. Reticare, a unique product developed jointly by Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and the Spanish company Tecnología Sostenible y Responsable.

The Eye Tribe

The Eye Tribe delivers eye tracking software for consumer devices. The Eye Tribe is currently enabling eye control on computers, laptops and tablets, but, with the world’s first true multi-platform eye tracker, its upcoming announcement will focus on Android as the next wave of development. The Eye Tribe has its sights set on being the first to work with developers and OEMs to integrate eye tracking into smartphones, and will be doing a live demo of their technology at ShowStoppers.


Meet one of the world’s leading children’s app developers, Toca Boca. Boasting over 60 million downloads in 169 countries worldwide since its launch in 2010, Toca Boca has released 23 apps, including the popular Toca Hair Salon series, Toca Builders, and Toca Lab. Gender neutral, and free from in-app purchases and third-party advertising, Toca Boca apps, which the company describes as digital toys, are non-competitive and designed to develop a child’s imagination and creativity – and are, of course, tremendous fun!


Meet the revolutionary V@Home TV Gateway DVR, debut for the first time at the MWC ShowStoppers event. It streams satellite, cable and antenna broadcast TV channels, Free-To-Air and Premium Pay TV to your devices across the house. Up to 4 users can watch and record their favorite TV shows in original broadcast quality up to Full-HD 3D with surround sound on multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and many devices you already own. Discover TV shows with free EPG and more.


See the award-winning Vuzix M100 smart glasses, a wearable computer that contains a virtual display with integrated camera and powerful processing engine, running the Android® OS, to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or WiFi to your smartphone or other compatible device.

XPAL Power

SpareOne keeps pushing boundaries! More than the world’s only AA battery-powered mobile phone, we have now partnered with DryWired Inc., making SpareOne the only waterproof phone without any seals!

Yezz (Avenir Telecom)

Say Yezz! The leading smartphone brand in Latin America is entering the European Market. With an ergonomic and slim design, high specs and low prices, Yezz is definitively the new challenger in the smartphones and tablets industry in Europe.

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