Meet the exhibitors, ShowStoppers @ CES 2014

From interior design, to 3D printing …

  • home security, to online security …
  • smartphone-controlled kitchen appliances, to antimicrobial screen cleaners …
  • electric bikes, to 84MPG on three wheels …
  • apps from the cloud, to tablets and desktops …
  • robots, to 360-degree cameras …
  • Android-powered PCs, to RFID-powered handgun controls …
  • gaming consoles, to inflatable solar lanterns …
  • wearable devices, to smart glasses that don’t make you look like a dork …

and lots more — news and new products for work, home and play from 120+ industry leaders, innovators, startups and ShowStoppers — including Ford and GM.

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The future of interior design is here. Adornably allows people to visualize stunning 3D photorealistic furniture in their own homes. Virtual products are represented in a true-to-life manner that is automatically to scale. This easy-to-use app for iPad takes users from design inspiration to actual execution in their own space, personalizing the home design experience like never before. See the unparalleled realism in the demo and receive an update on exciting new features geared towards an optimized user experience and deeper social integration. Your Home. Your Design. Made Easy.


ADT showcases its leading security and automation platform, ADT Pulse, which will incorporate new functions and controls in addition to existing features, such as the ability to use a smartphone or tablet to monitor video, receive alerts, and remotely control lights, door locks, thermostats and security systems. ADT will also share details surrounding new applications and strategic partnerships that further expand ADT’s footprint to offer protection on-the-go and across physical and digital domains.


From smartphones to laptops, consumers and businesses alike are fed up with the inconvenience and compromised security of passwords as we know them today. AGNITiO demonstrates “Voice iD,” where you use your voice for authentication to applications and devices and for secure mobile transactions.


ALKILU introduces an entirely new line of OLED lighting products for everyday use. The company has partnered with leading manufacturers and designers from around the globe to produce a product line that includes nightlights, all-terrain lights, book lights and many others.


Ever wonder why your smartphone charges faster from a wall outlet vs. a computer port? Anker introduces PowerIQ technology to its flagship USB chargers and external batteries. Rather than hard-wiring ports for either iOS or Android devices, Anker’s PowerIQ ports dynamically offer the fastest charge always – no matter your device brand — for truly universal compatibility. Swing by to charge your devices and experience for yourself the difference of intuitive full speed charging.


Audiofly™ is an award-winning innovator of premium headphones for discerning music lovers and musicians. The company continues to advance detailed, full spectrum, sound technology with the 2014 addition of the Audiofly Performance Series of in-ear monitors (IEMs), replacement tips program, and MFi (Made For Apple i-devices) Premium Series in-ear headphones (IEHs).


See how Backblaze uniquely provides the easiest online backup service for just $5/month per PC or Mac based on its custom-designed cloud storage, which stores 1/4th as much data as Facebook at 1/17th the cost of Amazon S3.


See the latest features available on BBM and meet some of the BBM team. Get an idea of what’s coming to BBM users in 2014.

Brother International

Welcome to the Cutting Edge – introducing ScanNCut from Brother™ the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner. Experience the biggest advance in cutting since the scissors.

Cambridge Silicon Radio

CSR unveils a cutting-edge prototype it has developed using its own silicon to demonstrate how Bluetooth Smart can be used to create next-generation wearable technology – a real fusion of fashion and function! Also experience the latest wireless audio accessories powered by aptX for crystal-clear audio over a Bluetooth connection.

Cambrios Technologies

ClearOhm® coating material has taken major strides to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) as the industry’s number one touch sensor solution for global manufacturers. Cambrios showcases ClearOhm, which has received significant market traction in the past year, signing customer deals and strategic partnerships with technology giants, including LG Electronics, Lenovo, NISSHA and TPK.


Extend your mobile touch interface to the back, sides, and beyond with the Canopy Sensus — the world’s first touch-sensitive, app-enhancing smartphone case. The 2014 version represents a new era in the mobile user experience. Not only does it offer an extended dimension to the phone interface, but it features “variable-pressure sensitivity” as well, greatly adding to the app developer’s toolbox. Sensus lets you get your fingers out of the way and have your content front and center. The technology is agnostic — it works on every mobile device. Sensus expands possibilities in gaming, productivity tools, maps, and more — the entire ecosystem of mobile applications.

Compuexpert / Stinkyboard

Stinkyboard is a foot operated device that provides four actions (up to 16 with in-game modifiers) without having to lift your foot! As a complement to the keyboard and mouse, this device enhances gameplay by bringing your hands your and your feet into the game. Stinkyboard changes the way you play – giving that crucial extra second needed to crush anyone furiously clicking on mouse alone. Unique, proprietary advances in controller technology provide the latest evolution in gameplay.

Compuexpert / TactSlider

TactSlider™ – a patented gaming controller for touchscreen phones and tablets that will change mobile gaming forever. Tactslider is the sleekest, smoothest, smallest, most comfortable and responsive gaming controller you could ever ask for on a touch screen device.

Compuexpert / TrüSound

TrüSound Audio unveils the T2 – a Hi-Fi Bluetooth Portable Speaker with patent pending interchangeable sleeve system. With a simple twist, the T2 allows users to easily change the look and feel of their personal sound system to fit their mood, special occasion or match their home décor.


Contatta streamlines all the ways business people make contact. From Pat Sullivan, co-creator of ACT!, and founder of SalesLogix.


Is your Internet connection spotty? See what happens when CradlePoint cuts the cord so you never lose connectivity again.


California-based manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances, Dacor® presents a sneak peak of its new DiscoveryT iQ 48″ Dual-Fuel Range -the world’s first range that allows for cooking control inside or outside of the home through AndroidT or iOST devices. Dacor also showcases its DiscoveryT iQ 30″ Wall Oven with breakthrough technology and remote capabilities.


UK-based Damson showcases innovative new Bluetooth speaker products and an exciting new audio enhancement technology.


A launchpad for great app ideas and a graveyard for the bad ones. Dandy, a VC backed technology startup from Waterloo, is launching their first crowd-sourced mobile app “Picture This” at ShowStoppers.

Digital Innovations

Did you know most phones and tablets are dirtier than a toilet seat? Digital Innovations’ new ScreenDr® Pro Antimicrobial screen cleaning line solves the problem. The EPA-registered formula not only cleans your device, but also leaves an invisible coating that protects the treated surface against the re-growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Better yet, it’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and features DI’s patented, award-winning “All-In-One” cloth and bottle design.


DisplayLink unveils its latest universal docking chipset, 4K Support and the new flexible docking solution for displays from Dell. Other demonstrations include the latest OS’ along with convergence for universal docking, Android and wireless solutions, and IT desk setups showing how productivity can be enhanced using DisplayLink-enabled solutions.

Domino’s Pizza


eFlow Electric Bicycles / Currie Tech

Sales of electric bicycles nearly doubled last year, and unit sales are expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4% through 2016. Winner of the prestigious German design group iF International’s Gold Award, Swiss designed eFlow® electric bicycles feature a high-capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery pack integrated into the seat tube (so it can be removed for easy charging), regenerative braking, clean internal cable routing, and quick release wheels with simple watertight motor connectors making wheel removal easy. They use 500-watt hub motors, multi-speed derailleur drivetrains and are oriented toward urban commuting with four levels of pedal assist power or throttle override.


See the latest and greatest consumer products using E Ink’s ePaper display technology, from wearable tech to mobile and Reader devices — even home decor! Hot new products on display include the YotaPhone, the Kisai Rorschach wristwatch, the Sony Digital paper “DPT-S1″ and a few other unexpected surprises. Be the first to see these new products in action – E Ink will answer any questions you have about the products or to discuss the use of electronic ink in consumer tech for 2014 and beyond.

Elio Motors

Elio Motors wants to change the way you get from here to there. We have created a vehicle that is made in America, has an anticipated 5-star safety, gets 84 mpg on the highway, and sells for $6,800. Yes, six thousand eight hundred dollars. Come see it to believe it.

Emerson Control Products

Furnace failure, power outages, water leaks, sump pump failure, air conditioning snafu… all are disasters we’d prefer to not come home to after CES. The Cellular HomeSitter is based on Emerson Control Products’ 25 year history of alerting homeowners to these problems. With our new cellular connection and extremely easy cloud application, you can not only monitor what’s going on in your home or business, you can also receive texts, emails and text-to-speech phone calls if problems do occur. See how easy the new Cellular HomeSitter is to use and set-up.


Building upon its global technology leadership, Epson announces and demonstrates new wearable tech innovations that promise to offer many new experiences and benefits for consumers worldwide.


ESCORT’s all-new PASSPORT Max™ HD radar detector and new MediaFlair™ Wi-Fi® Streaming Accessory take major CE awards – see why at ShowStoppers CES.


Check out how Ethertronics’ active antenna and RF systems are transforming the mobile device experience and what this means for consumers.


Eye-Fi is the global leader in wireless memory cards, building products and services that help consumers manage, nurture and share their digital memories. Eye-Fi’s patented and patent-pending technology wirelessly enables the cameras you love and automatically uploads photos and videos from digital cameras to smartphones, tablets and computers, as well as online destinations. Eye-Fi has helped people wirelessly upload over one billion photos since its founding in 2005.


The easy-to-use portal for managing your financial and household documents previews its solution prior to public launch. FileThis automatically fetches and organizes all your important bills, statements, and other documents, eliminating paper waste and the need for a filing cabinet.


FINsix unveils the world’s smallest laptop adapter — 4x smaller and 6x lighter than current products. This disruptive offering will enable mobile professionals, students, and other people on-the-go to ditch the traditional laptop “brick” and pack light.


The world leader in thermal imaging technology previews FLIR ONE™, a groundbreaking consumer device at ShowStoppers that makes the invisible, visible. Available in spring 2014 for under $350, FLIR ONE fits on the iPhone 5 like a protective case and displays a live thermal image of the world around you right on the phone’s screen. With the ability to see what the naked eye can’t, FLIR ONE gives users the power to see in the dark, through smoke and even through some materials.

Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company is back at CES with the latest apps for your vehicle, from entertainment to navigation. The industry-leading AppLink feature enables drivers to control selected apps on connected smartphones and tablets using the SYNC voice button on the steering wheel or the audio system buttons. Come check out the latest AppLink-enabled apps and what is new in Ford’s engagement with the developer community!


Fugoo’s new Go Anywhere Bluetooth speakers offer the best and most advanced aspects of design, build quality, materials and technology to deliver incomparable 360 degree audio that can be enjoyed anywhere. With an estimated 40+ hours of battery life, an IP67 Incursion Protection rating and a range of optional accessories, Fugoo speakers can be enjoyed anywhere – on a kayak, at the beach, hiking, boating, and biking.


The award-winning line of Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are designed to help people live a more productive, paperless, mobile and efficient life. Fujitsu gives hands-on demos of its ScanSnap scanners, including the ScanSnap iX500, S1300i, S1100 and the new SV600. Learn how you can maximize your productivity through something as simple as digitizing documents at

General Motors

Chevrolet unveils industry-leading connected car news, pertaining to our 4G LTE initiative and in-vehicle applications.


The Geonaute 360 is the world’s first 360° action camera. Capture, play and share amazing 2K videos and 4K photos. Experience the unique 360° format with the included software, web platform and app. Capture everything, control what you watch: don’t miss any action.

GN Store Nord

It’s the world’s first headset with 3D audio — much more than a high-quality stereo headset, Intelligent Headset is a revolutionary new sound experience. Hear sounds just as you would in real life — ahead, behind, above, below and to the sides, based on your location and head movement. That opens an amazing world of possibilities. Imagine gaming so lifelike in both sound and movement that you’d swear it was real. Or taking an audio tour of just about anything, anywhere. Intelligent Headset makes it possible. And we’re just getting started.


Using the Ford SYNC® AppLinkT API, Gracenote developers are providing drivers a unique way to rock out to music to match their mood – using simple voice commands with the HABU Music App. The HABU smartphone App for iPhone makes it easy to navigate expansive music collections, letting drivers tap into their music to enjoy a playlist to fit just about any mood, without having to remember artist or track names. HABU takes advantage of the enormous library of metadata provided by Gracenote to analyze music collections and organize songs based on their mood characteristics. HABU groups songs into 25 moods that can be accessed using simple voice commands. When HABU is paired with SYNC AppLink, drivers can tap into automatically generated playlists by pressing the SYNC button on the steering wheel and saying “Play Upbeat,” “Play Rowdy,” “Play Relaxing,” or whatever their mood might be.

Gtech USA /

Gtech cuts the cord and removes the frustration from traditional vacuum cleaners. Its powerful cordless AirRam vacuum provides the power of corded vacuums with the convenience of a 40-minute battery. Sleek and modern, Gtech’s products blend both performance and design in a lightweight and easy to use machine.

Hipplay / Axentra

Hipplay™ your media! There’s no need to play hot potato with your apps while you’re juggling music, photos and videos stored on various devices and cloud services. hipplay gives you seamless aggregation and virtualization in one sleek application to access all your personal media wherever you are. Our new hipplay™ mediaconnect™ free SDK allows any OEM to add mobile access and services to their routers, home gateway, STBs and android TVs, while giving users the best experience ever.


Hello, Thermostat! The friendliest smart thermostat is here. See Honeywell at ShowStoppers to demo the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, an industry first.

Hoyos Labs

No more struggling to remember passwords or worrying that your accounts may be hacked. Hoyos Labs, a digital infrastructure security company that has addressed issues surrounding online identity authentication, launches and demonstrates our identity assertion platform. See how it replaces usernames and passwords, protects your online social and transactional data, syncs your mobile phone and desktop, and why it cannot be spoofed (unlike fingerprint technology).

HP / Commercial

Experience first-hand the latest commercial products from HP. Showcasing two “world’s-first” products designed to help customers keep up with the demanding business ecosystem, HP will also debut new AiOs and form factors designed for mobility and productivity. See and hear the world’s first workstation Ultrabook™ and experience other new innovations from HP.

HP / Consumer

See and hear the world’s first workstation Ultrabook™ and experience other new innovations from HP.


The CableCore Hub integrates beautifully with your iMac G5 series computer, putting a Bluetooth Audio Jack, an SDXC card slot, and three USB 3.0 ports in front of you. Never again will you need to stand up, rotate or walk around your computer to connect your peripheral devices.

IDG World Expo China



See RoboThespian talk about how IEEE members help create technologies of the future at IEEE during ShowStoppers. Hear IEEE experts talk about ‘What’s Next’ and play our interactive game to learn more about the technologies that will drive the future of innovation in consumer electronics.


What comes next in consumer electronics and home appliances – after January?

Innergie / Delta Electronics

Have you ever typed an article sitting on the floor in a hotel room because the only power outlet was too far away? Innergie solves the problem by introducing the LifeHub™- a versatile mobile hub with three 2.1-Amp  USB ports, which allows you to charge any combination of three mobile devices at the same time, with an amazing extended reach of 3 meters from the power source. Why not use your devices conveniently when you need power?


Celebrating 15 years of success, iolo technologies, leading provider of performance optimization software, presents System Mechanic 12.5 and its new LiveBoost™ technology, which automatically keeps the key elements of responsive computing optimized in real-time.

ION America

The company that pioneered Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity in point-of-view (POV) cameras showcases the industry’s broadest line of easy-to-use, fully waterproof and Wi-Fi-enabled HD video cameras. See the latest additions, including the newly available Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi and the second-generation iON Speed Pro for motorsports.

Izzi Gadgets

Izzi Gadgets is taking your iPhone camera from functional to fantastic! The iZZi Orbit Pro and iZZi SLIM are the newest craze in the iPhone photography and video world. Experience the convenience of your smartphone and the high-tech quality of a professional grade camera rolled into one sleek and versatile unit.


Jabra gives hands-on demos of its entire music line, including the new Jabra Solemate Max wireless speaker and Jabra Rox Wireless™ in-ear headphones, named a CES 2014 Innovations Award Honoree. The Jabra Music line continues to grow with a robust range of speakers and wireless headphones that combine state-of-the-art design, full-spectrum Dolby® Digital Plus sound, and ultimate durability to take on all of life’s demands.

Jasco Products Company

Connect to your digital world and indulge your on-the-go lifestyle with mobile accessories from Jasco. Jasco develops, markets and distributes GE branded products, T-Tech by Tumi mobile electronic accessories and Über™ mobile accessories. See our 2014 product collections and receive exclusive enrollment in our press program – providing you with the latest product launch news and product samples.


Kensington kicks off 2014 with smart new mobile accessories tailored to iPad Air; personalization, productivity and protection come together in a new offering of Rugged Cases, Keyboard Cases, Folios and a Stylus. New research from the creators of the Proximo™ Bluetooth Tracker & Alarm reveals where mobile moms are most likely to lose their favorite gadgets—and which electronics they can’t live without.

Kent Displays / Improv Electronics

Last year at CES, Improv Electronics unveiled prototypes of our latest Boogie Board eWriter models – Jot 4.5 (pocket-size) and Sync 9.7 (memory, Bluetooth). Visit us at ShowStoppers 2014 to see the final production units now shipping to retailers, as well as the first official release of the Boogie Board Sync mobile apps and software.


Kobo showcases its new lineup of eReading devices, including the award-winning Kobo Aura front-lit eReader, and the Google-certified Kobo Arc 10HD and Kobo Arc 7HD Android tablets.


LandingZone announces a new secure docking station, the DOCK for the MacBook Pro with Retina display for 15-inch and 13-inch laptops, which greatly extends the MacBook’s interoperability by adding five USB ports, a Headphone port, a Mini DisplayPort for Thunderbolt/Thunderbolt 2 monitors and devices, an HDMI port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a Security Slot. This follows the 2013 release of the highly popular LandingZone 2.0 PRO for the MacBook Air.


Lenco showcases its new USB direct drive glass top turntable: The Lenco L-175 and a range of portable Bluetooth speakers embellished with Swarovski Zirconia stones; the BTS-110 Urban lifestyle; and City Romance. Lenco also previews its new multi room HIFI wireless speaker system, which delivers sound that will move you.


The world’s largest PC company rocks its latest in smartphones, tablets, and morphing form factor notebooks and desktops.


A digital product company and Red Dot Design Award winner, Lepow brings new inspiration to mobile accessories. Its unique new power banks and Bluetooth speakers feature creative designs and colors that match the style of cutting-edge smartphones and tablets.


Wearable fitness and activity trackers are all the rage, but what good are they if even a zombie could show positive results? LifeTrak includes the most important health measurement of all: Your beating heart.


During ShowStoppers at CES, Livescribe demos the Livescribe 3 smartpen, an elegantly designed writing tool that pairs with an iOS device to record everything you write and hear. Combining the best of pen and paper with mobile devices to make your notes more useful than ever before, Livescribe 3 will also be demoed working with major iOS notetaking apps.


Lumus picks up “wear” the smartphone leaves off, with See-through Wearable Displays or “Smart Glass” that provides: Hi-res, large virtual image to small portable devices; unobtrusive info overlay over one’s real world view; true Augmented Reality capability; ideal platform for wearable computing; technology proven in combat aviation. Best of all, Lumus enables wearable display eyewear to be discreet and socially acceptable, so the wearer doesn’t look like a dork. This next step in man-machine advancement promises to seamlessly integrate technology into our lives and enable us to be more powerful and productive than ever.

Mad Catz

Global leaders in gaming hardware, winner of no less than three CES Innovations Honoree awards for its coming 2014 product range, mobile gaming is where Mad Catz is betting big. The new ‘M.O.J.O.’ games console uses Android and Bluetooth 4.0 technology in a remarkably innovative way. For the latest in next generation home console hardware, Mad Catz has you covered with a new racing wheel system unlike anything seen before! As if that wasn’t enough, Mad Catz promises to show you why their new F.R.E.Q.9 Wireless Headset is not just a great headset but one worthy of an Innovations award in the headphone category! Come see, come play, come be amazed.

Magellan GPS / Hertz / MiTAC Digital

Let Magellan help to navigate your life. Whether running with your favorite fitness app, exploring the great outdoors, or a GPS in your car or RV – Magellan has the new cloud enabled and wearable products and technologies your readers want to know about. Plus — Navigation Solutions, a Hertz Company and developer of the award-winning NeverLost in-car GPS system, and Magellan, a leader of innovative GPS devices and content services for vehicles, fitness, outdoor and mobile navigation, announce the selection of Magellan as the exclusive manufacturer for the NeverLost 6 platform, Hertz’s next generation of connected services, which will be integrated into Hertz vehicles in 2014.


Mediafire offers ShowStoppers attendees a first look at the company’s next generation cloud storage applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX. Swing by for hands-on demonstrations, product giveaways, and a ton of free cloud storage! With over 34 Million users, MediaFire is one of the fastest growing consumer cloud storage services in the world. And with up to 50 GB of free storage, MediaFire lets users keep all of their content in one place without the worry of running out of space.


The founders of Japan’s MetaMoJi Corp. transformed the world of business and personal computing in Asia by creating the first word processor using Japanese and Chinese characters. As a pioneer of interactive technology, MetaMoJi showcases the power of Share Anytime – the next evolution of virtual collaboration tools the company is rolling out for mobile devices.


The world’s first Android PC for families helps parents guide their kids to a healthy online experience and tackle internet addiction among children, while also functioning as an entertainment hub for the whole family. MiiPC comes paired with an Android and iOS app that allows parents to remotely set online boundaries for kids.


A pioneer in the fitness technology industry, MIO is the creator of the award-winning Mio ALPHA – the world’s first continuous heart rate sport watch without a chest strap. Mio unveils the new Mio LINK, a sleek wrist band that transmits continuous heart rate data to sports devices and fitness apps, including the new Mio GO, a ground-breaking training app that provides an immersive virtual “adventure trip” training experience integrated with heart rate monitoring.




Luci by MPOWERD, the inflatable solar lantern with mass appeal, was a real ShowStopper when she made her debut last year. This year, her energy-saving sister will take center stage by casting an awe-inspiring glow that’s sure to leave everyone in the room clamoring to take her home.

My Open Road

My Open Road™ (MOR) is a new, revolutionary, social energy conservation lifestyle application. MOR encourages users to socially compete to use the most energy efficient means possible to get around in their day-to-day travels, and earn real-life rewards for their efforts.

Neet Products

Love your mobile devices but tired of frustration with cluttered, messy wires? In 2014, Neet Products introduces the patent-pending Neet Sleeve cable management line — a simple solution for the wire tangles that come with all consumer electronics and mobile devices. Available models for launch are made for Apple’s lightning cables, followed by models for the Beats by Dre headphone wires and Samsung’s charger cords — in eight colors to fit the user’s personality and style. The Neet Sleeve slips easily over cords to prevent tangling and making it adjustable, giving users freedom and control while organizing the mess fashionably.

Novatel Wireless

As a leading enabler of the Internet of Everything and pioneer of intelligent wireless M2M and mobile computing solutions, Novatel Wireless showcases at ShowStoppers CES 2014 the Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice, a MiFi Home converged voice and data product, and its latest M2M advanced solutions for consumer and commercial telematics, telemetry, fleet management and connected car, the MiFi Powered SA 2100 (a compact 3G/4G LTE solution for multiple markets designed to fit a variety of installations) and the MT 3060 (an advanced OBDII device with optional Bluetooth and smartphone application support).


Introducing NueVue, a unique and long-overdue concept in smartphone and tablet cases. More than just a fun and stylish way to protect your phone or tablet, NueVue cases clean the screen and offer antimicrobial protection, every time you remove the device so the screen stays looking new for longer. Many color choices available in leather, twill and canvas.

Om Audio

In addition to showcasing its much-talked about dual-driver INEARPEACE in-hear headphones, Om Audio, the new audio brand built around the understanding that music is fundamental, offer the very first look at Mantra, a new Bluetooth powered stereo pair of loudspeakers, and a sneak peek at its new on-ear headphone.


Ooma showcases its latest telephony innovations for both consumers and small businesses, which provide low-cost and reliable nationwide and international calling and advanced cloud-based services. It also unveils its first home health alerts device designed to give families more peace of mind.


Orbotix debuts a brand new smartphone-controlled robot. In addition, they’ll show off new upgrades and apps for Sphero.


OtterBox unveils two new product lines, so stop by to see the latest from the No.1-selling smartphone case manufacturer in North America. Protection and style align in 2014.




The world’s largest parking information provider, Parkopedia unveils Ford AppLink integration. Used by millions of drivers in 6,000 cities across 40 countries. The parking encyclopedia, now compatible with Ford AppLink, allows drivers to find the closest parking to their destination, tells them how much it will cost and whether the space is available.


Introduces ITG Pro series glass screen protectors for iPhone5s/5, Galaxy S4/Note3, Nexus5 and iPad mini with Retina. Check out why we received perfect scores from GadgetMac and RunAroundTech reviews. Patchworks announces the Launch Link case — full protection case for iPhone5s/5 and only nearly 1cm thick! You will be surprised to see how this case is easily attachable and detachable to your belt clip using state of the art German technology.

Pathway Innovations & Technologies / Hovercam

HoverCam has been very ambitious this past year and is setting the bar higher for traditional web cams and document cameras. HoverCam now introduces select models from their new product line that come equipped with exciting new features and utilize their revolutionary ASR Zoom and Photon Imaging Engine capabilities. They’ve been creating something brilliant.

Imagine having 10,000 doctors, lawyers, vets and other experts on call 24/7 to help you within minutes. Enter, the leader of the online revolution in professional services. provides access to the world’s largest online source of verified professionals, and now offers multi-question package deals for help with small business, real estate, pet ownership, dating/relationships and Obamacare.


Still struggling with too many gadgets and no way to manage all your files? The ultimate solution that could fit into your pocket is here. I-FlashDrive for Android works between iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Our specially designed APP lets you easily manage and transfer your files. Experience the difference today.


Introduces Pipeliner CRM software, which gives insights for sales through lead and opportunity management. With Pipeliner, sales forecasts—along with closing rates—can be determined. Pipeliner is the only CRM software available that enables automatic synchronization for both Mac and PC systems—locally or through the cloud.


Pixeom’s personal cloud device brings control and privacy back to consumers everywhere through a community-owned network of content exchange, relationship building, and e-commerce.


Plex organizes all of your personal media, no matter where you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device — now on Chromecast. Share your personal media with your friends and family, no matter where they are, with the free Plex Media Hub. Get a demo and preview of the exciting new stuff we have in store for the millions of loyal Plex users across the globe.

pmd technologies

Experience REAL 3D technology for revolutionary touchless gesture control. We do not want to change your way of interacting. We want to improve it.

PNF USA / Equil




Quik Pod

Quik Pod Extendable Poles are the original and most advanced waterproof handheld monopods for all camera types, including GoPro. Quik Pod Poles allow the photographer to be included in shots, always centered with the patented built-in mirror. No matter where — deep sea diving, honeymooning or even flying a glider.

Remo Software

Remo MORE, a new app introduced by Remo Software at ShowStoppers, allows users to have one app interface that can control iPad, PC, or any Android phone. Remo gives live demos to show how the new app gives desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone users the ability to do everything from manage power usage or access and recover deleted, corrupt and backup files.

Find out how has reinvented Mothers. Mother is the head of the family of a unique new generation of multipurpose magical sensors that connect real-life actions without having to connect to a device. Small and slick, these reprogrammable Motion Cookies detect movements, temperature, and more, turning everyday objects into something smart through their exceptional ability to analyze, find patterns, learn and continuously re-adapt. Everything Mother cares about is on your personal Senseboard, and you can flip through it at any time. Discover just how much Mother cares about you, and how she can help you live a better life.




simplehuman introduces its new line of multi-sense technology – the brighter, clearer sensor mirror. See yourself in the best light possible.

SkyBell Technologies

SkyBell is a smart video doorbell you answer from a smartphone. When a visitor presses the button, SkyBell sends a live video feed that lets you see, hear and speak to the person at your door whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

Smart Content Center / Republic of Korea

Smart Content Center will be the heart of Korean tech scene, helping emerging startups that can become the next Samsung or LG. You will find a range of best startups at SCC, particularly ‘Pison Contents’ sound sources distribution company; ‘HISSHOW,’ an animation manufacturer; ‘Wazzle entertainment,’ a K-POP dance app company; and ‘Publ Studio Inc.,’ a mobile education app company.

Snakebyte / Sunflex Europe

The Snakebyte Vyper is a new HD Android tablet that turns any TV into a smart TV and video game system. Sunflex was intrigued by the power and portability of tablets, but thought it could do much more for consumers. So, they created a dock to connect the tablet directly to the television, plus a motion-controlled air mouse, with full QWERTY keyboard on the flip-side and a traditional game controller, so users can experience all their favorite apps from the Google Play store on any TV.



Technical Consumer Products

Demos its LED home lighting system, Connected by TCP. The kit allows users to sync LED light bulbs with a home WiFi network and control the bulbs from any iOS or Android enabled device, making it easy to turn the bulbs off and on while home, or away. Connected by TCP enables users to create a smart control routine using an app that automates the bulbs to any personalized setting – which can be used at any time, day or night. The settings can be programmed for any time period, and changed according to a user’s preference.


Designed for easy accessibility and transport, yet specifically engineered for those who frequently use their tablet and/or phone on the job. Rule your world, hands fee.

The GunBox

The first of its kind and the most technologically advanced handgun safe on the market. The GunBox bridges the gap between safe storage and quick access to your handgun. The GunBox opens with your unique RFID wristband or by programming your fingerprint. The GunBox is the ideal way to “Defend Responsibly.”

The Neat Company

Cut the cord and scan to the cloud! Neat, yet again, proves its leadership in the digital filing system category. Experience Neat’s newest addition – NeatConnect. See how this wireless scanner, along with NeatCloud and Neat’s mobile application, is changing the way individuals and small businesses capture, organize, search and share the paper and digital documents that run our lives.

Tivitas Interactive

It’s the greatest time in history to be a gamer – incredible realistic experiences that combine stunning visuals and amazing sound. In 2014, Tivitas Interactive introduces the revolutionary “SINISTER,” which will take gaming controllers out of the Stone Age and make “sensation” in gaming as important as look and sound.


Singapore based Touchjet launches the world’s first interactive mobile pico projector with embedded Android OS. Touch Pico transforms any empty wall or table into an 80-inch tablet.

Tracking Point

The newest breakthru in Smart Rifle technology from TrackingPoint, the TP762 modern sporting rifle prototype. Smaller, compact, more affordable and semi-automatic.

Tripit / Concur

TripIt makes travel less stressful and more organized – whether it’s to/from Vegas, or around the globe. Forward your travel confirmation emails to, and TripIt automagically creates a mobile itinerary you can access on any device, at any time. Pick up your complimentary gift of TripIt Pro (normally $49/year). TripIt Pro’s supercharged features can power you through unexpected travel snafus — real-time flight alerts for delays and cancelations; tracking for better seats on your flights – so you don’t get stuck in the middle seat or separated from your family; and more — including new features that can ensure you’ll never get left on an airport curb again.

Typo Products

Introducing what people all over the world are calling a total game changer — the first-ever physical keyboard for an iPhone, the TYPO KEYBOARD.


From SharkTank to the front door, UniKey delivers smart lock K?vo with lock industry leader Kwikset. Your door unlocks by a simple touch without ever removing your smartphone from pocket or purse.

Vapor Corp.

An innovator of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizer device technology and product offerings, Vapor gives you a sneak peak on where the personal vaporizer is headed and what technological advancements are contributing to one of 2013’s fastest-growing industries.


Vuzix has been the winner of CES Innovation Awards every year from 2005 through 2014 – and now showcases at ShowStoppers our latest smart eyewear products — the M100 and the M2000AR HMD. Try out the acclaimed Waveguide optical breakthrough jointly created by Nokia and Vuzix. It enables smart eyewear technology capable of fitting into standard glasses frames. Waveguide optics are a revolutionary new way of moving light within smart glasses and are a fraction of the size and weight of conventional prism-based optics used in competing wearable smart devices.

Wobbleworks / 3Doodler

The founders of 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen that allows you to literally draw in the air, reveal their exciting plans for retail and accessories, as well as upcoming news for 2014.


Meet … MiP! Equipped with GestureSense™ technology, any hand motion controls MiP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum). Using its free app, you can drive it, play games, or teach it to dance — all while MiP balances on two wheels! By WowWee. Release Q3 2014. SRP $99.99.


Learn about Xi3 Corporation’s next phase of modular computing at ShowStoppers with Xi3’s new X7A Modular Computer, Z3RO Pro Computer, and more. Plus, get hands-on time with Xi3’s exciting (and now shipping) PISTON Console — the “entertainment engine” for gaming, entertainment & more.


Forget passwords that are not secure and can’t be remembered. Security innovator Yubico demonstrates the YubiKey NEO, a device for enabling one single key to log in securely, from a mobile device or computer, to any number of online services. Yubico is working with top internet brands on Universal 2nd Factor (U2F); the new FIDO Alliance online security standards initiative focused on scaling high security smart card technology to every internet user. The YubiKey NEO is the first authentication device to comply with U2F requirements, successfully proven inside Google with thousands of daily users.

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