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Happy Plugs introduces customizable wireless speakers for your home and style

happyplugsSwedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs proudly presents its new flagship products – Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini, two wireless speakers that fuses state-of-the-art technology and minimalistic Swedish design with the ability to personalize your speaker with the latest fashions and interior design trends.

Happy Plugs was born in 2011 and has reached global success by transforming headphones and mobile accessories into fashion accessories. With the launch of Happy Plugs Sound Piece the time has come to bring interior design to consumer electronics. The speakers elegant features and sleek design makes it a classic interior design piece, but with a twist. The speakers are the first of its kind to offer individual customization – the grills are available in multiple designs and can easily be replaced by hand with another color or style.

happyplugs2The Happy Plugs Sound Piece concept was born from the challenges of finding electronic sound devices that fits your individual home and furniture perfectly. All of our other products have been created to suit the mood, style and personality of our customers so when we created Sound Piece we wanted the speakers to suit the interior of their home. Color sets the mood for your room and the color you chose is really about what you would like the room to feel like. Now there’s a really easy way to alter that mood, says Andreas Vural, President and founder of Happy Plugs.

The Sound Piece Mini is your perfect on-the-go speaker, an attractive and compact portable speaker ideal for traveling and days of leisure. With the built-in microphone, the Sound Piece Mini services as a conference speaker and speakerphone. The battery has a lifespan of up to 12 hours with the extra feature of an emergency power bank, allowing for smartphone charging at any location or on-the-go.
Each speaker arrives with the signature black grill and new exchangeable grills come in the same colors and styles as the existing Happy Plugs design portfolio. Additional grills can be purchased on Sound Piece will retail for $199.99 USD / €199.99 EUR and Sound Piece Mini for $99.99 USD / €99.99 EUR. The speakers will be available at selected retailers worldwide from September, 2015.

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ZTE Announces Device Lineup and Plans for IFA 2015

ZTE Axon gold 1

Axon Gold

ZTE Blade V6




Nubia Z9 mini

Nubia Z9 mini

Device lineup represents ZTE’s new core global product portfolio – Axon, Blade, Spro and Nubia

ZTE, a leading global mobile device maker, today announced its device lineup and plans for the IFA 2015 consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany. From 04 to 09 September, ZTE will be showcasing the latest products that represent the company’s new, simplified core global product portfolio – Axon, Blade, Spro and Nubia.

“We are very excited to attend IFA this year, where we will be showcasing devices from the four product lines that we will be focusing on globally,” said Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE Mobile Device. “This renewed focus shows our global commitment to product longevity and will see us rollout more products from our four core product lines across markets worldwide.”

The star products include the international version of the Axon phone – ZTE’s first ever global flagship and most premium smartphone to date, and the Blade V6 – the thinnest device in ZTE’s affordable premium Blade series. Alongside these devices, ZTE will also be showcasing its innovative Spro 2 Smart Projector and smartphones from its Nubia sub-brand.

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Honeywell Total Connect Comfort brings heating and security together in one app for comfort and peace of mind

Honeywell_TotalConnectComfort_overviewHoneywell has integrated its leading Honeywell Le Sucre security system into its Total Connect Comfort app. The news means European homeowners can monitor and control their home heating and security from a single app on their smartphones.

Through its user friendly interface, Honeywell Total Connect Comfort brings together the leading connected security and home heating products – including Le Sucre and Honeywell evohome and Single Zone Thermostats.

Available initially in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands from early November, the improved Total Connect Comfort app will be available as a free upgrade for homeowners continuing their journey toward a connected home.

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Proactive and Private: Myfox brings reliable and non-intrusive home security to everyone

Myfox is making sure that every homeowner or renter has access to reliable smart home security. The Myfox Home Alarm turns the table on traditional notions of security systems by introducing the idea of “proactive” security or, security that will sound the alarm BEFORE a potential intruder can enter a home. The Myfox Security Camera, with its unique controllable mechanical shutter, protects a user’s privacy while making a camera a non-intrusive yet vital part of home security. Moreover, thanks to a sleek and simple design, the system fits discretely into a home’s decor.

The system can be controlled remotely from down the street or across the world with the Myfox Security app. The app also allows homeowners to invite friends and neighbours to access the security system thus, creating a trusted network to help watch over their home and their possessions.

Myfox is rethinking what home security should be and wants to change people’s perception from what it is today. It’s not just about protecting a home but also giving people peace of mind that their home and possessions are safe and sound and that they can rest easy knowing Myfox is keeping watch.

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Arrayent Showcases Its European Customers’ IoT Consumer Products

Arrayent, the Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider chosen by trusted consumer brands in Europe and North America, showcases OSRAM connected lighting systems and Salus Controls thermostat connected products at IFA Showstoppers 2015. By combining Arrayent’s ten years of connected product implementation experience with our worldwide IoT platform footprint, Arrayent enables its European customers to get connected product to market in a quick and low-risk way.

arrayant2OSRAM of Munich, Germany made use of Arrayent’s Connect IoT Platform and Mobile App SDK to launch their connected lighting solution in 32 counties across two continents in less than six months from project start. The OSRAM solution consists of wireless connected LED lamps, a low-cost gateway, and a mobile application. Now consumers can connect their home or office lighting into a single system and control it from anywhere in the world. The app is available at iTunes and Google Play.

arrayant3“Arrayent has worked with Salus Controls PLC to connect two thermostat models. The Salus IT500 can control heating or cooling in two home zones as well as provide hot water control. Arrayent connectivity permits the customer to easily program their schedules using a web or mobile handset.   The Salus IT600 takes this control a step further by enabling up to 30 different heating zones and up to 90 electronic thermostat valves or actuators for heating and hot water. The system is suitable for home or commercial use. Arrayent technology makes the set-up and management of this easy since the customer can use their smartphone and control all schedules and temperatures whenever or wherever they are.”

arrayant1Arrayent’s IoT platform enables the world’s most trusted consumer brands to deliver affordable connected products that make life safer, easier and better. Named a 2014 Cool Internet of Things Vendor by Gartner.  The Arrayent Connect Cloud platform is now hosted in the United States, England, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong and Brazil. See Arrayent’s Global Footprint

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XYZprinting presents the technology of tomorrow

all printers bannerA 3D Food Printer, 3D printers and scanners, robotics and more: XYZprinting are heading to IFA in Berlin to showcase a whole range of exciting new products, which have never been seen in Europe before. See and learn about our amazing line-up before anyone else does when XYZprinting presents its newest innovations at ShowStoppers!

On display: the XYZprinting 3D Food Printer. In collaboration with food specialists we have created a printer which is currently capable of printing foods including biscuits, pizzas and chocolate cake decorations at the touch of a button.

Of course our stand will also feature our award winning da Vinci series: Affordable consumer-grade 3D printers perfect for beginner use at home or at school, including the new da Vinci Junior and da Vinci Pro. We will also showcase our Nobel 1.0, a semi-professional SLA 3D printer for high resolution prints.

And that’s not all: XYZprinting will also amaze you with entertaining robots. From entry-level entertainment and educational humanoid robots to our Smart Service Robot, equipped with auto-navigation, mapping and monitoring capabilities, IoT and surveillance.

Check out XYZprinting at ShowStoppers and learn experience the technology of tomorrow!

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YubiKey and the Future of Authentication – Our Hardware Beats Your Malware

FIDO-Yubico-YubiKeys-2-1030x687Today, trillions of dollars are lost, and billions of internet users risk getting their online accounts hacked because of compromised static credentials. It’s encouraging that some great large-scale service providers are adopting technologies that represent the future of authentication — simple, open and secure, yet safeguarding your privacy.

Yubico’s YubiKey is a small, light USB and NFC device you put on your keychain that keeps your accounts from getting hacked. You register your YubiKey with a service like your computer’s login, your Google account, or your Dropbox account. When you log in, you are asked for both your password and your YubiKey. The YubiKey requires nothing more than a simple tap or touch.  Phishing, malware, and other attack methods don’t work because they would need both your physical key and your passwords to breach your accounts.

That one extra step, also called two factor authentication, proves you are who you say you are. You are the only person who knows your password and has your YubiKey. YubiKeys use advanced cryptography and other techniques so that they can’t be spoofed or hacked. No one can get your personal information from a YubiKey, and one key can support thousands of services.  YubiKeys are nearly indestructible — just add it to your keychain along with your house and car keys.

8 of the 10 largest Internet companies use YubiKey — every Google employee, every Facebook employee — along with thousands of other businesses. YubiKey deployment is easy, fast, and inexpensive, and best of all people love using YubiKey. Find out at our booth A07 or

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Immerse yourself in uncompromising audio from Plantronics

At IFA Showstoppers, Plantronics is proud to showcase two new products – BackBeat Sense Bluetooth headphones and Voyager Focus UC wireless headset.

BackBeat Sublime White Case

BackBeat Sublime White Case

Experience comfort that lets you escape into you playlist with up to 18 hours of non-stop music and the option to plug in for unlimited listening. BackBeat SENSE Bluetooth® headphones go beyond basics with smart, wireless control of two Class 1 Bluetooth devices from up to 100m away and an automatic music pause that resumes play when put on the headphones.

Voyager Focus UC

Voyager Focus UC

Make it your business to hear and be heard with the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Stereo Bluetooth headset. With three precision-tuned mics and sophisticated muting options your callers hear only you, and ground-breaking active and passive noise cancelling and immersive stereo sound lets you focus on the person you’re calling. With up to 45 meters (150 feet) of wireless range, enjoy mobility while calls and music stay crystal clear whether you’re at your desk, in the conference room, or in the kitchen. Seamless connectivity to your PC or smartphone, and integration with leading UC applications, means you can focus on work, not on the chaos around you.

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Seagate Brings Storage Highlights to Showstoppers @ IFA

It’s always frustrating when you don’t have enough storage capacity for your games, images, videos and other important data. Visit Seagate at Showstoppers @ IFA and get to know Seagate’s exciting range of storage innovations and its premium brand LaCie that exactly meet your storage needs.

Seagate 7

Seagate 7

Highlights at Seagate’s table will include brand new solutions that will be exclusively presented at this year’s Showstoppers @ IFA. The new products will shape the storage landscape in the consumer electronics industry.

LaCie_Rugged_USB30Beyond that, Seagate will be also be showcasing their newly launched 2TB Game Drive for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The USB 3.0 connected drive and plug-and-play set up means you can keep up to 4x more games and be game-ready in minutes! Furthermore, Seagate will present the Personal Cloud which provides the accessibility of cloud storage with the peace of mind that content is stored safely at home. You will also have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Seagate Seven, the slimmest external hard drive in the world. The popular LaCie Rugged which will also be exhibited at Showstoppers @ IFA even celebrates its tenth anniversary in Berlin.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Seagate! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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