HP showcases new technology innovations for creative professionals

HP expanded its industry leading Z Workstation and Display portfolio with new technology advancements designed to help artists, creatives and developers more quickly and efficiently bring designs and products to life.

HP today introduced the HP Z Turbo Drive G2 PCIe SSD, a super-charged storage solution featuring the world’s first PC/workstation PCIe NVMe SSDs to process large data sets ultra-fast. The HP Z Turbo Drive G2 powered by Samsung NVMe technology, delivers four times traditional SATA SSD performance at a cost that’s remarkably similar. This technology will be especially beneficial to those working in industries such as finance, healthcare, education, government, geospatial and product development.

Additionally, HP announced the HP Omen Pro, a stylish and light, full-performance mobile workstation. Users can take advantage of the performance and power expected from an HP Mobile Workstation, including the latest Intel processors, Windows 7, HP Z Turbo Drive, professional graphics cards, and more.

The result of unprecedented technology collaboration with DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and other leading studios, the HP DreamColor Display has become the gold standard for professionals. Recently, HP DreamColor Displays were recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for the impact it’s made in film, providing affordable, consistent and stable color throughout the film production process. Now, adding to the award-winning display family, HP introduced the HP Z32x DreamColor Display, a color-accurate 31.5-inch diagonal, 4K, 8-million pixel display. HP’s largest DreamColor Display delivers exceptional color precision and consistency straight out of the box on a wide 10-bit color spectrum.

Finally, HP announced five HP Ultra-Narrow Bezel Displays Z27n, Z25n, Z24n, Z24nf and Z24nq Displays, ultra high-definition panels that are factory color-calibrated and provide flexible connectivity for a seamless multi-display setup.

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Ericsson MediaFirst Delivers Pay TV at Web Speed

We’ve all been there: Your family and friends are heaping praise on TV’s hottest new drama and you haven’t seen it. You try to find the time in your packed schedule to catch up but there’s a problem: you can’t find certain episodes of the show anywhere or if you can, they’re only available on VOD or can’t be streamed to your mobile device. The issue gets even more complicated when you have to manage and switch between multiple services in order to watch the entirety of the series. While all of this is going on, the shocking season finale airs and your friends – not to mention Twitter – ruin the cliffhanger before you can catch up.

According to Ericsson, this is hardly the “TV of the future” experience that viewers are coming to expect. In our vision, the consumer should be able to watch whatever they want, whenever, regardless of the device they’re using. And the discovery experience should be seamless – consumers shouldn’t have to switch between different services to find a new show or relive an old favorite. And operators should be able to take advantage of new technologies to provide consumers exactly what consumers want.

That’s why Ericsson has announced Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform: a new web-and-cloud-based pay TV technology platform. It’s designed to deliver a TV experience that fluidly evolves with consumer expectations, allowing for a more personalized, social and seamless user experience that combines the very best of pay TV with web services. With Ericsson MediaFirst consumers have all the content they want when they want it right at their fingertips. Say goodbye to spoiler alerts.

The platform also enables users to easily create their own profiles and receive personalized recommendations and content feeds based on their viewing history and other trending content. When multiple people with different profiles are in front of the TV, the system seamlessly identifies programs that are of joint interest. Ericsson MediaFirst also features unified search with voice commands, allowing for a fast and fluid browsing experience with less time wasted scrolling for something to watch.

Operators reap the benefits too. Updates to pay TV platforms today can take upwards of a year to push to consumers. That all changes with Ericsson MediaFirst. The platform allows operators to deliver UX updates and targeted content offers in near-real time — think Facebook or Amazon as opposed to your traditional pay TV offering. The platform also leverages Big Data to power hyper-targeted advertising and content recommendations that increase monetization and customer satisfaction.

Please join us at NAB Showstoppers to see for yourself why Ericsson MediaFirst will allow operators to deliver on consumer expectations for the future of TV.

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HP is Removing the Storage Bottleneck

With the advent of 4K footage and beyond, HP knows that media and entertainment customers need more processing power, graphics performance and storage speed. Finishing films with files in excess of 40 megabytes per frame exacts extreme demands on workstation storage. This creates a bottleneck, slowing down the jump from filming to post-production or quickly processing large datasets in product design. To break through, production companies are turning to more dynamic SSDs.

Last year, working with Samsung, HP introduced the HP Z Turbo Drive, the first cost-effective PCIe-based SSD (Solid State Drive) for desktop workstations, allowing users to access up to twice the performance at a cost similar to today’s standard SATA SSD. HP Z Turbo Drives reduce boot up, calculation and graphics response times—even with 4K video—and revolutionized how HP Z Workstations handle large files.

Customers like Brain Farm Digital Cinema have been able to reduce up to two days from the editing process, saving time and money. The HP Z Turbo eliminates the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a fast-array system. By striping two HP Z Turbo Drives together, editors can expect upwards of 1,800 Mbit/s. Comparable performance from traditional disk drives would require 12 or 16 paired drives.

During the National Association of Broadcasters Conference, HP will showcase a new generation of HP Z Turbo Drive.  Stop by ShowStoppers to check it out and get the details a day in advance of the launch!

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Right at the moment, Right at the page

riattRiatt is an Internet service application that makes it possible for you to direct your audience right to a particular web page that you want them to go to regardless of whether they’re getting your message on their TV, radio, even a DOOH or other broadcasting medium. Keep your audience from getting lost or distracted on the Internet while you’re motivating their behavior with your call to action. Riatt.com sends them directly to your landing page so they don’t trip on any obstacles along the way.

What can you do with Riatt.com?

Drive store and website traffic. No matter what kind of business you have, you’re also in the business of engaging your customers. That engagement is the reason for broadcasting your message: Riatt.com is the catalyst that expedites this process and turns your audience into your customers. Easily and quickly direct your audience right to your coupon, polling, contest, survey or voting pages. Riatt.com’s dashboard, metrics for big data and vast analytics provide the information to help you to improve the targeting accuracy of advertising campaigns and determine your ROI for media buys.

Who should use Riatt.com’s service?

Broadcasters: TV, Radio, Internet Audio and Video

Media Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Digital Signage Network Owners and DOOH Owners

Audience members for every platform and medium

Even if you do not have a website, Riatt.com can provide you with simple tools to help you make a webpage that offers information about your store, coupons, promotions or forms that connect your audience to the web page.

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LaCie Doubles Capacity of Rugged Thunderbolt SSD

Rugged_TB_3Q_opened_400LaCie is excited showcase for the first time at NAB its latest Rugged Thunderbolt™ storage solution featuring a 1 TB SSD capacity. With double the storage, the new LaCie Rugged is just as portable with no size or weight increase compared to the 500 GB offering. Plus, it still features the lightning-fast transfer rates of Thunderbolt and is tough in the field with shock, dust and water resistance.

The LaCie Rugged delivers speeds of up to 387 MB/s – three times faster than a standard mobile hard drive. With these speeds, creative professionals can transfer 100 GB in less than five minutes. The LaCie Rugged even provides enough bandwidth to review and edit photos or video in the field. With a laptop and a LaCie Rugged, a photographer or videographer has everything they need to back up footage or complete a project on location. This time savings and convenience is key for field-based professionals.

“Wherever digital content is created and wherever our customers want to travel to capture and collect it, our LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt drive will go as the ideal companion,” said Erwan Girard, Business Unit Manager for LaCie. “With fast Thunderbolt speeds that save hours in the field and now a 1 TB SSD capacity, our customers can focus on the creative process instead of worrying about transfer times or storage limits.”

Find out more here.

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Affordable High-Performance Networked Storage Engineered for Video Workflows

QNAP Turbo NASStorage is one of the most oft-overlooked components in a video production workflow and can quickly become an Achilles’ heel in the era of massive UHD project files.  While larger studios can afford massive infrastructure, smaller studios often cannot yet the needs are just as present.  This is where QNAP Turbo NAS solutions really shine.

QNAP offers a very broad lineup of networked storage solutions that feature Intel® and AMD® processors, optional 10GbE network interfaces, expandable RAM, and dual HDMI ports for video play-out.  QNAP Turbo NAS units come without drives, allowing the studio to pick the right capacity and performance thresholds to fit their needs, whether hard drives or SSDs; and storage capacity can be expanded locally or over the network using iSCSI.  All QNAP Turbo NAS units come with no-charge private clouds for collaborating and sharing project edits and final deliverables to clients.

Whether your readership is looking for fast local storage for ingest and editing, or longer-term archival storage with serious security and redundancy, QNAP Turbo NAS units are a great solution to consider for news coverage here at NAB or for in-depth product reviews.

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Why Rabble?

rabbleBy Ryan Tyrrell

When I was young, TV sports broadcasters would drive my Dad crazy during Tennessee football games. At some point during every game, he would get up from the sofa, walk over to the TV to turn down the volume, and then turn on his radio. The Vols’ radio announcer at the time was a guy named John Ward. He knew everything about every UT player and opponent, and he described it in a familiar Tennessee twang.

He was one of us. He was a fan of our team.

I’ve come to realize through the years that my experience was not unique.  And that my Dad’s dislike of national broadcasters certainly wasn’t unique.  Fast forward a few years, and I remember beginning to wonder “why can’t any fan broadcast a game?”  And the answer until recently was they couldn’t.  No real-time streaming platform and website/app existed to organize and promote individual fan broadcasts.

Until now.  Visit us on the web at www.Rabble.tv or download our free app for iOS.


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VideoBlocks Disrupts Stock Media Ecosystem With Subscription Based Platform

VideoBlocks is a royalty free stock media company that believes in creativity, freedom and complete transparency.  It is a company with core customer-driven values that grew from a little seedling of an idea to a successful start-up that has been recognized as the second fastest growing tech company in the nation by Inc., in 2012 and one of the top 10 best places to work in Washington DC, in 2014.

VideoBlocks is the only subscription-based site that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds and more.  With 100,000 clips and counting, VideoBlocks provides unparalleled value to its customers – saving customers thousands of dollars each year compared to competitors.

VideoBlocks is disrupting the traditional stock media ecosystem – which typically costs and arm and a leg and has historically only been available to large production houses and agencies.  At VideoBlocks, they aim to offer a more cost-effective solution while delivering great content to all creatives – even the little guys.

Under the VideoBlocks umbrella, lies AudioBlocks, which brings over 100,000 music tracks, sound effects and loops into our content library, and GraphicStock, which compromises of graphics, vectors, icons, images, info graphics and more – a front end designers best friend.

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OWC. The Speed to Create. The Capacity to Dream.

Thunderbolt 2 dockOur quest for perfection results in the consistent delivery of compelling designs for any workflow imaginable. From the home office to movie studios, OWC innovations possess the power to unlock the full potential of the most advanced workstation. NAB 2015 features our latest storage and expansion solutions, including the acclaimed OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock and storage products such as Jupiter Kore, Jupiter Callisto, ThunderBay 4, and ThunderBay 4 mini.

Through five separate interactive stations, content creators are welcome to discover the wide array of OWC workflow solutions essential for any creative professional’s ideal production environment. Whether backing up image libraries or editing a 4K video, the answer lies with OWC.

thunderbay4_bays_lrPay a visit to the OWC exhibitor booth for a hands-on experience with over thirty OWC products. Witness the extraordinary ways in which OWC solutions can enhance and streamline even the most intricate workflows, eliminating data bottlenecks and delivering the freedom to achieve more, faster, and with greater peace of mind. Enjoy high speeds and incredible connectivity with the OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock, take work around the world with the On-The-Go Pro mobile storage, or expand production abilities with the dynamic storage capacity of Jupiter Kore and Callisto, with up to 512TB of centralized enterprise-class storage.

extreme pro 6GNo doubt there are a lot of incredible innovations in Las Vegas at the NAB Show. However, we believe that a visit to the OWC booth (#SL13905) will quickly help creative professionals realize the full potential behind their creative workflow. OWC is re-defining the perception of and approach to content creation.  Come see what has made OWC a global leader in the development and distribution of storage solutions and workstation upgrades for over 25 years.

Rediscover your workflow. Discover OWC


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V.360°™ camera, the first device to capture 360 degrees of video or still images with a 4K/16 Megapixel imager in full 1080p high definition without image stitching

v360The V.360°™ is perfect for capturing behind the scenes footage on a film location, delivering a truly immersive concert experience, providing virtual reality on the fly or a truly unique second-screen experience.​ Highly ruggedized, the V.360°™ was built for durability with housing that is shock, vibration and dust resistant as well as waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (IP67 rating).

Video is recorded onto a microSD card (not included) and can be viewed live or played back later through a free companion app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. The app lets the user pan through a 360-degree video or image to see every angle – or lay it flat, resulting in a very detailed panoramic view.

Additional Features include:

  • Able to mount on most commercial drones for high flying 360 video capture
  • Compatible with most GoPro mounts & ¼ – 20 accessory compatibility
  • HDMI v1.4a with support for 4K UHD displays
  • Compatible with 4K editing programs such as ADOBE Premier and Final Cut Pro
  • Easy upload to social network or sharing with friends
  • Produces Full HD video (6480 x 1080) and 8MP .JPG
  • Google Cardboard compatibility with built in stereoscopic mode for the V.360 camera mobile application (iOS and Android)

The V.360°™ retails for $449.00, for more information please view our media kit or go to http://store.vsnmobil.com/products/v360

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    Each event organizes product introductions, sneak previews and demonstrations for selected journalists, bloggers, industry and financial analysts, venture capitalists and business executives.

    Industry leaders, innovators and startups exhibit at ShowStoppers events around the world to help generate news coverage and product reviews, make new connections, promote brand, and open new markets.