Filling the Mobile Productivity Gap

Several years ago, IDC estimated that by the end of 2015, there would be more than 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide, with the United States having the highest percentage of mobile workers in its workforce at 75%, or 186.2 million. Unfortunately, while today’s workers may want to be mobile, their technology may limit to what extent they can be.

The laptop has long been considered the best productivity tool for the mobile worker. In reality, however, laptops are portable technology. You still have to sit down and set-up to actually be productive with it. Sure, you can stand up, hold it in one arm and type with the other hand, but then your productivity goes out the window.

When the tablet was introduced five years ago, many touted that it would be the answer to mobile workers challenges. Certainly, tablets are mobile technology, but they are far from productivity tools for one key reason, the lack of a real keyboard. Many hardware manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by building add-on “mobile” keyboards. While typing on the tablets has improved, the mobility of the technology has decreased, as they now require users to sit down and set-up to use the tablet/keyboard combos.

The hardware world once again responded with two-in-ones; a tablet when you want it, a laptop when you need it. The answer, however resides somewhere in between laptops and tablets, not different versions of the same technologies. This challenge is referred to as the mobile productivity gap, and TREWGrip has a solution.

The TREWGrip Mobile Dock is a handheld keyboard, air mouse and game controller for today’s mobile technology, smart TVs and desktop computers.  The ubiquitous QWERTY keyboard is split and rotated so users can hold TREWGrip and perform 10-finger text entry while standing, sitting or moving from place to place.  Visual cues on the front allow non-touch-typists to locate the keys on the back using hand-eye coordination.  While holding TREWGrip, a user can also control mouse movement and game interactions by simply tilting and turning the device.  With its universal dock and Bluetooth HID connectivity, the TREWGrip Mobile Dock supports various technology platforms, including smartphones and tablets, while offering a uniform user experience for all data entry. TREWGrip fills the mobile productivity gap by helping workers to be mobile and productive.

For more information, visit

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Oral-B® Introduces New App Technology

Oral-B®, the worldwide leader in oral care, continues to innovate and personalize its revolutionary Oral-B App, unveiling its latest developments: the Dental Care Journeys and Professional Guidance features within the updated App. Since launch at last year’s Mobile World Congress, the Oral-B Bluetooth connected brush and App created smarter and more personalized oral care routines that have proven to change people’s habits. Additionally, Oral-B is proud to announce the opening of the Oral-B App’s Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) in October 2015, which will enable users to become a part of the increasingly connected oral care digital experience by working with third parties.

Oral-B’s App data indicate an increase in brushing duration from less than a minute[1] to over two minutes. In addition, over half of App users leverage the flossing, rinsing, and tongue cleaning reminders, underscoring the value of technology in maintaining a holistic oral health routine. With the introduction of Dental Care Journeys and Professional Guidance, users will be able to select journeys fit to their oral care goals and their dental professional will be able to provide direct recommendations and feedback. Dental professionals can also provide product recommendations via the App, selecting products based on their patients’ specific needs. And to ensure patients and dental professionals can collaboratively keep track and discuss improvement areas, patients can opt to share their compliance statistics with their hygienist and dentist via e-mail.

Beginning in late 2015, the App will allow users to voluntarily integrate their oral care information into other digital programs by opening the API. This will create a seamless venue for users to holistically monitor their well-being, and could potentially provide an opportunity for users to be rewarded for good brushing behavior through various reward programs. Oral-B is working to enable developers to create or extend apps with a user’s brushing data. If interested, please email Oral-B at

At the 2015 Mobile World Congress meeting, Oral-B will provide attendees the opportunity to experience the SmartSeries brush and App for themselves, all while demonstrating technologically advanced solutions for the bathroom. Visit the Oral-B booth at the Innovation City for your chance to be part of the Oral-B Experience.

For more information, visit:

[1] British Dental Health Foundation. May 25, 2010. Retrieved from

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The Ring™ Video Doorbell: The World’s First Battery-Operated, Wi-Fi-Enabled, HD Video Doorbell

ringRing’s mission is to reduce crime in communities and empower consumers by creating a “ring” of security around homes and neighborhoods. As the only battery-operated, Wi-Fi-enabled, HD video doorbell on the market today, the RingTM Video Doorbell blends convenience, monitoring and security into one sleek, simple and powerful doorbell that enables homeowners to see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world via the free iOS or Android app.

One of TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Gadgets of 2014, the doorbell boasts advanced security features, cloud storage, easy installation, 720p HD wide-angle video capture, night-vision video recording, powerful motion detection, an attractive faceplate (available in four finishes), a small footprint and more.

Ring’s built-in 180° motion sensors immediately detect activity and trigger mobile alerts, giving homeowners the ability to know what’s happening on their property and answer the door, even when they are not home. The cloud recording feature enables users to capture video footage of visitors and even potential intruders. The Ring Video Doorbell makes daily life more comfortable as users never have to interrupt time with family and friends to talk to salespeople, never need to worry about missing a delivery, and can feel better about leaving their house unattended. With Ring, you’re always home.

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G DATA: Mobile devices, a security challenge solved

Imagine buying a smartphone from a reputable online store that looks great and comes with all the latest features, only to discover afterwards it also has powerful spyware pre-installed. While this may sound like a plot from a spy movie, unfortunately it has already happened in real life.

In the second half of last year, experts at G DATA discovered that the Star N9500, a Chinese made mobile handset, was being sold with powerful malware embedded in its core system software, meaning the software could not be removed at all. This left phone owners vulnerable to cybercriminals and others, as the malware allowed full access to data stored on the device and even allowed for additional software to be installed without the owner’s permission or knowledge, potentially delivering a full spectrum of malicious functions such as localization, audio/video recording, or sending costly SMS to premium services.

Considering that smartphones contain not only personal information, but also often store work related sensitive data, it’s no wonder the cybercrime industry considers smartphones one of the most promising ways to hack into corporate networks. The N9500 phone is a prime example of this malpractice, but hardly the only one. The experts at GDATA discover more than 4200 threats per day affecting Android devices.

G DATA provides essential protection for Android devices, and not just for consumers. G DATA also bring security to the corporate environment, where administrators need to catalogue devices accessing the network and identify BYOD devices, which need special attention. And with MDM (Mobile Device Management) – present in the G DATA business solutions – administrators can manage devices in a central console and act in emergency cases, when data has to be wiped on a lost or stolen device within minutes.

At ShowStoppers and at  Hall 6, Booth 6B40, G DATA showcases its security solutions for Android devices for home and business,  as well as its new secure messaging app, G DATA SECURECHAT, that provides end-to-end encryption for instant messages and SMS between mobile devices with Android OS.

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Be better parents. Be better to your parents. Be in shape. B-On.

Once we understood what we want to B. we decided to dedicate ourselves to developing affordable electronic IoT devices that would serve the wellbeing of people. Using all of our 75+ years of experience in the electronic, communication and consumer goods, we create new cutting-edge, smartly designed products combing Israeli Hi-Tech, European design and advanced manufacturing  facilities.

This year we are launching 2 innovative products in MWC.

  1. MD400X400“M-D”: A pocket sized Health Monitor. This is the first medical device for personal use that performs 5 vital signs medical tests – ECG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Level, Heart Rate and Body Temperature. The device is synchronized with an easy to use App.
  2. Amigo400X400“AMIGO”: a Smart Tracking Watch for kids. It provides peace of mind for both the kids and their parents. The watch encourages excellence, physical activity and independence in children through a unique two-way messaging system. Supported by a user friendly Family App. Our challenge was to be able to embed all the required technology in a slim and smart designed watch that kids will want to wear.
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So Long, Passwords: AGNITiO Revolutionizes Consumer Authentication with KIVOX Mobile 5.0

Stop by and get a taste of life without passwords.

AGNITiO, the leader in secure voice biometrics and a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, announces the latest addition to its Voice iD product family. Expanding on the award-winning KIVOX product line with Mobile 5.0, AGNITiO will be at ShowStoppers, to present how, for the first time, a single Voice iD Engine is able to perform fixed phrase, free phrase, and now natural speech authentication to accurately identify and authenticate users in KIVOX Mobile embedded devices.

Say goodbye to passwords and hello to more security.

The new KIVOX Mobile product offers a wider set of authentication possibilities depending upon the level of security required.  Speak a fixed or free phrase for the highest level of security; speak naturally for the highest level of convenience.

“Controlling a variety of devices, speakers may speak freely in any language and be automatically recognized to unlock devices, control personalized functions, and perform secure transactions,” says Emilio Martinez, CEO of AGNITiO.  “Nonintrusive and natural for everyone, the free speech voice biometrics authentication technology behind KIVOX Mobile 5.0 strikes the balance between consumer privacy, security and convenience.”

For example, a user’s virtual assistant can recognize the voice of a legitimate user to respond to commands as a user speaks.  KIVOX Mobile 5.0 enables speaker and context awareness, in which the environment and the device recognize, by ‘listening’ to such commands as ‘Start the car,’ or ‘Make it warmer.’

Speak freely – the possibilities are endless.

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Energizer Hard Case and Avenir Telecom launch solid mobile phones

Avenir Telecom is proud to announce the launch of a new range of solid mobile phones under the Energizer Hard Case license.

The new products will be presented at the MWC 2015 and at ShowStoppers — two feature phones and two smartphones.

In addition to the classic functions : Dual sim, Camera up to 13.1MP … they contain all the essential functions and qualities that can be expected on this range :

– Waterproof
– Dustproof
– Drop test
– Long-life battery

they are certified IP68.

The worldwide exclusivity of the distribution is granted to Avenir Telecom.

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Acronis True Image 2015: We protect what’s inside

As your data grows and as Internet threats grow at a rapid pace, Acronis showcases Acronis True Image 2015    (

Reliable image backup and recovery of your entire system – email, music, photos, videos, documents, personal settings, bookmarks, and all your applications.

Protect all of your PCs, Macs and your digital life with Acronis True Image Unlimited.  The only professional-grade full system image backup protection supporting both local and cloud backup with all the cloud space you’ll ever need.

Choose where, when, and how to back up. Use external drives, cloud backup, or any NAS devices. Set your own backup schedule to save changes constantly as you work. Restore in a snap, or even move your entire system.

We will have software for you to test yourself and we can also arrange for demos during MWC or when we all return to our offices.  But while here – let’s make sure that we protect you from data and lost memories and show you how with Acronis.

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Get your home talking with mydlink Home from D-Link

Following the launch of mydlink Home last year, D-Link extends its Smart Home range and unveils its new mydlink Home Security Starter Kit, a Water Sensor and Siren, plus a range of mydlink Home Z-Wave products – all designed to make it easier than ever to monitor and automate your home, whether from your sofa or afar.

The new mydlink Home Z-Wave range consists of a Home Gateway, a battery-powered Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensors and a Smoke Detector.  The Z-Wave Home Gateway is the hub that connects both your mydlink Home Z-Wave and Wi-Fi connected devices, allowing them to co-exist on a network so they can talk directly to each other. And if you’re not sure where to start with your Smart Home then the mydlink Home Security Starter Kit will help you on your way with a Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and Monitor HD.

In fact, with mydlink Home the combinations are endless. You control your home and create schedules via the unique mydlink Home App for iOS and Android, and all with no set up fees or ongoing monthly charges to worry about …  just set your imagination free!

In the past, creating an automated home was expensive and required specialist installers. Not anymore. Other smart home ranges use their own proprietary communication method, meaning they can’t interoperate. And very few talk to each other, allowing you to trigger events. We’ve solved these problems too.  D-Link is not the first to the home automation market, but we are the first company to give homeowners easy control at an affordable price.  We believe that home is where the smart is. With this mantra we have simplified home automation, control and security to such an extent that it should be commonplace in all households within the next three years.   With 29 years of experience in networking, wireless, storage and surveillance, it was an obvious move to innovate and invest in an ecosystem of smart home technology; a range of intuitive, powerful and affordable products.

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CoPilot at Showstoppers 2015 – showcasing in-vehicle navigation innovation

Don’t miss CoPilot at Showstoppers and MWC (App Planet Stand 8.1 D59) where we will be showcasing our advanced mobile in-vehicle navigation technology.

2014 was year of major milestones for CoPilot. We reached over 14 million downloads worldwide, were nominated for (and won) several prestigious awards, launched connected car apps with leading automotive manufacturers and added support for a new mobile platform. 2015 is set to be another busy year with plenty of new projects coming up!

At Showstoppers and MWC we will be showcasing:

  • A revolutionary new mapping visualization platform for mobile workforce fleets
  • The latest innovations in our GPS navigation apps – running on four different platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 & Fire OS
  • A selection of our OEM projects (connected car), featuring Renault R & Go app 2014 & MirrorLink™ technology in collaboration with Jambit
  • Our CoPilot Professional integrated navigation solutions — used by 500k professional drivers worldwide, from emergency services, and road side assistance organizations to field engineers, postal services and home delivery fleets

Visit us at Showstoppers or all week at MWC at App Planet (stand 81D59). We’re more than happy to set up a meeting with you beforehand for a more in-depth conversation & demonstration of our navigation innovations.

For more information and to set up a meeting with our team, please visit our site:

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