WiFithing makes device communication possible without having to code

The smart home is set to really take off in 2016. There are new technologies emerging every day. Smart devices are now clever enough to talk to each other, but there isn’t yet a tool that makes that communication possible without having to code – something 99% of the average consumers can’t do.

So currently, most of these smart devices operate in a sort of limbo, and though they offer great individual solutions they could be so much greater if they were all working together. WiFithing have the answer. Powered by a Kickstarter campaign, they’re bringing a solution that is going to revolutionize the smart home by empowering consumers with the ability to create smart combinations and cause-and-effect scenarios between IoT devices without any coding: zone controlled heating, opening gates, counting the number of store visitors – the only limit is their imagination.

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ADT extends security canopy to devices

ADTLogoADT, the leading provider of security and automation services for homes and businesses, is continuing to strengthen their offerings for the secure connected home. This year at ShowStoppers 2016, ADT is highlighting the various ways in which they can work with some of the most innovative technology devices on the market today. The latest ADT innovations being showcased at CES 2016 include the creation of a new product offering, ADT Canopy, an update on our previously announced LG Smart Security Product and the addition of several new partners to our Pulse ecosystem. Protecting ADT customers continues to be the company’s primary focus and as it extends into the technology space, all its efforts center on this core mission.

ADT Canopy is a standalone solution that allows consumers to add ADT security into various devices. It is an alternative to our full-service professional monitoring offering, allowing customers to have ADT services directly integrated into some of their favorite IoT products. This can appeal to digitally minded consumers interested in connected devices with home security but not looking for the full professional monitoring and security offering that ADT provides. Additionally, in May we announced our first co-branded all-in-one security & automation device with consumer electronics leader LG. At CES we are showcasing the product called “LG Smart Security”. The product is geared towards renters and mobile first consumers.

ADT Pulse continues to be the best in class security & home automation service for traditional homeowners and small businesses. Pulse customers can have the peace of mind of premium ADT security, while having a full suite of automation offerings that they can control directly from their Pulse app. To strengthen how ADT Pulse can make a safe home smart, at CES we are announcing several new partners that we are adding to our ADT ecosystem. With these three announcements, ADT aims to provide distinct security solutions for a breadth of consumers looking for safer, smarter homes.

At ShowStoppers ADT will be displaying working demos of The LG Smart Security and Samsung S2 Watch Secured by ADT Canopy. Additionally, we will be showcasing how products such as the Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat, Ring Video Doorbell and August Smart Lock are integrated within ADT Pulse.

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CleverPet Wins First Place at CES Showstoppers Competition

20160106_124308CleverPet was honored to win Tuesday’s CES ShowStoppers LaunchIt competition, especially among so many innovative companies doing amazing work. To celebrate our win, and a great reception at CES (so far!), we’re offering through Sunday an exclusive reduced $269 price for the CleverPet Hub. The Hub, available to the public in April, will retail for $299.

What is CleverPet?

CleverPet uses smart hardware to engage and teach dogs, providing mental stimulation through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. The Hub is CleverPet’s first product, and will ultimately be the centerpiece of an extensive learning platform that will turn homes into interactive virtual playgrounds for pets.

The CleverPet Hub entertains and engages dogs through puzzles that combine lights, sounds and touch pads. It rewards furry friends with a bit of their regular food each time a puzzle is solved. The WiFi-connected Hub adapts game complexity and style in real time to match each animal’s unique responses and progress so there’s always something new to learn.

CleverPet is at CES Booth #81752 at Eureka Park in the Sands Convention Center from Wednesday, January 6 through Saturday, January 9. Follow CleverPet on Twitter @GetCleverPet for its live dog demonstration schedule, or schedule specific times to view the Hub in action.

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Domotz Debuts Affordable Home Monitoring and Tech Support System for the Connected Home at CES 2016

Professional-Level Monitoring Features Now Available to Consumers for only $2.99 a Month; Works with Any Connected Device Regardless of Brand or Manufacturer

Domotz will unveil its brand new Home Monitoring and Tech Support System at CES in Las Vegas on January 6, 2016. From personal computers to sensors, Domotz lets users monitor and troubleshoot all connected devices in a home via a mobile app. The system is currently in public beta and will be available for only $2.99 a month at the end of January 2016.

“The average consumer is accumulating a slew of connected devices at home: phones, laptops, gaming consoles, smart light bulbs and thermostats. It’s too much technology to keep track of,” said Domenico Crapanzano, CEO and Co-Founder of Domotz. “Professional monitoring systems exist, but are overly complex and far too expensive for the average homeowner. This is where Domotz comes in. We’re bringing consumers a monitoring and support system that is user-friendly, affordable and accessible, from the convenience of a smartphone.”

From tablets and smart TV’s to home automation gateways, Domotz complements all smart home technology by providing extensive device and home information and empowering its users to take action as soon as something goes wrong. Through a host of functions, Domotz users enjoy a home that they can connect to and interact with anytime, from anywhere. From today, Domotz can be installed for free on existing Raspberry Pi or NAS hardware at https://portal.domotz.com/#/signup. The Domotz Android and iPhone apps are available for download on the App store and Google play.

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Four European Subject Matter Experts Combine to Offers Total Home Control with the Tap of a Finger

European Companies to Introduce Displ’Ever at CES; Self-Powered, Wireless Display for IoT & Smart Home at Eureka Park

Have you ever wanted total control with the simple tap of your finger?

Thanks to the combined effort of four European companies NanoSense, Eelectron, IVV and Vity Technology, you can now have access to the world’s first self-powered wireless tactical display for IoT and Smart Home, delivering a dynamic, energy efficient lifestyle, with minimal effort.

Led by NanoSense, the consortium introduces Displ’Ever at CES in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016, from the Eureka Park Marketplace in Hall G, Booth #81557 at the Sands Expo Center. Simple to manipulate, Displ’Ever acts as a universal wireless and battery-free room controller. The flat touch screen display is powered exclusively by ambient light with an IoT display and monitoring trend graphs, providing energy saving and comfort control. Whether deployed within a Smart Home or an entire Smart Building, the device is nearly limitless in its potential application.  From meeting room schedules to real time shower costs, Displ’Ever’s unlimited, interactive and interchangeable Applets forecasts energy consumption costs and helps users learn how to live more efficiently.

“Displ’Ever allows for users to develop more eco-friendly and healthy lifestyles that are surely more beneficial to them,” says NanoSense CEO Oliver Martimort. “With Displ’Ever, saving energy in your home and workplace is easy with the simple tap of your finger. The technology behind it allows for 24 hour, fully-monitored, wireless control, helping users function effectively and intelligently while saving energy in smart homes and smart buildings.”

The Displ’Ever team specializes in HMI for Energy Savings and building operations. With their expertise and focus on comfort, demand ventilation control, and IAQ for wellbeing and health, they effortlessly develop energy consumption forecasts for various settings, such as temperature, air quality, lighting, blinds, and occupancy.

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Hush launches the World’s First Smart Earplugs

Hush PictureCan’t sleep because SOMEBODY is snoring too loudly? Neighbors stomping around upstairs? Maybe you like to sleep with the window open but the traffic noise keeps you up?

At Showstoppers, Hush is launching its first product, the world’s first smart earplugs to solve that. The product was initially funded 6 times its original $100,000 goal on Kickstarter, raising almost $600,000 in the span of 40 days back in December 2015, and will begin shipments of the long awaited Kickstarter orders this month.

Hush Smart Earplugs help people sleep in noisy environments, whether it’s a snoring spouse, loud neighbors, or whatever else might disturb sleep. By combining a sound machine into earplugs, Hush drowns out disturbing noises and lulls users asleep with soothing sounds such as white noise, waterfall, and rain. In order to still hear notifications that are needed such as an alarm clock or an emergency phone call, Hush connects wirelessly to smartphones through Bluetooth® so users can select through the Hush app what notifications they allow to disturb them.

Swing by for an in-person demo and check out https://hush.technology!

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Suitable Technologies Introduces New iOS and Android Apps for Market Leading BeamPro™ and Beam+™ Robotic Telepresence Devices

Suitable Technologies, a developer of robotic telepresence devices for remote collaboration today announced new iOS and Android apps to control Beam devices.

The apps can be downloaded here for iOS and here for Android.


Beam is the next generation in mobile, personal communications. Beam devices allow users to login using  a PC or Mac and now an iOS or Android device to connect to and drive a Beam device in another location – whether across town or across the globe. With easy-driving operation, eye-level video and noise-reduction audio, Beam moves, feels and sounds (almost) as human as you.  Many Beam users say that it is better than being there.

For more information on Suitable Technologies and the Beam family of products, go to www.suitabletech.com.

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What if you could control anything at home with just one touch?

SMART_REMOTE_WHITE_LIGHTSevenhugs introduced the Smart Remote, the world’s first contextual remote control, at CES 2016.

Utilizing indoor localization technology and featuring a dynamic adaptation of display and control, the universal, family-friendly device allows users to interact with any smart device in the home by simply pointing and clicking – avoiding the multi-step process involved with nearly all smart home apps and management options on the market.

With an open SDK, the list of items and services compatible with the Smart Remote is endless. For instance, it is currently compatible with Philips Hue lights, Sonos speakers and Nest Learning Thermostat. It comes with 3 connected sockets to allow the remote to locate itself within the home space and a charging base, which can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table.

The Smart Remote is currently in development. It will be available for pre-order in Q1 2016 and shipping in September 2016.

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OneAdaptr STACK™ Modular Power Socket System revolutionizes conventional power strip and surge protector.

oneadapter1The OneAdaptr STACK™ worldwide patent pending modular mechanism offers flexibility to you like nothing before, allowing you to build your very own power socket specifically to your need with the OneAdaptr STACK™ list of add-on accessories – from additional AC socket extensions, USB charging solutions to Surge Protection for your AV and Tel/Fax/LAN system.

OneAdaptr STACK™ solves an age-old problem – stacks of power adaptors stuffed into a gang of sockets, and the mess of wires that tangle around them. Forget clumsy, old fashioned surge protectors. Your precious equipment deserves OneAdaptr STACK™ Modular Power System. With OneAdaptr STACK™ Modular Power System, you simply add on the specific socket types that you need. No mess, no fuss, no waste.

OneAdaptr has over 10 years of experience creating innovative power solutions.  Our Twist and Flip were highly successful Kickstarter campaign and Stack is the next one.  This project is 2 years in making and we are very excited to bring it to market at the beginning of 2016.

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The Modern Day Whiteboard for the Modern Day Meeting

Remember when people used to sit in meeting rooms and watch as one willing volunteer stood up to take notes on the whiteboard? As everyone called out ideas, the whiteboard volunteer would jot it down and on and on it would go until the whiteboard was full. Out came the eraser (or the unfortunate hand which got covered in mysterious black fibers and ink).And then the whiteboard got red carpet treatment. Everyone would whip out their smartphones, stand around the whiteboard and snap photo after photo to capture what was written on it. Oftentimes blurry, usually yellowish, the photos would have to be stitched together somehow in order to make sense again of what had been written down.

Has anyone ever really gone back to those photos to type up notes or use the sketches in a presentation? And if they did, did they enjoy the exercise? If so, we’d like to meet them because they’re the unsung hero of every meeting. And while these experiences probably sound familiar and frustrating, we haven’t even touched upon the remote participant. They can’t see anything written on the whiteboard. We’ve all been there – and it’s not a particularly engaging experience. Collaborating with our coworkers should be simple and effortless. The work that comes from the time we take to participate in meetings should be helpful, accessible, and seamless to use – making the meeting doubly productive.

The tool that can make it that way? SMART kapp. And now, SMART kapp iQ. With SMART kapp and kapp iQ, you can take photos of the content along the way. With the touch of the camera icon button on the bottom, capture the progression of a brainstorm, or a process – anything you can think up. And people don’t have to be in the same meeting room, either. They can connect to the session wherever they are with their laptop, mobile device, or tablet. And with SMART kapp iQ, they can contribute too – from anywhere, anytime. With the latest version of the free SMART kapp app (for Android and iOS), you can now share with up to 35 remote participants at a time and you can use a persistent URL for your kapp meetings. With the paid app, you can also now pick up right where you left off. We’ve taken the guesswork out when it comes to resuming your meeting. So stop being old-fashioned and start attending meetings in the modern age.

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