Kwilt previews KwiltKeys photo keyboard, the first universal personal photos keyboard for iOS

With over 2B highly active mobile users telling their stories with photos through social networks, messaging, photo editing, dating and many other apps, and with the unprecedented rate at which we take photos and store them on many scattered platforms, there is a need for a hub that funnels consumers’ personal photos and make them available in real time to any app right from their mobile. Yet, today, sharing personal photos is a real struggle for mobile users.

Enters KwiltKeysTM personal photo keyboard, the easiest and fastest way to share your photos from anywhere to any app. Photos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, CloudDrive and many more sources can now be inserted into any mobile app right from a slick visual custom keyboard. It’s that simple.

KwiltKeys will be available for free as a Private Beta to the public on June 24, 2015.

Kwilt, the maker of the KwiltPhotos app, removes the pain from searching and gathering photos from mobile, cloud storage, home and social networks in the most elegant way. Photos are now at consumers’ fingertips, ready to group into albums, edit, show and share, right from their mobile. For more information visit

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4SeTV Streaming Device lets you Watch Four Live TV Channels at Once on Tablet, Smartphone or TV

OTA TV Streaming Device 4SeTV BlackReady for a whole new way to watch TV? Whether you’re a sports fanatic or just a TV aficionado, with the 4SeTV™ streaming device  you never have to choose between games or shows again: Watch four live TV channels at once on your tablet, smartphone or TV.  Alternatively, up to four people can view an individual live show of their choice on four different devices at the same time.

OTA TV Streaming Device 4SeTV PackagingBuilt on patent pending technology, the 4SeTV networked TV tuner uses over-the-air broadcasting and streams the HD content you want to see to connected devices in your home network. It’s the first-ever device that lets you select and watch four channels on the same screen. There are no pay-TV options that allow you to do this.

An easy-to-use interface makes the 4SeTV app the center of an enhanced viewing experience- you have control from the palm of your hand. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app allows smartphone or tablet users to easily select and control the four channels they want to watch- on their device or cast to a big screen TV. 4SeTV is priced at $179, and can be seen at the CE Week Press Breakfast.

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First Alert Brings the Future of Comfort and Safety to 2015 CE Week

Imagine a watch that pulls triple-duty as a timepiece, a fitness tracker and a personal safety device, or safes and smoke alarms that can “talk” to your smartphone.  First Alert, the most trusted name in home safety, is letting people know that interconnectivity and a comfortable home environment can be second nature with the Onelink™ collection. Designed to seamlessly integrate with one another to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive smart home, Onelink™ products can be controlled and monitored from virtually anywhere by a user’s mobile device.

First Alert announced its Onelink collection at CES 2015 to rave reviews. The collection includes the following products that will be available in the coming months, in addition to the Onelink Wi-Fi Wireless Thermostat, currently available online and in stores:

  • Onelink Wi-Fi Wireless Combination Smoke & CO Alarm – available for presale on
  • Onelink Watch – available for presale on
  • Onelink Wi-Fi Wireless Environment Monitor
  • Onelink Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Safe

Visit First Alert at CE Week (Altman building, table 136) or visit for more information

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Time to get fit. Meet CandyShell Fit for Apple Watch

CandyShellFitLifestyle002_v3Before Apple Watch had come close to achieving the momentum it has today, Speck was hard at work designing a solution to protecting another one of Apple’s most advanced, beautifully designed, and vulnerable devices. The new smartwatch is proving itself to enhance the way people work, communicate, and especially track their health. As consumers move towards a healthier lifestyle with the help of their device, Speck set out to create the best Apple Watch accessory to supplement consumer’s fitness goals.

Meet CandyShell Fit: The all-around protective solution for Apple Watch. Its dual-layer construction is made of the same material as our award-winning, best-selling CandyShell for the world’s most popular smartphones to protect your Apple Watch from shock and impact. Its easy on and off application lets you put on and remove CandyShell Fit quickly, so you won’t miss a beat. Plus, a raised bezel surrounds the perimeter of your Apple Watch’s screen to guard against damage to its glass face.

Now consumers can put on CandyShell Fit, so they can take off – with reinforced protection that doubles the possibilities of their day. Go one step further, knowing that Apple Watch will be guarded from everyday bumps and collisions. Track fitness goals in rough and rugged conditions, whether that means pumping iron at crossfit, scaling walls in rock climbing, or cycling for miles without fear of damaging your new favorite Apple device. Speck lets you work hard, and play harder, with CandyShell Fit.

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Hoyos Labs’ Host of Technologies Bring Privacy Protection to Any Industry

As cybersecurity incidents multiply in frequency, both corporations and consumers desperately need a solution to protect their privacy. More and more companies are realizing that antiquated security measures –usernames, passwords, PINs, keycards – are futile in the face of today’s hackers. Biometrics-based technologies prove a person’s true identity and are the solution when it comes to data security, digital access control and authentication.

At this year’s ShowStoppers @ CE Week, Hoyos Labs is showcasing a host of technologies that can be applied across industries, from healthcare to financial services. These offerings only require the use of smartphones and ready-to-use server components. Their solutions include an app that lets people access websites securely, a way to encrypt documents and communication, access control for corporate intranet that removes the need for usernames and passwords, an ATM that requires no PINs or bank cards, and keyless door locks.

Hoyos Labs is raising the bar on security and digital privacy. They have one overriding goal – to build disruptive technology for consumers and businesses that safeguard identity, giving you near-effortless access to your digital life. Their solutions address authentication using an individual’s unique identity – face, voice, fingerprints, iris – and smartphones. See a demo of their offerings at Table No. 181.

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Experience Your Home in a Whole New Way with singlecue – Your Touch-free Universal Controller

Meet singlecue from eyeSight, the world’s first touch-free universal controller for your TV, entertainment, and smart home devices. With one wave of your finger singlecue provides instant control over your many devices, unifying the separate devices into one experience.

Make your home smarter with singlecue. singlecue is a standalone device that consolidates your TV, media center (cable box, disc player , AV receiver) and smart home devices in a single interface controlled by a wave of your finger. singlecue supports IR remote controlled devices and selected Wi-Fi enabled ones, singlecue brings touch-free universal control capabilities to your existing devices without the need for additional equipment.

Simply move your finger to turn on the TV, select channels, play or pause a disc, adjust the temperature or even dim the lights, you can even put a finger on your lips in a “shush” gesture to mute the volume- No more juggling remote controls or apps for activating your devices.

Remotes out. Magic in.

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ZEISS demonstrates exciting new capabilities of Virtual Reality (VR) by combining Internet of Things devices, plus innovative Android and iOS apps with the affordable, upgradeable ZEISS VR ONE smartphone headset



Since 1846 ZEISS has been an international leader in optics and optoelectronics. In late 2014 ZEISS announced they would apply their considerable expertise to Virtual Reality (VR). The result is the affordable ZEISS VR ONE open source headset, featuring ZEISS premium optics and ergonomic design.

Winner of the 2015 iF Design Award, the ZEISS VR ONE features a smartphone tray system that allows different smartphones to be used and lets owners upgrade their headset performance as smartphone technology advances. Plus, the ZEISS VR ONE requires no adjustments for eye spacing and can be used while wearing eyeglasses.

The ZEISS VR ONE innovative optical design produces clear, sharp picture quality from image center to edge delivering an outstanding VR experience. Smartphone-specific trays for devices from 4.7” to 5.2” guarantee optimal screen positioning when inserted into the ZEISS VR ONE to display a detailed, vibrant image with an approximate 100-degree field-of-view. The ZEISS VR ONE takes full advantage of the smartphone’s built-in accelerometer to smoothly change point-of-view within the VR environment as a wearer’s head is moved.

ZEISS VR ONE apps provide convenient content access with an intuitive graphical user interface for hands-free user control and interaction. The “ZEISS VR ONE Media Launcher” initiates app installs. then selects and launches ZEISS optimized VR apps including the “ZEISS VR ONE Cinema” app, which accesses stored user content to select and watch 2D or 3D video on a huge ZEISS virtual cinema screen. To experience Augmented Reality (AR), the “ZEISS VR ONE AR” app plus an AR “cube” is included for a fun demonstration of AR animation overlaid with the real world.

At CE Week the ZEISS VR ONE will be demonstrated along with a fast growing catalog of Android and iOS Google “Cardboard” compatible apps available from Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Plus an expanding eco-system of ZEISS VR ONE compatible “Internet of Things” devices to showcase exciting and entertaining new VR capabilities.


More information on ZEISS VR ONE is available at The ZEISS VR ONE headset ($120 MSRP) and ZEISS VR ONE trays ($9.90 MSRP) are available now from ZEISS (, and authorized resellers. Trays are currently available for the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6. Plus, free CAD files to 3D print trays can be downloaded from ZEISS for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 5 and LG G3 phones.

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See the Latest in Cord Cutting Technology

Nuvyyo – the makers of the Tablo Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR — shows the latest update to the DVR for cordcutters at CEWeek. The update includes support for several new highly-anticipated features that dramatically improve the management, storage and playback of HDTV recordings. The new firmware includes the following new features:

  • Support for larger hard drives
  • Expanded support for FFW previews & closed captioning
  • Background SmartSync
  • Bulk delete
  • Much more

Stop by booth 140 at CEWeek to learn how easy it is to cut the cord on cable with Tablo’s OTA DVR and apps for PC/Mac, iOS & Android smartphones and tablets, Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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Innovating weight loss: How wearables, devices, and technology are enabling smarter weight loss

Lose It! Product Shot_Watch Tablet Smartphone Watch_400PXDeciding it’s time to lose weight is only one part of the weight-loss equation. The bigger, more challenging, and often daunting task is deciding what weight-loss program to use. For years, the weight loss industry has been wrought with points, pills, pre-packaged food, diet centers, low-carb, and other gimmicks designed to deliver weight loss fast. The reality is that these solutions are out of touch with the rapid evolution of technology and consumer demands. The rising expectation of consumers today is to lose weight on the go while eating real food and developing habits that will help them live healthier lives.

That’s where Lose It! comes in. Lose It!, the most comprehensive app-based weight-loss program, was founded to help real people achieve real weight loss by combining the proven nutritional science of calorie counting with cutting-edge technology. Members can easily log their daily diets, exercises, and other key health metrics on their phones, tablets, and watches to stay on track and achieve their weight-loss goals. Lose It! members have access to an active community of more than 24 million members, where they can join challenges, collect badges, and gain support from others on the same path.

Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all program. It’s an extremely personal and emotional process. For that reason, Lose It! allows each member to personalize their individual program. Want to lose weight and still enjoy a glass of wine or a slice of pizza? Lose It! helps members understand their daily choices and teaches them how these habits can impact their weight-loss goals through tools like its Patterns feature. Additionally, Lose It! recently joined forces the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices program to further reward Lose It! members for their healthy habits. Now, Lose It! members who participate in the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices program will receive points, which can be redeemed on Walgreen purchases, for logging their workouts, as well as recording weight and tracking steps.

Lose It! is the future of weight loss — personal, convenient, and easy. Lose It! stands at the forefront of the connected health trend, and has already helped more than 24 million people lose over 40 million pounds the right way. Giving consumers new, smarter ways to lose weight and live healthier lives is what Lose It! is all about. Members can download Lose It! for both iPhone and Android.

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The Number One Dock for Mac Notebooks is here!

LandingZone displays its full line of MacBook docking stations for the first time at DevFocus. LandingZone docking stations for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display notebooks allow near instant connection to your monitors, hard drives, printers, keyboards, mice and many more peripherals.

Simply snap the computer into place and release the computer using its lever. A built-in locking mechanism allows the attachment of acclaimed Kensington® locks to secure your MacBook at the office, in public, or during travel.

These are the first and only docking stations for MacBooks notebooks that lock the notebooks to deter theft. Its cost is surprisingly low considering the utility and protection it provides. Come see a demonstration of the full LandingZone line.

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