HP innovates with new display technology for the artist in you

HP announced two new HP DreamColor Displays, once again disrupting the color-critical display market by achieving new levels of affordability and color accuracy. The HP Z27x and Z24x displays for PCs and Macs feature HP’s second-generation DreamColor Engine and provide up to 1.07 billion on-screen colors, achieving color error so small that it is not discernible to the human eye.

The result of unprecedented technology collaboration with DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and other leading studios, the first HP DreamColor Display, the HP LP2480zx, addressed an increasingly critical need for affordable and consistent color accuracy in the animation, photography, film/video post, broadcast, product design and graphic arts categories. With the new DreamColor Displays, HP has once again pushed the limits of innovation to bring users unrivaled accurate and consistent color from displays, to the big screen to print.

Additionally, HP announced two workstation-industry firsts, updates to its virtual workstation and real-time collaboration software to enable remote workstation productivity from a Windows 8 tablet and a solution to solve the storage bottleneck for customers creating large data.

HP RGS is remote desktop software that offers a different way for workstation users to get the job done, enabling real-time collaboration between multiple users simultaneously and providing remote access to a workstation with little to no loss of performance.

HP Z Turbo Drive is the first cost-effective PCIe-based SSD (Solid State Drive) for desktop workstations, allowing users to access up to twice the performance at a cost similar to today’s standard SATA SSD.

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New Scality Partnerships Leverage the Power of the RING for Highly Scalable and Global Media Workflows

Scality will unveil partnerships at NAB to extend the power of Scality’s software defined storage solution, the Scality RING. These partnerships enable more integrated and cost-effective workflow, particularly for companies managing petabyte-scale data or who operate in a multi-site or global environment.

Scality and Seagate are collaborating to offer media customers a massively scalable and lower-cost storage system based on Scality’s RING and Seagate’s new Kinetic Open Storage Platform.  This platform decouples storage and the processing associated with storage.  This decoupling optimizes the performance and the cost of the storage platforms.  It allows enables a simplified and more flexible architecture that will reduce the complexity and associated costs  of managing peta-scale platforms.

Aspera, a leader in file transfer will announce the availability of the company’s FASP, making it easy, fast and secure to transfer large media content to and from the Scality RING across globally distributed media production centers. SGI will announce the integration of its data virtualization and storage tiering environment, SGI DMF (Data Migration Facility) with the RING, enabling auto-tiering of data based on cost and utilization patterns. Movement between tiers occurs at wire speed, significantly reducing the cost of high-volume storage.


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LaCie Enables 4K Post-Production with Latest Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solutions

LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate Technology, announced at the 2014 NAB Show three new storage solutions featuring Thunderbolt 2 technology. The LaCie 8big Rack, 5big and 2big feature industry leading speeds and the latest 6TB hard drives from Seagate. This combination of speed and capacity make these products ideal for 4K workflows. Built-in hardware RAID keeps data safe, while cutting-edge industrial design delivers user efficiency and stunning appearance.

The LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2 is the company’s first Thunderbolt 2 rackmount storage solution. Compact and stylish, the LaCie 8big Rack features up to eight 6TB 7200RPM hard drives from Seagate, for an impressive 48TB in a mere 1U size. Delivering speeds of up to 1330MB/s, it is the most powerful plug and play rackmount solution for 4K video editing.

Now featuring Thunderbolt 2 technology, hardware RAID 5 and industry-leading capacity, the new LaCie 5big is nearly two times faster – delivering speeds of up to 1050MB/s. Thanks to Seagate’s new 6TB 7200RPM hard drives, it boasts a 20% capacity increase, which makes it the most compact 30TB storage device on the market. With these advances, the new LaCie 5big gives video professionals huge capacity and ample bandwidth for improving 4K workflows – right on the desktop.

The new LaCie 2big boasts a host of features including Thunderbolt 2 technology, hardware RAID and a new industrial design. Speeds of up to 420MB/s along with two 6TB 7200RPM hard drives from Seagate make the new LaCie 2big the fastest, highest capacity dual-bay external storage solution on the market. It features USB 3.0 for compatibility with nearly any computer. Plus, its all-new industrial design sets a new standard for versatility and reliability.

The new LaCie 8big Rack, 5big and 2big join the Little Big Disk (shipping since February 2014) to create the most comprehensive Thunderbolt 2 storage range on the market. LaCie will demonstrate these products at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 7-10, 2014. Customers attending the show are encouraged to stop by the LaCie booth (SL9927) to see first hand how these products excel in 4K workflows. For an exclusive sneak peek of these demonstrations, watch this video filmed earlier today: www.lacie.com/NAB2014

The LaCie 8big Rack, 5big and 2big, featuring Thunderbolt 2, will be available this quarter through the LaCie online store and LaCie resellers. Pricing will be announced when the product is available for purchase.

For more information about these product and to download high-resolution images, visit the LaCie NAB pressroom at: http://presskit.lacie.com/

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Pay TV at Web Speed: Ericsson’s Vision for the Future of TV

tv-yourstuffYou know the feeling: Your coworkers are gushing over a TV show. Feeling left out, you go to binge on the show only to discover on demand episodes are only available on the TV and not viewable on your mobile device. You search online services but they only have partial seasons, and the streaming quality is average at best. The season ends before you can catch up, and a coworker accidentally ruins the big cliffhanger not knowing you were still several episodes behind.

Is this really the “TV of the Future?”

Not according to Ericsson. In our view, the consumer should be able to watch whatever they want, whenever, no matter the device. And the experience should be integrated – no more shifting between different platforms to find content. This is the inspiration for Ericsson’s vision for Future TV Anywhere, a web-and-cloud-based SaaS platform that delivers Pay TV at Web Speed.

By combining the service quality and content depth of Pay TV with the interactivity and multi-screen capabilities of Over the Top (OTT) video, Future TV Anywhere gives consumers an integrated, personalized Pay TV experience.

Operators benefit from this vision too. Future TV Anywhere makes it possible for TV operators to keep up with ever changing consumer demands. The cloud based platform enables operators to quickly roll out new services and features much like Web services like Facebook and Google do today. All of this while still accommodating the intense loads associated with live TV.

Join us at Showstoppers NAB to learn more about Ericsson’s vision for the future of TV – a future where TV is anywhere on any device and the experience evolves with the consumer.

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muvee: Edit GoPro videos on your Android phone

By Lindsay Stevens at muvee03-01-BlogImage-Small.

“I was out snowboarding in Lake Tahoe with my GoPro and wanted to quickly put some highlight clips to music and post on YouTube. I then realized that there must be a ton of GoPro users who are out mountain biking, diving, surfing or kayaking…in places where you don’t want to bring a PC. I thought: “I should be able to edit my GoPro videos on my phone immediately!” – Terence Swee, muvee CEO.

We created Action Studio as the first app that allows users to side-load videos to their Android devices. There are three different editing modes. Fast Mode allows users to instantly trim clips, join them together, and even add speed ramp effects to specific moments. Automatic Mode allows users to select a Style that quickly generates a professional-looking video with complex OpenGL effects and 3D transitions instantly. Pro Mode has a full manual editing timeline complete with professionally designed transitions, filters and overlays that were specifically created for action-oriented footage.

We have also created 3 cost-effective Android apps that make editing video on your phone quick and painless. muvee reTrim is designed for users to very easily trim their videos to the desired scene, and mix in a background music track from their collection. muvee reFrame allows users to zoom, crop and reframe HD videos instantly. muvee reAction applies a professionally designed slow motion profile on a one-second segment of video instantly.This is the first time muvee apps are available in the Google Play Store.

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PASSPORT Max™ Continues Wins With Industry Awards

ESCORT’s PASSPORT Max™ all-digital detector wins 2014 Car & Driver Shootout – now available in all-new Limited Edition models!

Escort Passport MAX Limited EdESCORT Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world’s best premium automotive accessories, wins Car & Driver Magazine’s 2014 detector test with the PASSPORT Max – the world’s first and only all-digital radar detector. As the innovative leader in High Definition (HD) Radar Performance, the PASSPORT Max™ has the fastest response time and longest range of any other detector available.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows the PASSPORT Max™ to eliminate false signals and identify real threats on the road. The multi-color OELD display illuminates vibrant icons that identify what type threat lies ahead, while patented AutoLearn technology uses the power of GPS and the exact frequency to automatically memorize and block out false alerts. The performance of PASSPORT Max™ is truly unparalleled.

And now the PASSPORT Max™ is available in all-new Limited Edition models including: Brilliant Blue, Glossy Black, Burled Wood, and Carbon Fiber. With this unique customizing, drivers can enjoy the key benefits of the world’s only all-digital premium radar detector while driving in their personal selected style matching the award-winning detector to the interior of their vehicle.

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Behind the Screens: How the Cloud and Avere are Transforming M&E Technology for VFX

avereDid you know that the special effects for the top 12 blockbuster movies of 2013 were made possible by Avere’s next generation data storage? The expansion and acceleration of media today has forced the entertainment industry to embrace the latest technology in order to continually push the envelope when it comes to delivering the high-quality visual and special effects movie-goers expect. More often than not it’s the computer-generated effects that make or break a movie at the box office.

While visual effects studios embrace innovative technologies to support their creative efforts, they must also meet tightening deadlines and shrinking budgets. The panacea is screaming-fast access to files AND lower cost storage options offered by private and public cloud. Avere FlashCloud when used with a storage cloud delivers unlimited performance scaling at a fraction of the cost.

Hear how M&E powerhouses plan to use the cloud for ever tying from rendering to film archival.

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Want to know what all the buzz is about? Attunity Maestro is the new Large-File and Big Data Transfer gunslinger in town for NAB – and it means business!

How do you tame the unruly wild west of Large-File and Big Data transfer challenges with one single platform? You call in Maestro.
NAB 2014 is the launch event for Attunity’s Maestro data flow and automation platform. With the announcement of Attunity Maestro, Media companies will now be armed with automation and control to combat the complex process of composing, conducting and monitoring data flow across an entire global enterprise.

Attunity Maestro will be unveiled and demonstrated live for the first time at ShowStoppers and during the NAB event. The revolutionary solution enables organizations to increase business productivity by empowering them to design and monitor large-file/Big Data transfer processes in a powerful, unified control platform. Supporting global data centers and cloud environments, Attunity Maestro is engineered for distributed enterprises that need to integrate critical data transfer processes into daily business activity. The solution accelerates and coordinates data transmission and deployment processes of Big Data and large-file assets, delivering speed, simplicity and scalability to virtually any business or IT processes that require information availability.

Designed for a diverse portfolio of users: IT Operations, Lines of Business and Risk Management Teams alike, Attunity Maestro provides unique controls for defining, executing, managing and auditing all transaction and automation initiatives. Common uses include middle-mile content distribution, data consolidation for central analytics, production code deployment, and datacenter migrations.

Using Attunity Maestro, organizations can:

• Centrally manage and control information flow processes
• Enjoy and benefit from quick time-to-value
• Enable higher efficiency and productivity
• Empower line-of-business staff to self-service
• Free up IT resources

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Big Balance intros mobile, handheld gimbal devices for cameras, camcorders, DSLRs

Gorilla big balanceBig Balance Technology is introducing a full line of mobile, handheld electronic gimbal devices. Big Balance gimbals provides balance, stability and support for your camera devices while tracking and shooting any video in motion (that includes the movement by subject and cameraperson). The Big Balance mobile line supports everything from smartphones to action cameras and camcorders, and DSLR’s that are becoming more common in shooting high definition video.

Big Balance products start with 2-Axis electronic gimbals for smartphones, including the most popular products, like the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy line (other mobile phones are also supported). More and more prosumer and professional video is being produced with smartphones, and Big Balance products insure that every shot is focused and smooth, and not capturing video full of bumps, jiggles, stutter and flutter. Next, Big Balance products move up to work with action cameras like the GoPro and camcorders. Our gimbal product line supports the use of video capture at any height (shooting above the crowd) and at any angle or speed (running and shooting parallel to a skateboarder while holding the camera below your waste). And our growing line of accessories include the ability to wirelessly shoot video remotely, and adding second screens (via smartphones and tablets using WiFi) so you can see what your camera is capturing even when you can’t see the cameras screen. And at the top of the line, for shooting the highest quality video, Big Balance has a gimbal product that supports camera devices from 400 – 800+ grams, including DSLR’s and BlackMagic pocket cameras.

At Showstoppers we will demonstrate all our products working with all types of imaging and video capturing devices. We will offer the press the ability to try the product at the event and in our booth at NAB. For more information, contact info@bigbalance.com.

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Source Elements goes Chrome for real-time production

Source-Elements-Blog-PostSource-Connect Pro has been the go-to product for professional projects needing remote, HD audio over the internet since 2005, including Oscar-winning composer Bret Mckenzie, who used Source-Connect to do vocal sessions for ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ with the Muppets and Tina Fey, from New Zealand to London. The products have been used in countless blockbuster movies and music projects along with commercial productions of all types, replacing costly ISDN systems.

New features in their flagship product Source-Connect version 3.8 allow you to establish high-quality audio connections without needing to configure any firewall or network, while other networking features allow it to mold itself into the most strict and security conscious networks.

Source-Connect Now, the newest offering from Source Elements, is a Chrome browser-based solution that is the most affordable and flexible HD real-time audio application available today. It can make use of the Source-Nexus AAX plug-in, the only one of its kind, to route the browsers or any application’s audio into or out of Pro Tools.

From the home user to the high end, Source Elements is breaking new ground with the Source-Connect Pro X, the most affordable 5.1 surround connection method available for productions.

There are also new features for Source-Live making it possible for post production editors, sound designers, and composers to work with clients remotely along with live 1080p HD picture. While streaming picture and audio might not be so revolutionary, the quality of audio and video available in Source-Live now is certainly far superior and artifact free compared to other options like Skype or various cobbled together chat applications. Source-Live with Video will capture video and audio from any desktop system (Avid, Final Cut, Pro Tools etc) and stream it seamlessly to any client with web access, along with real-time video and chat via the browser application ‘Source-Live Gateway’.

With Source Elements, audio and media professionals have at their fingertips any method they need to easily and affordably collaborate and record remotely over the Internet.

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