HP Inc. Announces Its Most Innovative Workstation and Software for the Mac Community

HP Inc. has redefined its most innovative workstation ever and has introduced new HP capabilities for the creative Mac community. These technology advancements are designed to help artists, creatives and developers more quickly and efficiently bring designs and products to life.

HP today introduced its third generation of the HP Z1 Workstation, which combines the simplicity of an All-in-One design with performance typically found in traditional towers. The new smaller, thinner and lighter form factor delivers screaming performance at a great value.

  • 47 percent smaller, 51percent lighter and 21 percent less expensive than the previous generation
  • 23.6” diagonal anti-glare UHD 4K display for the ultimate in visual clarity when working on graphic intensive projects
  • Intel® Xeon® processor options for powerful workstation-class processing technology for the most demanding applications

Additionally, HP also detailed its new Apple® Mac® OS X Receiver. Using HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS), the receiver is designed to give Mac users access to their high-end HP Z Workstations. RGS allows engineers, animators and scientists to securely use all the performance, files and applications on their workstation, even when they are away from that workstation.

The latest addition of the HP Z1 Workstation and HP RGS Mac Receiver demonstrates HP’s unwavering commitment to professionals who consistently push the limits of technology to bring the world and the universe life changing innovations. Join us at the StudioXperience SL2425 to see and experience these new professional workstation products firsthand.

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“Ex Machina” Joins Academy Award-Winning Films Powered by Dell

By Molly Connolly, Dell

dellThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently hosted its annual 88th Academy Awards recognizing excellence in filmmaking. From the performances onscreen to the technical prowess behind the scenes, and of course, the fashion critics on the red carpet, this year’s honorees seemed to demonstrate how technology is helping bring the brilliant ideas from creative visionaries in filmmaking to fruition.

We were excited to see when longtime Dell customer, Double Negative, took home the Best Visual Effects Oscar for “Ex Machina,” surpassing major blockbusters in the category like “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The accolade means that Dell technology has now powered five of the last six Academy Awards in Visual Effects, including “Inception” (2010), “Hugo” (2011), “Gravity” (2013), and “Interstellar” (2014), along with numerous nominees. Double Negative was also the studio behind “Interstellar” and “Inception.”

Ex Machina” is a science fiction thriller that explores the intersection of humans and artificial intelligence at a whole new level. Double Negative helped introduce us to the character “Ava,” the world’s first artificial intelligence robot, who was portrayed by actress Alicia Vikander, also an Academy winner this year in the supporting actress category for “The Danish Girl.”

Bringing Ava to life is a prime example of continued innovation in computer-generated imagery (CGI) and involved a mix of powerful, modern Dell technology. The team at Double Negative used a range of solutions, including Dell Precision workstations, Dell PowerEdge M1000 blade servers and Dell PowerVault MD storage. Our Dell Precision workstations are purpose-built inside and out for the high performance, customization, reliability and certification that filmmakers need to manage massive and critical workflows, like major motion pictures.

Dell has been powering the media and entertainment industry for decades, and we’ve enjoyed working closely with VFX studios over the years to deliver the right solutions they need to enhance the experience for moviegoers. In addition to the CGI advancements of today, we’re also working with studios for the filmmaking needs of the future.

Dell supports projects and movie making of all kinds, from major blockbusters to independent films, and enable filmmakers to bring great stories to life. Last fall, we partnered with the Austin Film Society to introduce the first-ever AFS Powered by Dell Grant to award funding and technology to independent filmmakers from Texas. We also partnered with actor Adrian Grenier, Dell’s Social Good Advocate, on a documentary film contest to create inspiring stories on the circular economy movement and the role of technology in creating a better future.


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Ericsson reveals next level immersive TV with software defined video processing

Ericsson’s unique position in today’s TV industry and its expertise in media, mobility and cloud has enabled many of the most groundbreaking media industry transitions. At ShowStoppers, Ericsson will be demonstrating how it is harnessing the power of software defined video processing to enable immersive UHDTV content experiences.

Software defined video processing is at the core of Ericsson’s business, encompassing all processing and workflow functions to address any media format transformation and business process. For nearly 25 years, Ericsson has pioneered the world’s most advanced video compression technology and solutions, enabling industry transformations from analogue to digital, to HD, to multiscreen and soon, to immersive UHD. Showstoppers will be the chance to see how it has brought together pure software based compression from Envivio with its existing ultra-high performance hardware accelerated compression, to produce the most advanced, visually astounding results.

On its booth (#SU721) at NAB Show 2016 Ericsson will present how it is enabling content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers to reposition themselves for success in the internet era of television. It will show the industry’s broadest portfolio from media processing all the way through to media enrichment, publishing, delivery and culminating in the most sophisticated media experiences. Ericsson’s portfolio comprises multiple acquisitions and significant organic investments to leverage the latest technologies of virtualization, cloud and software defined workflows to enable customers to create agile innovations, while increasing efficencies.

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Why was EVERY advert in the 2016 Super Bowl screened with closed captions?

Because … 95 million Americans use captions!

HowToRepairGuidePic Superbowl2

Adding closed captions to commercials creates an additional media resource with which to engage your audience and extend the efficiency of your campaign. Additionally, closed captions improve comprehension and help viewers retain information.

EZ-Sync is a suite of automated tools that makes the captioning process fast, simple and accurate. EZ-Sync is the automated closed caption one-stop-shop, captioning to the highest standards, from an Israeli start up with innovative technologies that change the way captions are processed.

EZ-Sync automates your CC process, checks your caption files for FCC compliance and corrects non-compliant captions, making QA easier and faster. Watch a demo: http://www.ez-sync.net/#!video-samples/gh39s

EZ-Sync is your Live to Offline (L2O) captioning conversion solution. The challenge for broadcasters with live captioned shows is the FCC 79.1 legislation request to convert shows to offline captions within 24 hours. EZ Live to Offline (L2O) converts your live caption file into an offline, pop-on caption file, according to the most rigorous standards. It automatically corrects, detects and reports.

Results from live shows

Original audio quality Original caption quality Good captions before L20 Good captions after L20 Improvement
Good Bad 15% 92% +77%
Bad Bad 7% 87% +80%

Watch our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEOAFqc1VxM

EZ-Comply meets FCC 79.1 closed caption requirements with confidence! Linguistech’s EZ-Comply enables you to automatically verify that caption files meet FCC regulations. EZ-Comply not only removes uncertainty from caption assessment, it also significantly increases caption quality.
With groundbreaking technology that evaluates every caption, repairs mistakes and issues a report detailing any problems, EZ-Comply is your automatic Acceptance Tester.

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Driving the transformation of television at Showstoppers @ NAB Show

Guido_Meardi, CEO and founder, V-NovaBy Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder at V-Nova

V-NOVA_application_tablet1_EDITWe return to Las Vegas for our second NAB Show since launching V-Nova on April 1st last year. To celebrate our first year anniversary, we are taking part in Showstoppers to enable visitors to see how far V-Nova PERSEUS™ has come since launch.

This time last year, we were a newcomer to the video compression stage. One year on, we are showing how we can enable best quality video delivery for all at ShowStoppers, with real products and solutions that are already deployed. Alongside Fabio Murra, SVP Product and Marketing at V-Nova, I will be available to take media through two exciting demos:

• SD video delivered to 2G mobile devices: our collaboration with Fastfilmz will enable visitors to witness how we help launch OTT mobile video services for low-bandwidth consumers – even down to congested 2G networks.
• 4K at 4mpbs: through our V-Nova PERSEUS™ compression technology, we reduce the bitrate requirements for 4K to 4mpbs, an industry first.

launch an OTT mobile video service for low-bandwidth consumers in India, something previously impossible over their congested 2G networks.

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Plug, create and play with Videa – a simple way for media brands to create high performing video apps

digiflareIt’s an established fact that more and more media brands are diving into content delivery over the internet. According to the Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey 60%+  of US consumers now subscribe to a video streaming service[1]. Also, the much analyzed millennials – spend 46% to 56% of their time watching TV shows on devices other than a television[2]. To capture the fast-growing number of viewers who stream content online, Digiflare is building experiences for mobile and connected TV screens.

Videa is a cloud-based platform that allows media brands to deliver high quality streaming experiences to mobile and connected screens alike. It integrates with a customer’s existing back-end video infrastructure and uses native code pre-vetted by OEMs to expedite app launches in weeks not months. Its single, intuitive interface allows brands to manage, edit and update every aspect of application UI and content presentation without the need for coding or design tools.

Working in tandem with partner technologies from Akamai, Verizon Digital Media Services, and Comcast Wholesale, Digiflare is bridging the gap between content owners and audiences who want better and more convenient streaming experiences. Whether ad- or subscription-supported, authenticated or direct-to-consumer, the Videa platform delivers market-ready apps using a process that’s scalable, repeatable and fast.

At Showstoppers Digiflare will showcase the power of Videa and how it helped the Television Academy provide Emmy Awards voters with smart, innovative streaming alternative to physical DVD screeners.



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GRIDD™: The floor broadcast engineers love

Gridd1BBroadcast facilities experience one of the highest rates of turnover and churn of any building type.  Reconfiguring the inside of a studio, moving and changing furniture and equipment and altering interior layouts is costly and time consuming.  This is why many of the major networks have begun to install Gridd™ from FreeAxez in their portfolio of studios, broadcast centers and production facilities throughout the USA.  Recently one of the top three networks installed Gridd in a midtown Manhattan studio space that had been reconfigured seven times in the last year, each time tearing down walls, ceilings and breaking into concrete. These headaches and costly changes evaporate with Gridd.

Designed to support the cable management needs of high performance buildings, Gridd optimizes the ability to reconfigure any space and is virtually silent.  Gridd is a flooring system that provides cable management that is so flexible it allows any production team to swiftly adapt technology to new space configurations in a fraction of the time.  Additionally, Gridd is designed to be silent.  Integrated in the Gridd system design are sound dampening qualities that prevent noise from foot fall and other movement.

Plug1AThe award-winning Adaptive Cabling Distribution™ Systems, Gridd™ and GriddPower™ deliver a whole building solution, creating long term adaptability for all future upgrades and layout changes.  Installed directly under the floor coverings of any space Gridd channels open in seconds without tools – eliminating core drills, trenches, power poles and cables in hard-to-reach locations in ceilings, walls and slabs. GriddPower™ tracks fit hand-in-glove in the accessible channels, enabling floor boxes, consoles, furniture, and equipment to connect anywhere. Broadcast studios, post-production rooms, newsrooms, performance halls, stages, sets, editing rooms, and offices all benefit from Gridd.

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Set it and Forget It! PlayOn Reveals First-Ever Streaming Video Recorder at ShowStoppers

PlayOn will give the first public demo of their fully-featured Streaming Video Recorder or “SVR,” at ShowStoppers. PlayOn’s SVR service is a revolutionary application allowing PC users to record streaming TV shows and movies and play them back on a multitude of devices without the ads or the need for an Internet connection. Users can leverage a unified interface and channel guide to record, cast and stream from more than 100 streaming sites including Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central, and all the major networks.

Recording and saving content has never been easier – the SVR enables users to record movies or TV shows, or even an entire series, all with the click of a button. Video recordings are saved to a user’s computer so they can be enjoyed ad-free on a TV from the comfort of their couch or on-the-go on a tablet or mobile device – no Internet connection required.

PlayOn is available as a free download and allows users to stream shows or movies and cast their local media from a PC to a TV or device. To record and play back media ad-free, and cast streaming media to a TV or device, PlayOn Plus is available as a paid upgrade.

PlayOn’s first-of-its-kind SVR gives consumers the ability to time shift and screen shift shift by recording streaming media for consumption at a later date where and when it is more convenient. Users gain additional flexibility in viewing content, as PlayOn allows users to simply ‘set it and forget it’ by automatically recording new episodes of shows as soon as they become available. Users can even designate their own recording hours to conserve daytime bandwidth. For more information about PlayOn, visit www.playon.tv.

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ABonAir Transmitting Excitements – Wirelessly!

ABonAir designs and markets wireless video link systems utilizing microwave technology for professional camera and production teams worldwide.

ABonAir’s latest revolutionizing solution the AB525™, delivers video wirelessly within only 7 msec delay without compromising on superior video quality. The AB525™ supports countless unique features including: bi-directional link that acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, Multi-Zone Fiber Coverage Extender (FCE) which enables connection of a single Receiver to multiple FCEs in various sites (e.g. in horse racing tracks – race track, stables and the winning circle) with seamless roaming without losing a pixel and more.

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SpectraCal Releases Complete HDR Accuracy Solution

CalMAN Studio is SpectraCal's complete calibration suite for studio professionals. Capable of calibrating grade-1 reference monitors, computer monitors, and client-viewing flat panels or projectors, CalMAN Studio is the perfect tool for calibrating the entire production chain. Includes extensive hardware support for the latest monitors and video output devices, as well as advanced 3D LUT capabilities.

CalMAN Studio is SpectraCal’s complete calibration suite for studio professionals. Capable of calibrating grade-1 reference monitors, computer monitors, and client-viewing flat panels or projectors, CalMAN Studio is the perfect tool for calibrating the entire production chain. Includes extensive hardware support for the latest monitors and video output devices, as well as advanced 3D LUT capabilities.

Keeping pace with the rapid rollout of High Dynamic Range displays and the even more rapid evolution of HDR technologies, SpectraCal has provided the first comprehensive solution for ensuring image accuracy in HDR.

But HDR changes all the rules for calibrating, including the formulas governing the transition from dark to light, as well as the definition of the color palette itself. And, to complicate matters, there isn’t a single HDR standard, but multiple competing platforms.

SpectraCal’s CalMAN is the globally-recognized display calibration software used by studios, Pro AV, broadcasters, home theatres, etc. CalMAN is also commonly used by test centers, analysts, and video installers throughout the world.

The launch of CalMAN, Version 5.7 now includes support for HDR devices  and is being announced at ShowStoppers, and demonstrated at SpectraCal’s booth SL14816, South Hall at NAB. CalMAN 5.7 calibrates all flavors of HDR and all shipping HDR systems.

This latest generation of CalMAN family of products provides professional color calibration for the latest advanced technologies, as well as legacy installed-base displays.

Portrait Displays, the premier provider of customized display software to computer and display manufacturers throughout the world, has just acquired SpectraCal, in order to prove end-to-end control of picture quality, from the point of manufacture, through production, post-production, broadcast or streaming distribution to the point of final content viewing. The combined companies offer the most advanced solutions to anyone seeking to manage the accuracy of their displays.

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  • ShowStoppers is the global leader in producing press and business events spanning the US, Europe and Asia.

    Each event organizes product introductions, sneak previews and demonstrations for selected journalists, bloggers, industry and financial analysts, venture capitalists and business executives.

    Industry leaders, innovators and startups exhibit at ShowStoppers events around the world to help generate news coverage and product reviews, make new connections, promote brand, and open new markets.