Easily manage home Internet and connected devices on the go

Increasingly, every household has three or more devices per person that connect to the Internet – smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. As a result, home networks are becoming increasingly strained, resulting in slowdowns, disconnects, and many other frustrating problems. Until now.

With NetHero™ from Pie Digital,consumers have access to a free home network and device management on their mobile devices. Available for free download in the App Store, Google Play and online for Windows/OSX;  the 2014 CE Week Best in Show winning app lets consumers manage and optimize their home network and devices at home or on the go, ensuring they maximize their home Internet experience. Ideal for the family member who handles technology, NetHero simplifies the perplexing tasks of managing your home network, computers and devices:

  • Validate your actual speed vs. expected
  • Uncover every device on your network
  • Get alerts & simple instructions for fixing problems
  • Monitor your network and devices from anywhere

Stop by to see how NetHero can help you manage and monitor your connected home!

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Otterbox debuts Agility tablet system

We all want to live the simple life. That used to mean a rural lifestyle with no technology or neighbors for miles. In today’s connected world, handheld technology simplifies life by acting as phone, camera, digital assistant and more. OtterBox® simplifies tablet use even more with the new Agility tablet system.

Agility is made up of five components that come together to simplify the use of tablets in everyday activities. Those components include:

Shell – The Shell is the central component of the Agility tablet system. It snaps onto a tablet and provides trusted OtterBox protection and a built-in magnet system that allows the device to attach to other system elements.

Folio – While the Agility Shell provides drop protection, a lineup of folio options guards against scratches and doubles as a convenient display for hands-free viewing and comfortable typing. There are three different folio options available, each providing varying levels of tablet coverage and additional features.

Wall Mount – There is no need to clear a space on your workbench or counter top for a tablet with the Agility Wall Mount. The Wall Mount attaches to smooth surfaces with two included 3M Command Strips to provide easy tablet accessibility almost anywhere.

Dock – The Dock establishes a home base for tablets. Set it up on a desk, nightstand or kitchen counter. The dock conveniently holds tablets at the best angle for the task at hand.

Power Dock – The Power Dock is not only a home for tablets, it is a technology destination for multiple devices. The stand and charging station provide a charging hub for a tablet, plus two other devices, and a space to neatly tuck cords away.

Change the way you look at your tablet with the OtterBox Agility tablet system.

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LIMA Unifies All Your Content Across All Your Devices

132380-0910dd83-8d47-4a2d-a54b-54d47012bec6-different_2520devices-large-1401889609As people continue to use more and more devices, the need for accessing their content grows exponentially, however, different operating systems and devices see that content differently.

Introducing Lima, a “Smart Adapter” that consolidates and unifies all of your content from all of your devices.  Imagine a fascinating little device that is a bit like a smart operating system that sits on top of all others, and makes all operating systems, memory and files look and feel like the same one regardless of the device you’re using.

Lima also expands the size of your devices, allowing all of your devices to be as big as your Lima System at home regardless how much local memory you have on a device. What that means in the real world is that you can access all of your files available wherever you are, regardless of what device you’re on. That also means you don’t need to deal with file transfers anymore since everything is backed up instantly on your Lima system at home.

132382-1572763a-497a-498c-843c-a78b3640a58a-device_2520in_2520context-large-1401889900Unlike other solutions like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and others, Lima doesn’t create yet another silo for your content: it actually reinvents how your devices store data, changing the paradigm of file storage by solving the problem at its root. Lima actually records the files you create or download wherever you produce them the first time, creating one storage footprint for your files. You can also use Lima offline for more flexibility when you’re using your mobile device and on the road.

Lima is a godsend for anyone who has files across more than one device and wants a safe, easy, seamless and secure way to access and share their data. For more information, visit http://www.meetlima.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/meetlima.

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Introducing the New Tablo 4-Tuner DVR = More free HDTV to love!

TabloProductAndTablet_FrontLeft_400PXWhat (or who) is Tablo?

Tablo is an Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR for Cord-Cutters using antennas to access free broadcast HDTV content. Tablo lets you browse, record, and stream live and recorded HDTV programs on any device (iOS, or Android, Chromecast and Roku), anytime, anywhere in the world — without the expense or commitment of cable or satellite contracts.

Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR is here!

The brand new 4-Tuner Tablo OTA DVR launches at CE Week. It features two additional tuners for maximum live TV and recording flexibility.

The more tuners you have, the more free HDTV programs you can enjoy simultaneously:

• Watch up to 4 live TV streams at once
• Record up to 4 different programs at once
• Stream up to 4 programs at once using Tablo Connect (out-of-home streaming)

Because Tablo connects to your home network instead of your TV, it becomes a Whole-Home DVR that lets you watch your favorite shows on as many connected devices as you can cram onto your local network, limited only by your WiFi bandwidth!

Unlike other OTA DVRs out there, all Tablo units include dual-band WiFi enabling Tablo and the antenna to be placed in an optimal location for signal reception. Also, by storing guide data and recordings locally, Tablo’s gorgeous tablet apps are more responsive and fun to navigate than on-screen TV grid guides or remote-controlled interfaces.

Tablo 4-Tuner DVR Availability

The 4-Tuner Tablo will be available for purchase this month through TabloTV.com and trusted online retailers with an MSRP of $299.99 USD or $329.99 CAD.

For more information about Tablo and to download high-resolution images, visit the Tablo pressroom at: http://www.tablotv.com/press#press-kit

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DirecScan from Simple Living turns mountains of documents into files

DirectScanSLTWSF01_RedScannerWhat if we told you that we have a scanner that can turn mountains of documents into storable, encrypted, digital files and have them found in one safe place? Archive your photos and extra-long documents directly into your device or store them on a memory card. Meet DirectScan presented by Simple Living Technology.

What makes DirectScan so appealing is that not only it’s compact (about the size of a standard ruler) but also connects with a wireless encrypted network, and includes OCR software for Windows and Mac users based on scanner models. This scanner easily connects directly to your computer or smart device, and instantly turns your documents into saved readable PDF and JPG files with up to 1200DPI for high resolution. Setting up the scanner is very simple and user-friendly. To get started, simply, install the DirectScan app software on your Windows or Mac device, connect to its wireless network, and you are ready to start scanning. The scanner is designed for documents 8.5” width and up to 47”.

According to Simple Living Technology, the SLT-W4GD has a color display of 1.45” TFT, a detachable scanner feature that detaches from its auto-feed dock. For those looking for something smaller and more portable, DirectScan also makes the SLT-WSF01 which similar features apply, but is auto-feed without a dock. Overall, DirectScan scanners are a pleasure to use and easy to store. DirectScan retails for $99.95.

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Philips showcases what’s new in wireless sound speakers, headphones

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.59.55 AMThis week at CE Week in New York, Philips showcased what’s new in wireless sound with several new launches for the all-important holiday season. Philips takes speakers and headphones beyond just Bluetooth to offer the latest technologies—such as APTX and NFC —at consumer-friendly retails with several products under $50 making them perfect gifts for the holiday season. Philips showcased speakers and headphones that packed amazing sound into stylish designs that blend seamlessly into the home or make a statement on the go.

They offered a brilliant display of headphones, from Bluetooth to Sport to Fashion headphones.   The new line shows commitment to style and function offering key features consumers are looking for today: sound quality, durability, and wireless connectivity.  The new Bluetooth SHB5500 headphones offer powerful sound from 32 mm Neodymium drivers (unheard of at this price point), cushioned earshells that rotate in a DJ monitoring fashion; and with nine hours of playback, they are perfect for those who never want to miss a beat. Adjustable headband ensures a perfect fit and has controls right on the ear for ultimate convenience in taking calls on the go. The SHB5500 retails for $49.99 at retailers nationwide including Target stores starting in October.

Also packing big sound was the new collection of the Philips Bluetooth Speakers, the BT3500 and BT2500. These new speakers combine ultra portability with executive style for music in the office, at home, on the road or for the  college student’s dorm room.  With features such as anti-clipping for music quality, built-in microphones and one touch NFC pairing for convenience; these speakers are the perfect companions for your music. Philips anti-clipping technology allows you to play the music louder while maintaining sound quality even when the battery is low. This feature monitors the music signal and keeps the peaks within the amplifier range to prevent  the audio distorition that is caused by clipping.  The result is clear and powerful sound.  The BT3500 is $79.99 and the the BT2500 is $49.99, and both are available now nationwide.

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Simple Living keeps you, family safe with CloudCam

SLTIP01CloudCam_RenderWith security options and security systems evolving rapidly, Simple Living Technology’s CloudCam is the most reliable and advanced HD 1080p cloud-based WIFI CloudCam to keep you and your family safe with several intriguing extras. For such a multifunctional system and thoughtfully designed for better, smarter home/office security, CloudCam is incredibly comprehensive, easy to set up and use.

CloudCam features live video monitoring with built-in two-way talk, making it easy to wirelessly connect with your smart device. By default, all video is private with bank-level security and you control sharing rights. Even on open wireless networks, your video is encrypted on the camera before it is transmitted to the cloud and streamed securely to your devices. You can count on your CloudCam to keep you notified, no matter what.

After becoming acquainted, CloudCam will leave you impressed with its wide variety of already installed sensors, encryption, detectors, infrared night vision, and alert notifications sent directly to your device. CloudCam protects your environment in a way that’s remarkably comprehensive. Its system has been thoughtfully designed to keep running even when the electricity goes out and also features secured recorded backup storage so you can access it whenever you want. CloudCam retail for $99.99.

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TOMY role-play items transform kids into Pokémon trainers

tomyTOMY International, the exclusive licensee and distributor for Pokémon in categories including figures, figure accessories, plush, playsets, role-play and more, debuts its all-new line for one of the world’s leading kids’ entertainment franchises.

New for 2014, TOMY premieres its first line of role-play items designed to help transform kids into Pokémon trainers, including the Battle Ready Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer’s Kalos Region Pokédex and the Trainer Gloves with Sound, and brings fans exclusive Mega Pokémon figures for the first time ever. TOMY’s line is anchored by products that integrate Pokémon’s key play patterns, including catching, training and battling.

Battle Ready Pikachu – I choose you Pikachu! Pikachu launches foam discs either off your shoulder or on a tabletop or floor. Includes Pikachu, an adjustable backpack harness with storage compartment, eight foam discs and two button cell batteries. Let the battle begin!

A leading children’s entertainment franchise, Pokémon features a wide array of offerings from video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, animation, and various licensed products. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y recently became the fastest selling video game on the Nintendo 3DS system, selling nearly 12 million copies worldwide since its October 2013 launch and adding to the more than 245 million Pokémon video games sold to date. With more than 20 billion Pokémon TCG cards shipped globally and nearly 800 episodes currently in its animation library, Pokémon is a long-standing hit among fans around the world. TOMY’s 2014 new product introductions capture fan-favorite characters and classic Pokémon play in a line that offers something for every Pokémon fan.

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Battroborgs evolve into stealth, weaponized warriors

tomy2If you thought battling with your fists was fun last year, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The top-selling, award-winning Battroborgs from TOMY have evolved from bare knuckle brawlers to stealth, weaponized Warriors, whose every cut, slice and thrust are determined by a single katana blade controller. Players choose their Warrior from themes including Samurai, Ninja, Alien, Roman, Knight and Viking, then customize the borg with interchangeable weaponry and lunge into a metal-meets-metal battle to end all battles. Players control the battle and the borg’s every move with a single-handled katana blade controller built for slashing and swordfighting, delivering realistic, non-stop battle action.

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GUNNAR Optiks Shines Into Summer With New ShowStoppers Product Reveals

GUNNAR Optiks, the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision, is celebrating the beginning of summer with the unveiling of their newest product lineup at this year’s CE Week Exhibit and Conference ShowStoppers. GUNNARS alleviate all common causes of digital eye strain and visual fatigue. The result – improved clarity, focus and performance.

We are the digital generation and GUNNAR is here to protect your eyes. We are wired to a media-rich, networked world of infinite possibility. Visually connected to computers, tablets, phones and games – peering into an abyss of high-energy visible [HEV] blue light for hours can disrupt your entire system; your eyes, neck and back, circadian rhythms and overall health. Computer Vision Syndrome [CVS] has become a common problem for our digital generation. Nearly 70 percent of U.S. adults experience digital eye strain as a result of increasing use of digital devices.

Our revolutionary lens designs Limits air currents near the eyes, increasing humidity and preventing irritation. The patented optical design enhances focus and sharpens detail to ease eye strain.

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  • ShowStoppers is the global leader in producing press and business events spanning the US, Europe and Asia.

    Each event organizes product introductions, sneak previews and demonstrations for selected journalists, bloggers, industry and financial analysts, venture capitalists and business executives.

    Industry leaders, innovators and startups exhibit at ShowStoppers events around the world to help generate news coverage and product reviews, make new connections, promote brand, and open new markets.