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Countdown to ShowStoppers VIP media reception at CE Week

ShowStoppers® and CE Week are gearing up again to produce an exclusive press preview event at CE Week 2016 in New York City, media capital of the planet.

The fifth-annual edition of the ShowStoppers Media Reception @ CE Week will put hundreds of journalists hands-on with new technologies and products for work, home and play before the CE Week exhibits and conference officially open.

The ShowStoppers VIP press reception melts the sidewalks of New York on June 22, 2016, 3 – 6:00 p.m., at the Metropolitan Pavilion/Altman Building and will feature all participating CE Week exhibitors and sponsors.

The next morning, companies will show products and fall product lines to retailers, distributors, buyers and tech influencers searching for the newest products for the third and fourth quarters.

CE Week runs June 21-23, 2016 and features exhibits, networking events, conference sessions and press conferences; special showcases for connected cars, wearables and start-up companies; hands-on seminars for bloggers to hone their skills, and panels for industry leaders.


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If I could follow ShowStoppers around the world and just go to Steve’s events, my life would be complete: Not because I want to attend tradeshows, but because I don’t need to attend them and still get tremendous value-add from the intensive one-on-one with the vendors that ShowStoppers collects and packages for the trade press. In one room he has all the major products and players to talk to without the hassles of running around the trade show floor. I get quality and focused vendor contacts that I can turn into articles and editorial with just a few hours’ work. I highly recommend his work and his events.”

David Strom, /, /

“We wanted to look at ways to provide some of our smaller and medium-sized exhibiting companies an avenue to gain more exposure with the press that they may not currently be able to get,” says Jason Stookey, the National Association of Broadcaster’s vice president of sales for conventions and business operations. “I reached out to ShowStoppers to see if they could do anything for us because they’ve got a stellar reputation … The exhibitors get the one-on-one interaction and demo’ing of products for the press. Our large exhibitors like Sony, Panasonic and Canon have huge public relations machines. This will really help bring greater value to the small and medium guys that maybe can’t break through and get press coverage from the top U.S. publications. It’s really invaluable experience, and they can get premium contacts from the press.”

“NAB rolls out new press event,”

“Our company created a consumer electronics subsidiary a few years ago. We don’t have a huge advertising budget, so building a relationship with key media is very important to generate awareness for our products. ShowStoppers has not only helped us do this, they have helped us do it around the world. We couldn’t be happier with the media we have met through ShowStoppers and the ShowStoppers events themselves. They are first class all the way.”

Kevin Oswald, communications director, Kent Displays/Improv Electronics

“Focus on the product, not the booth. I saw a lot of companies compete to have the most magnificent (i.e., “expensive”) booth. True, a booth can make an impression and build an image, but let’s be honest: many booths seem to be focused more on the grandeur than the product. I’d rather see a great product in an adequate booth than a mediocre product in a great booth. Take the money you would have spent on a fancy booth and give it to your engineers as a bonus instead. At CES, the best booth expenditure per dollar was Showstoppers: tables in a hotel ballroom staffed mostly by company founders. That should be your model.”

Guy Kawasaki, “Marketing Lessons from CES,” American Express Open Forum.

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Event nameDateLocation
ShowStoppers & the IFA Global Press Conference17-20 April 2016Hong Kong and Shenzhen
ShowStoppers® / MacTech® June 2016San Francisco
ShowStoppers @ CE Week22 June 2016New York City
ShowStoppers @ IFA1 Sept. 2016Berlin
ShowStoppers @ CES5 Jan. 2017Las Vegas
ShowStoppers @ Mobile World Congress26 Feb. 2017Barcelona
ShowStoppers @ NAB Show23 Apr. 2017Las Vegas

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